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Factory Jobs in Poland for Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

With industrial work, you can make more money and live a higher standard of living in Poland. Additionally, you will be engaged in a unique setting that offers many prospects for growth. Study all the conditions necessary for the employment you are looking for as well as the regulations for foreigners to work in Poland. Therefore, continue reading if you are qualified to work in a factory and want to do so in Poland.

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Requirements for Obtaining Work Visas for Poland:

To obtain a work permit on behalf of a foreign employee, the employer must present several documents. These records consist of:

  • filled-out application form
  • Proof of application fee payment
  • Verification of the employer’s legal status by the National Court Register
  • records of the employer’s most recent financial transactions
  • copies of the applicant’s passport pages that contain the necessary travel data
  • Proof that the applicant is covered by health insurance
  • a contract for the business
  • a copy of a statement outlining the employer’s gains or losses
  • a duplicate of a contract for the service being rendered in Poland

Benefits of Factory Jobs in Poland for Foreigners

  • Competitive Salaries: Numerous factory positions in Poland pay competitive wages, and the country’s cost of living is frequently less than that of certain Western European nations, which further enhances the attractiveness of the overall compensation.
  • Job Security: The manufacturing industry in Poland is a substantial sector that offers comparatively stable employment. A robust industrial foundation enhances employment stability for personnel employed in the manufacturing industry.
  • Progression Potential: Prospects for professional growth may be available, contingent upon the organization and sector. There may be opportunities for skilled and devoted employees to advance to higher positions within the factory or the organization.
  • Training and Skill Development: To improve the proficiency of their employees, certain employers create and fund training programs. This can benefit employees’ professional and personal development, increasing their adaptability and competitiveness.
  • Overtime Pay and Shift Differentials: Overtime pay and shift differentials are common in factory employment, whereby workers who complete non-standard hours, including nights and weekends, or put in extra time may be remunerated.
  • Benefits Packages: Benefits packages are frequently provided by employers and may consist of a variety of perks, such as health insurance and retirement programs. These advantages contribute to the welfare of employees as a whole.
  • Foreign laborers in Poland customarily make contributions to the social security system, which grants them entitlements to healthcare, unemployment benefits, and pensions.
  • Work-Life Balance: Although manufacturing positions may entail irregular schedules, certain organizations place an emphasis on ensuring their employees have a healthy work-life balance. This can include time off for personal and family obligations as well as reasonable work hours.
  • Social Security Contributions: Working in Poland allows non-natives to develop cross-cultural communication skills, receive insight into Polish work practices, and experience a new culture. This experience has the potential to be professionally and personally beneficial.
  • Engaging in international networking: Employment in Poland offers individuals the chance to establish a professional connection chain that transcends national boundaries. Future collaborations and career prospects may benefit from this.
  • Language Skills: One potential benefit of working in a Polish-speaking environment is the chance to acquire or enhance one’s language proficiency. Although English may be the working language of many multinational corporations, personal experience in the local tongue can prove beneficial in everyday situations.

Foreigners Can Find Factory Jobs In Poland:

The following are the available and ongoing factory jobs in Poland for foreigners:

1. Prabesh:

If you want to work at The Prabesh Group, you can view the open roles. The Prabesh Group offers quality employment options for foreigners.

Please use the application link below to apply for any of the highlighted positions for which The Prabesh Group is hiring manufacturing workers.

  • Employees at a factory that packages cookies
  • chocolate items packaged
  • packers for meat production
  • jobs assembling chicken
  • Organizing Inpost packages

2. Projektanci Kariery:

They can use the opportunity and training provided by the Projektanci Kariery to tailor their experience to the demands of the business.

There are now two factory roles available at the Projektanci Kariery, and they comprise

Production Employee

Bytom (Silesian Voivodeship) needs a production worker. Your duties will be as follows:

  • wool manufacturing from stone
  • controlling production lines
  • packaging with mineral wool
  • using machinery and equipment in a procedure-compliant manner
  • implementing quality assurance
  • maintaining an orderly and clean workspace


Cornice (Silesian Voivodeship) needs a packager, and job duties for applicants include

  • preparing and fastening completed products for transit (such as windows, doors, roller shutters, and blinds) in conformity with the regulations
  • quality control of the product as it leaves the production line examining the racks’ technical condition gathering, positioning, and packing finished goods by orders and the production schedule.

3. Stark & Partners:

You are given the freedom to pick your path with Stark & Partners. To complete the entire process, which includes putting up the proper papers, finding you a job with one of our partners, and assisting you with finding the appropriate place to reside, we do everything from just organizing the legal documents so you may move and work freely in Poland.

Currently, Stark & Partners is looking for two factory workers in the industry;

The employee at a meatpacking plant These are the duties you will perform if hired by Stark & Partners to work at the meat plant outside of Warsaw.

completed beef products packaging handling manually (cutting products, packing, etc.)
packaging products in cardboard boxes, labeling them, and putting them on pallets and trolleys

worker in the warehouse

The responsibilities of a metal manufacturing warehouse worker, which are being sought after by Stark & Partners, are as follows:

  • managing the commodities’ quality and quantity when they enter the warehouse
  • ensuring that the items are placed properly in the warehouse

4. Agency for CIS Group Manpower:

CIS Group Manpower Agency needs Production Workers with a strong work ethic to help with manufacturing.

The duties of a production worker include maintaining a clean production environment, setting up machinery and equipment for usage, operating the production line as directed, and rigorously adhering to health and safety regulations.

There are more than 16 factory jobs in Poland. To apply for any of them, click below.

5. Hitachi Energy:

Global technology pioneer Hitachi Energy is advancing a sustainable energy future for everybody. They provide cutting-edge services and solutions to utility, business, and infrastructure customers.

They are looking for a Factory Controller essential to the Core Manufacturing Center’s financial management.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Qualifications For Factory Jobs in Poland

  • professional designation CA or CPA in finance.
  • 7 years minimum of work experience.
  • practical working knowledge of SAP Modules FI, CO, MM, PP, and PS.
  • familiar with Office 365’s tools.
  • strong communication abilities.
  • perfect English.
  • Apply with your English CV, please.

Salary Of A Factory Worker In Poland:

In Poland, a manufacturing worker’s hourly wage is projected to be $13.43

How to Apply for Factory Jobs in Poland for Foreigners

If you want to work as a foreign worker in a Poland factory, you must complete all the procedures listed to be granted a full working visa for this nation.
Since Poland is a member of the EU, individuals from other EU nations do not require a visa to work there. Most other people will need a visa to enter the nation and a work permit to remain there.

For non-EU nationals who wish to enter Poland for employment, a variety of visa types are available, including:

  • Work Permit (Type A): This document is necessary for international employees of Polish companies.
  • Work Permission (Type C or E): Those who are sent to work in Poland as part of an intracompany transfer are eligible for this permit.
  • Enterprise visa (Schengen Visa C or D)
  • Entrepreneur/freelancer visa

Take Informed: There are certain conditions for each sort of work permit. Keep in mind that employees will require both a work permit and a valid visa or residency permit.

More Info

  1. How much is the salary of a factory worker in Poland?

    The average pay for a factory worker is PLN 53,501 a year and PLN 26 an hour in Poland. The average salary range for a factory worker is between PLN 40,607 and PLN 62,275. On average, a less-than-HS degree is the highest level of education for a factory worker.

  2. Which job is most in demand in Poland?

    Truck drivers, nurses, midwives, psychologists, and psychotherapists are among the professional groups in high demand in Poland in 2023. The shortage of candidates in certain professions is hindering economic development in Poland, highlighting the need for foreign workers to fill these roles.

  3. Is there work in Poland for foreigners?

    There are plenty of jobs available for foreigners who are considering Poland as a work destination;¬†in fact, it’s become one of the largest business process outsourcing/shared services centers (BPO/SSCs) in Europe.

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