Global Korea Scholarship 2024 – Fully Funded

The Ministry of Education and the Government of Korea are currently accepting applications for the Korean Government Scholarship 2024 and the Global Korea Scholarship 2024, which enable international students from around the world to pursue their studies in Korea. The Global Korea Scholarship (GKS) or KGSP 2024, a fully funded scholarship, has been announced for international students studying in Korea. The GKS Graduate Scholarship (KGSP) will be awarded to 1300 pupils representing all 153 countries.

The Korea Scholarship, also known as the GKS Scholarship 2024 for Graduates, is intended for students pursuing master’s, doctoral, or research degrees and desiring to enroll in postsecondary education at Korean universities under the supervision of researchers or professors. The Korea Scholarship was formerly known as the Scholarship Program for International Students of the Korean Government.

Details of Global Korea Scholarship:

OrganizationGlobal Korea Scholarship
Study LevelMaster, Ph.D. & Research
DeadlineVary from University to university & Embassy

No. of Scholarship

The total number of seats for the scholarship is 1300.

  • Embassy: 650
  • University: 650

Degrees level

  • Master/MPhil
  • PhD
  • Research
  • Postdoctoral

Documents Required

  • Instructional form
  • Individual Statement
  • A Declaration of Purpose
  • Research Synopsis
  • Two letters of endorsement
  • Letter of Invitation or Consent
  • Medical Documentation
  • Transcripts, diplomas, and other academic records
  • Citizenship Documentation (Passport, ID Card)
  • Proof in Language (optional)
  • Supplementary Documents (Elective)

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Benefits of Global Korea Scholarship:

  • Complete Tuition Insurance: The bursary provides complete financial support for tuition expenses throughout the designated academic term, encompassing both undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • Cost of Living Expenses: GKS offers a monthly stipend to help with living expenses, which include housing, food, and other ancillary personal costs.
  • Settlement Provision: A one-time settlement allowance is furnished to assist with the initial costs of living in Korea upon arrival.
  • Cab fare: The bursary provides round-trip economy-class airfare to and from the recipient’s country of origin.
  • Language Instruction: When a degree program requires proficiency in Korean, GKS frequently provides students with a language training program to assist them in attaining the necessary level of proficiency.
  • Healthcare Insurance: The bursary provides health insurance coverage for the duration of the student’s academic career in Korea.
  • Research Assistance: Additional funding or support may be made available to graduate students for the purpose of supporting their research activities or thesis work.
  • Cultural Incorporation: The opportunity for international students to become fully immersed in Korean culture can prove to be both enlightening and beneficial.
  • Worldwide Networking: Students have the opportunity to network and establish meaningful connections with people from all over the globe while studying in South Korea, thereby forming lasting friendships.
  • Employment Opportunities: Acquiring a degree from a reputable South Korean university and gaining practical experience via the GKS can augment one’s curriculum vitae and present prospective professional prospects, both domestically and abroad.

How to Apply for Global Korea Scholarship?

Students who are qualified and interested in pursuing higher education are encouraged to register for the Korea Scholarship 2024.

You may submit applications for both programs in order to be considered for the Global Korea Scholarship 2024.

  • Embryo Track
  • Institutional Track

Embassy Track

The Korean embassies in your respective countries will officially proclaim the Korea Scholarship 2024 (KGSP), and your applications are due to these embassies.

The majority of embassies declared Korea Scholarships between February and March.

University Track

Determine which professors at Korean universities are pertinent to your research interests and make contact with them in order to obtain a letter of consent stating that you are interested in applying for the Global Korea Scholarship 2024.

Following receipt of the letter of consent, you are required to submit the application to the university in accordance with the admissions procedure, with his or her name included on the application.

KGSP, or Global Korea Scholarship 2024, application form


The Global Korea Scholarship provides international students with an extraordinary opportunity to pursue graduate or undergraduate studies in South Korea. In addition to providing financial assistance for the entire cost of tuition, this scholarship program additionally offers an extensive array of benefits such as medical insurance, living expenses, settlement allowances, airfare, and language instruction.

People Also Ask:

  1. How do I get a global Korean scholarship?

    To apply for the Global Korea Scholarship, there are two methods: through embassies or directly through participating universities. However, it’s important to note that application submission deadlines may differ for each embassy or university.

  2. Can I study in Korea for free?

    To study in Korea for free, you can explore scholarship opportunities designed for international students. The Korean Government Scholarship Program (GKS) is a prominent option, covering tuition, living expenses, and airfare. Many Korean universities also offer scholarships based on academic merit or specific criteria.

  3. What are the requirements for GKS Korea?

    Eligibility. GKS is awarded to self-financed international students by the Korean Government Support Program. Applicants must be in their 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th year, and their overall GPA and previous semester’s GPA must be over 80 out of a possible 100, and they must have Level 4 or above on TOPIK.

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