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How to Find Jobs in Japan after Graduation


How to Find Jobs in Japan after Graduation: Are you interested in working in Japan after completing your degree? This is what international students need to know about getting employment.

Familiarize yourself with the Japanese language and culture. Check with your university to see if they offer language classes, as many programs for international students include them.
Take your values into consideration. Even though there are more jobs than those seeking them, the job market for new grads can be extremely competitive. If you want to find a job in Japan, you need to begin networking as soon as you arrive.


Prepare. Look out for these tutorials on CV writing and reference styles.
Make pals! It never hurts to know individuals, particularly those who have lived in Japan for an extended period of time and are familiar with the culture. The deeper your immersion, the more you will understand Japan and its job market.


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How is the Japanese labor market?

If you are proficient in the Japanese language and culture, Japan is an excellent area to hunt for employment. In recent years, employment prospects in Japan have increased, and increasing the number of international students makes it simpler for foreign graduates to compete in the labor market, especially if they have attended Japanese universities. The industries of Commerce, Information Technology, and Education are among Japan’s most robust.

What are the opportunities for employment in Japan following graduation?

In general, Japan welcomes overseas students with open arms. To work after graduation, you must get a work visa or a long-stay visa if you plan to remain in the country and search for employment. Call the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to learn how to obtain a long-term visa.

How to Find Jobs in Japan after Graduation

Helpful resources for finding employment in Japan following graduation:

It can be difficult for overseas students to get jobs in Japan, as there are few systems in place to assist them outside of the institution. Ensure that you seek the university’s assistance in locating a job. They will be able to provide you with additional information on the issue and what you need to do a successful search.

Numerous institutions have exclusive online access to job listings and other tools. Do not hesitate to ask the international office or your teachers for assistance, as they may be able to put you on the correct route.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it simple to find a job in Japan?

Obtaining a job in Japan without a degree is difficult, but not impossible. Typical working visas require a university degree, which in the United States is equivalent to a four-year degree. Language level. For the majority of jobs in Japan, a high level of Japanese proficiency is required.

Can international students obtain a job in Japan?

Foreign students with a “Student” visa status are generally prohibited from working in Japan. As long as the work does not interfere with their studies, individuals may engage in part-time employment, with the exception of adult entertainment services.

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