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Farm Laborers Jobs in Finland 2023 – Apply Now


Farm Laborers Jobs in Finland 2023: Farm Laborer jobs in Finland are seasonal/temporary positions for unskilled laborers. Obtaining a temporary or seasonal work visa in Finland is not difficult at all; the right application procedure must be followed. There are no strict criteria for education, experience, or language proficiency.

Finland is the northernmost agricultural nation in the world, producing cereal grains, eggs, milk, meat, poultry, and potatoes. According to Global Monitor.Us, Finland has the highest agricultural output in the world, producing enormous quantities of rice, wheat, cotton, meat, poultry, eggs, and fish. Today, we will walk you through the application procedure for Farm Laborer Jobs in Finland in 2023. As a foreign applicant, you must have a thorough understanding of job acquisition strategies, visa eligibility requirements, and how to apply for both the job and the work visa sponsor. We will also offer you with the URL to apply for Farm Laborer positions in Finland in 2023 as an international candidate.


Details About Farm Laborers Jobs in Finland 2023

Farm Laborers Jobs in Finland 2023
Farm Laborers Jobs in Finland 2023
  • Job title: Farm Labourer/ Farm Worker/ Farm Hand, etc.
  • Job Country: Finland.
  • Job Type: Full time
  • Experience Required: No but will be preferred
  • Knowledge Required: Very nominal.
  • Age Limit: 18-onwards.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Relocation: Yes.
  • Free Food: Mostly No.
  • Free Accommodation: Yes.
  • Free Health Insurance: Yes.
  • Free Transport: No. but, subsidized transport programs may be provided.
  • Expected Salary:  EUR 10-15/hour

Qualifications for Farm Laborer Employment with Visa Sponsorship in Finland:

The requirements are simple and formal. As a non-EU, non-Nordic, non-Schengen resident, you are required to obtain a valid work permit to work in Finland (if you are here for more than 90 days), which involves numerous legal procedures and formalities. The Finnish Immigration Services’ website provides comprehensive information about acquiring a Finnish Seasonal Work Visa. They are listed below:


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  • There are no educational requirements. Depending on your business, you may be required to have vocational training or a high school graduation in order to qualify for a seasonal work visa.
  • Preference would be given to those with at least one year of farm labor experience.
  • The two official languages of Finland are Finnish and Swedish, both of which are widely spoken in the country’s most renowned cities, which are also major worldwide immigrant hubs. Thus, you may be expected to possess proficiency in Finnish and Swedish. Several employers do not have this need for foreigners, and the working language is English. There is no language requirement for a work visa, however, you may be required to demonstrate your language proficiency through an interview or a language competency exam.
  • Medical examination prior to entering Finland/ Medical Certificate.
  • Clear criminal record.
  • Acceptable Work offer.
  • A genuine employment offer and contract.
  • You may be asked to submit references for your background.
  • This work is physically demanding and calls for excellent communication skills, hand-eye coordination, the ability to work in a fast-paced workplace, and collaborative skills.

Advantages of Farm Laborer Employment with Visa Sponsorship in Finland:

  • Attractive Compensation Packages. An hourly pay of €15 to €20 is reasonable.
  • The hours worked are minimal.
  • paid holiday time (30 annual holidays per year).
  • Numerous firms provide free meals and housing.
  • Free healthcare coverage.
  • Long-term advantages like profit-sharing, jubilee, etc.
  • Employee Social advantages.
  • Finland is a welcoming nation with a high acceptance and tolerance percentage for international laborers.

Variations of Agricultural Laborers:

  • Vegetable Farm Worker.
  • Fruits Farm Worker.
  • Cattle Farm Worker.
  • Worker on a dairy farm.

Agricultural laborer responsibilities:

Depending on the type of farm, the following duties are needed of you:

  • Planting, plowing, harrowing, fertilizing, cultivating, spraying, irrigating, and harvesting crops, in addition to feeding and caring for farm animals.
  • Gathering agricultural products such as milk, poultry, beef, crops, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Running, maintaining, and repairing agricultural equipment.
  • Supervising Farm Laborers and Seasonal Employees.
  • Care for the health of plants or animals, such as spraying herbicides or pesticides or collaborating with veterinary assistance for animal health.

Typical Farm Laborer Pay in Finland:

The typical income of a farm laborer in Finland might vary based on a variety of criteria, including experience level, farm type, total skills, region, etc. Nonetheless, according to the Finnish Federation of Agriculture and Forestry, the average hourly income for a farm worker in Finland is between €10 and €15.

How to Apply for Farm Laborer Jobs with Visa Sponsorship in Finland?

  • By clicking the link below, you will be redirected to the official job search portal; once there, use the “Apply” button located beneath the job description.
  • To narrow down your job search results, you can also utilize the search box and the location box. Enter your work title, for instance, “Farm Labour jobs in Finland with visa sponsorship,” “Farm Jobs in Finland for foreigners,” “Farm Hands jobs in Finland with visa sponsorship,” “Dairy Farm jobs in Finland with visa sponsorship,” and “Fruit/vegetable farmers jobs in Finland with visa sponsorship.”
  • While there is a great likelihood that your employer employs German as a working language, it is best to compose your CV or resume, and cover letter in Swedish or Finnish. Get your resume up to date.
  • Check the job ad data such as job description, job criteria, work responsibilities, etc.
  • Ensure you meet all prerequisites before you apply. Study the job description and its requirements with consideration.
  • Click the button labeled “Online Application” given below.
  • Provide the requested information and submit the application.
  • Confirm that you have received a confirmation email for your submitted job application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do agricultural jobs in Finland pay?

In Finland, the average Crop Farmer salary is €47,154 per year, or €23 per hour. Crop Farmer salaries range between €33,951 and €56,726 on average.

How can I become a labourer on a farm?

How to become a farmhand
Level 1 Certificate in Animal Care Skills for Farm Animals.
Level 2 Extended Certificate in Agricultural.
Level 3 Diploma in Agricultural.
Agriculture, land management, and production at the T Level.

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