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Food Counter Attendant Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Now


Tim Hortons is looking to hire a Food counter attendant to perform the duties outlined in the job description. Applicants meeting this criterion are urged to apply, as this is a full-time position with flexible hours. Interviews will be done, and those who perform well will be offered the position and immediately begin the hiring process. LMIA has been approved for this position.

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Description of Food Counter Attendant Jobs in Canada

The selected candidate is accountable for the following:

  • Ensuring quality control and service in the food
  • Keeping track of sales and waste
  • Establishing schedules for work
  • Supervising tray assembly
  • Maintaining inventory and a record of repairs
  • Food ingredient and supply ordering
  • Instruction in sanitation and safety procedures for employees
  • preparing budgets and estimates of costs

Benefits of Food Counter Attendant Jobs in Canada

  • Availability of Employment: Positions as food counter attendants are frequently sought after, which increases the probability of individuals securing employment, particularly in bustling urban centers and renowned dining establishments.
  • Entry-Level Opportunities: A considerable number of food counter attendant positions are designed to be entry-level, catering to individuals who possess limited work experience or are embarking on their professional careers in Canada.
  • Flexible Work Hours: Food service establishments, especially those that provide counter service, frequently provide employees with the option to work flexible hours. Individuals with other obligations, students, or part-time laborers may find this flexibility to be advantageous.
  • Customer Service Experience: The customer service experience is refined through the direct interaction of food counter attendants with patrons. Those who are interested in gaining industry-transferable interpersonal and communication abilities may find this experience beneficial.
  • Teamwork and Collaboration: To ensure the smooth administration of a restaurant or cafe, employees must collaborate with one another. Food counter attendants develop their ability to function as a unit, which promotes cooperation and collaboration.
  • Culinary Exposure: Food counter staff have the opportunity to become acquainted with an assortment of cuisines and culinary techniques. Those with a passion for the culinary arts or a keen interest in the food industry may find this level of visibility to be quite attractive.
  • Prompt Career Entry: Individuals who possess a work ethic and experience in their capacity as food counter attendants may be eligible for promotion prospects in the food service sector. This may involve advancing to supervisory positions or investigating alternative restaurant management positions.
  • gratuities and Service Charges: Food counter attendants may be eligible to receive gratuities or a portion of service charges in certain establishments. Although not assured, these supplementary earnings have the potential to augment the base salary.
  • Employee Discounts: A considerable number of food service establishments and restaurants provide employee discounts on meals. This can provide food counter employees with a cost-saving advantage, particularly if they have a preference for the cuisine provided by their employer.
  • Prospects for Second Language Application: Working in the food service industry presents opportunities to apply and enhance language proficiency, particularly in multicultural settings where patrons and staff may communicate in various languages, particularly in multicultural Canadian cities.
  • Varied Tasks: Food counter attendants frequently perform a diverse range of duties, which encompass order taking, cash transaction processing, uncomplicated dish preparation, and sanitation maintenance. The inclusion of a wide range of duties and obligations can enhance the level of job satisfaction.
  • Possibility to Develop Resilience: Facing consumer interactions and a fast-paced environment can assist individuals in cultivating resilience and adaptability, both of which are advantageous qualities in numerous facets of life and work.

Requirement for Food Counter Attendant Jobs in Canada

The selected candidate is required to:

  • Possess lucidity of judgment
  • Have judgment personal and judging skills
  • Have strong verbal and written communication skills and be skill-focused.
  • Must possess strong morals and ideals
  • Should have planning and time management skills
  • Arrive early to work Must be focused on achieving results
  • Have a good outlook and must be energetic
  • Must be easily approachable

Experience Required for Food Counter Attendant Jobs

  • The selected individual does not need a certificate or degree to apply.
  • 1-2 years of experience in related or industry-related positions
  • Contract form: Full-time job
  • Language: Fluency in the English language
  • Location: 1583, Alta Vista Dr, Ottawa, ON K1G 0E9

Employment conditions:

The selected individual would work under the following conditions:

  • Expectations for meeting stringent deadlines are high.
  • Working under exigent conditions
  • It will be necessary to pay close attention to the particulars.

Working Environment:

The selected candidate would work in a setting where:

  • Strict compliance with safety requirements is necessary.
  • Working in hot, cold, and warm climates
  • Must possess excellent eye-hand coordination
  • Work is performed in places with a strong odor

Salary: The selected individual will earn $15.50 per hour while working 35 hours per week.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Instructions for Applying for Food Counter Attendant Jobs in Canada

Ensure that you have read our previous articles on how to apply for employment in Canada. Then, you can submit your application to the email address listed below.

Submit the Application by Email Address:

More Info

  1. How much do food counter attendants make in Canada?

     The average food counter attendant salary in Canada is $27,836 per year or $14.28 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $25,350 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $32,708 per year.

  2. What does a food counter attendant do?

    Counter attendants and food preparers: take customer orders, accept payment, and serve customers at food counters. May also prepare, heat, and finish cooking simple food items.

  3. What is the NOC code for food counter attendants in Canada?

    The following information applies to all food counter attendants, kitchen helpers, and related support occupations (NOC 65201)

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