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Farm Work Jobs in Netherlands Free Visa Sponsorship

Are you looking for a job on a farm in the Netherlands? It’s even better that many farms will pay for your visa, and you don’t have to pay an agent to do it. You just need to apply straight, so come along with us as we make your dream come true.

These are the steps you need to take to get a farm job in the Netherlands if you are not from there. We’ll talk about the jobs that are open, what they entail, and how you can apply. We’ll also talk about how to get a work visa, which is necessary to properly work in the Netherlands.

Anyone who wants to work on a farm in the Netherlands can find work there, even if they have never done it before. We’ll make sure that everything is clear and simple so that you can understand what it takes to work on it.

Details of Farm Work Jobs in Netherlands

Jobs TitleFarm Work
Jobs TypeFull-time // Part-time
Visa SponsorshipYes
Age LimitNo
EducationHigh school diploma or equivalent
IELTS RequiredNo
ExperiencesNot Required
GenderMale // Female
Who Can ApplyAll international Applicants
SalaryMinimum Salary €26 Per Hour


The pros It can be very satisfying to work on a farm in the Netherlands. One great thing about it is that you are surrounded by beautiful nature. You’ll also work with animals, which might be fun if you like that kind of work.

There are also chances to move up in your job, like becoming an operations manager or farm manager. Also, farmworker jobs may pay well and come with perks, and there is a good balance between work and fun.

There will be chances for you to learn new things, like how to use heavy machinery, take care of animals, and handle crops. You’ll also learn about a different culture and way of life, which can help you grow as a person. Finally, you’ll be working in nice places with good tools and conditions. duties as a farm owner


A worker in the Netherlands It will be up to you to take care of the farm’s animals and goods. This includes taking care of the animals and making sure the crops are planted, picked, and fed.

You will also use and take care of farm tools like ploughs and trucks. Things that go wrong with the animals or crops will need to be fixed. On the farm, safety is important, so you will need to wear the right gear and follow the rules.

Along with keeping the farm clean and in good shape, you will need to help sell and market the farm’s goods, keep notes of what happens on the farm, and get along with everyone else on the farm.


Farm team standards: If you want to work on a farm in the Netherlands, you must meet certain requirements. At the very least, you need a high school education or the equivalent.

Some farms may also want you to have a college degree in agriculture or a related field. Working on a farm or in a related field is also helpful, but not always required. Some farms may have training programs for people who aren’t very fit.

is also important because working on a farm can be hard. If you meet these requirements, you will be ready to apply for a job as a farm worker in the Netherlands and begin your trip to a new life on a beautiful farm.

Netherlands Farm Jobs Salary

Depending on where you live, the average pay for a farm job in the Netherlands is between €39,335 and €54,632.

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How to Apply for a Work Visa?

Putting in your resume and cover letter with a company you want to work for. The company may ask you to come in for an interview, which could happen in person or over a video chat service like Zoom or Skype.

The company may offer you the job and give you any training you need if they think you are a good fit for the job and can meet their needs.

The company will send you an offer letter if you do well in the interview. And immigration will also get this letter. They will then send you a link to upload the papers they need for your work visa. Your visa will be sent to you within 20 days after it is accepted.

How to Apply for Farm Work Jobs in Netherlands

  • Indeed: 
  • Monster:
  • LinkedIn: 
  • Expatica:


There are many good things about working on a farm in the Netherlands, such as a fulfilling job, chances to move up in your career, the chance to learn new skills, and the chance to experience Dutch culture. People from other countries can apply for farm work jobs in the Netherlands, and those who are qualified can get their visas sponsored. To start working as a field worker in the Netherlands, follow the steps in this guide to apply for jobs on farms and get a work visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the requirements to work on a farm in the Netherlands?

    In the Netherlands, most farms require that you have at least a high school diploma. Some farms might want to hire people who have a college degree in agriculture or a related area. It’s helpful to have experience in farming or a related area, but it’s not always necessary. Candidates must meet the requirements for the farm team and be healthy enough to do farm work.

  2. Where can I find farm work job listings in the Netherlands?

    You can find farm work job listings in the Netherlands on various platforms such as Indeed, Monster, LinkedIn, Expatica, and

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