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Farm Jobs in Hungary For Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Every year, Hungarian agricultural employers assist foreign workers in obtaining work visas. Getting work on a farm in Hungary as a foreigner may seem difficult, but it is possible with the appropriate information and assistance. Thus, I’ve written this essay to assist you in applying for farm employment in Hungary. I will provide you with comprehensive information regarding farm labor employment in Hungary, including benefits, typical wages, and other requirements.

Details About Farm Jobs in Hungary For Foreigners

Certain empires may give visa sponsorship, but you must first submit an application and wait for Empires to contact you before requesting a visa. You may also locate the Apply Now link at the end of this post, which allows you to view the active job list and apply. Simply access the page and search for employers that offer visa sponsorship for employees.

Advantages of Farm Jobs in Hungary For Foreigners

  • Possibilities for Talent Development in the Food Community
  • Excellent work-life balance
  • Decent Salary Accommodation

Other Benefits

  • Affordable Cost of Living: Hungary has a relatively low cost of living compared to many other European countries, allowing foreigners to stretch their earnings further.
  • Rich Cultural Experience: When people from other countries work on a farm in Hungary, they can fully experience Hungarian culture, customs, and food, which makes their time abroad better overall.
  • Beautiful Rural Landscapes: Hungary is known for its beautiful countryside, which is full of vineyards, hills, and old towns. Foreigners who work on farms can live and work in beautiful natural areas.
  • Hands-On Learning:
  • Farm work gives you real-world experience in farming, gardening, and taking care of animals. It also teaches you useful skills and information that you can use in other situations.
  • Community Engagement: When foreigners work on farms, they can become part of close-knit rural towns, make friends, and learn about other cultures.
  • Opportunities for Language Acquisition: Being in a place where people speak Hungarian is a great way for people from other countries to learn or improve their Hungarian language skills..
  • Healthy Lifestyle: Foreigners who work on farms are encouraged to live healthy, active lives because they have to do a lot of hard work outside.
  • Visa and Work Permit Options: Foreigners who want to work on farms in Hungary can choose from a number of different visa and work permit choices, making it easy to get the right paperwork.
  • Potential for Career Advancement: Working on a farm can help you move up in your career in the agricultural field, both in Hungary and other countries.
  • Cultural Exchange Programs: Some farm jobs in Hungary may be part of cultural exchange programs that give foreigners extra help, cultural events, and chances to meet new people.

Agriculture jobs available in Hungary

Generic Farm laborers


A typical peasant worker is a vital component of Hungary’s agricultural business. A typical farm worker is responsible for a number of tasks associated with crop production and animal husbandry. This may involve planting and harvesting crops, caring for animals, and maintaining farm equipment and buildings.

Dairy farmer


The care of dairy cattle may involve feeding, milking, and administering medical treatment.
Milk treatment This may involve running equipment for cooling, storing, and transporting milk, as well as checking the milk’s quality and ensuring it complies with food safety requirements.
In addition to cleaning barns, stables, and other buildings, maintaining a dairy operation may involve repairing and maintaining equipment utilized in dairy production.
Handling the commercial parts of a dairy farm may involve recordkeeping, financial management, and customer marketing.

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Poultry farmer


This may include supplying chickens, turkeys, ducks, and other poultry with food, water, and veterinary care.
In addition to cleaning barns, coops, and other facilities, maintaining a poultry enterprise may involve repairing and maintaining equipment utilized in poultry production.
Processing poultry products might involve preparing chickens, turkeys, and other birds for sale, such as slaughtering and packaging.
Handling the commercial parts of a poultry farm may involve recordkeeping, financial management, and customer marketing.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Sheep farmer


Sheep husbandry is an integral aspect of Hungary’s agricultural sector. A sheep farmer is responsible for the production and management of sheep, as well as their wool, meat, and other products. This comprises a number of responsibilities associated with sheep care, the processing of wool and meat, and the management of the business side of a sheep company.

How to Apply for Farm Jobs in Hungary For Foreigners 2024

This post contains a link to a website where you may view a list of the jobs that are currently available.

More Info


Learn about the application process, visa sponsorship, open positions, and the benefits of working on farms in Hungary as a foreigner before you decide to do so. There are a lot of different jobs available in Hungary’s farming sector, from general farmworkers to specialized jobs like dairy, chicken, and sheep farmers. People who want to work in Hungary should consider farm jobs because they offer benefits like developing abilities, a good work-life balance, and good pay.

  1. Can a foreigner find employment in Hungary?

    Employing foreign nationals is only permissible under current Hungarian labor administration legislation, provided the business has a work permit. This permission may be issued for no more than one year; however, extensions are possible.

  2. What is a reasonable monthly wage in Hungary?

    From 1998 to 2022, the average monthly wage in Hungary was 222904.32 HUF, hitting an all-time high of 544597.00 HUF in November 2022 and a record low of 60268.00 HUF in January 1998.

  3. What is the work of the farm?

    Throughout the day, farmers perform a variety of tasks, including planting and harvesting crops, mending fences, and caring for their animals. They may also need to transport their goods to market or deliver them to customers.

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