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Latest Factory Jobs in Netherlands 2024 – Apply Now

The Netherlands welcomes factory workers wishing for a better life because thousands of factories are always hiring new employees. Choose thoughtfully the factory job that best suits you and applies to the possibilities given below. Some manufacturing jobs are temporary or permanent in the Netherlands, and some are part-time or full-time.

Read on if you want to work in a factory based in the Netherlands as I will examine all of the factory jobs in the Netherlands as they are listed in this post.
The Netherlands offers hopefuls and foreigners the chance or luxury of cultivating various factory jobs.
All of the open factory jobs for candidates are shown to you in this post so you can begin applying if they appeal to you.
Make sure to read the entire article because it will serve as a reliable guide for helping candidates in the Netherlands acquire these manufacturing jobs.

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The commercialization of various factory employment for interested people, applicants, and willing immigrants entering the nation is possible in the Netherlands.

How To Get A Job In A Factory In The Netherlands (Skills)

You must be able to work steadily quickly and precisely along the production line in the Netherlands if you want to succeed as a manufacturing worker.
Instead, as an applicant, you have the option of working with an umbrella organization or, in uncommon circumstances, a Dutch factory recruitment agency.

The following abilities are listed below:

  • Efficient Techniques
  • Ability to perform physical demands of the profession, such as prolonged Standing, working in a hot or cold environment, or lifting objects to a certain weight
  • The capacity to adhere to instructions precisely
  • Organizational and detail-oriented talents
  • Strong communication abilities both in writing and speaking
  • Abilities in project management
  • Expertise in time management
  • Excellent mechanical and technical abilities.

Offers for Factory Jobs in the Netherlands:

The factory job is enjoyable and rewarding; it is occasionally seen as a casual setting for employment; you gain an understanding of the value of product factory quality.
Read on if you want to work in factories in the Netherlands to see all the factory jobs in the Netherlands that will be highlighted in this post.

Production Worker-Netherlands:

As a production worker, your duties include putting items and parts together, according to manufacturing standards and procedures, and finishing and packaging goods for shipping.
They (production workers) are in charge of managing the assembly line, removing defective goods from the supply chain, and running and maintaining machines and equipment on the production line.
The duties of a production worker include maintaining a clean production environment, setting up tools and machinery for usage, and operating the production line according to instructions.

The performance of production workers includes working on the production line, hitting production goals, reporting any problems to the on-call supervisor, and carrying out other activities as given.
Additionally, they handle the operation and maintenance of production equipment, as well as the assembly and inspection of machinery parts and the tracking of product shipments.

  • Salary: In the Netherlands, the average salary for a production worker is €31,357 per year and €15 per hour.


  • During the shift, meet the timeframes for each production task.
  • Check stock levels, notify of any deficits in goods or raw materials, and report any malfunctioning machinery or equipment.
  • To prevent risks from chemicals and fragile products, keep the worksite clean.
  • Review and abide by manufacturing instructions when creating machinery.
  • assemble and ready the products for shipping.
  • Complete quality assurance checks on products and items, and keep warehouses’ material and product inventories properly stored.
  • Utilize forklifts to load orders and arrange inventory in a straightforward operation.
  • Maintain the caliber and upkeep of warehouse apparatus, including equipment, and transported supplies, finished goods, and shipments to predetermined places.
  • Utilize forklifts or manual labor to move equipment while adhering to the company’s safety and quality standards.


  • GED or high school diploma.
  • It helps to have prior factory work experience.
  • working knowledge of industrial equipment.
  • capable of cooperating as a team.
  • a good ability to communicate.
  • mathematics basics.
  • adroitness on the body.
  • able to work in shifts.

Benefits of Latest Factory Jobs in Netherlands

  • High Standard of Living: The Netherlands is renowned for its elevated standard of living, an attribute that may have a beneficial influence on the general well-being of individuals employed in manufacturing occupations.
  • Competitive Wages: The nation, in general, provides workers, including those employed in the manufacturing sector, with competitive wages and benefits.
  • Strong Workers’ Rights: For the protection of workers’ rights, the Netherlands has enacted robust labor laws. These laws guarantee workers secure working conditions, reasonable working hours, and equitable treatment.
  • Healthcare Coverage: While the majority of Dutch employers provide health insurance benefits, employees generally enjoy access to high-quality healthcare services.
  • Work-Life Balance: The Dutch value work-life balance significantly, and this value is frequently manifested in the workplace. Many employers endeavor to ensure that employees have a healthy work-life balance.
  • Training and Development: Training and development opportunities may be incorporated into certain factory positions, providing employees with the chance to augment their competencies and advance their professional trajectories.
  • Innovative Work Environment: An Innovative Work Environment: The technological advancements and reputation of the Netherlands are well-known. Factory employment may entail utilizing state-of-the-art machinery and technologies, thereby exposing staff to innovative procedures.
  • Social Advantages: The collaborative and team-oriented nature of factory work fosters a sense of community among employees. This may foster a supportive and positive workplace environment.
  • Inclusion and Diversity: The Netherlands is a multicultural and international nation. A multitude of work settings, including manufacturing facilities, place a high value on diversity and inclusion, fostering an atmosphere that is hospitable to people of all backgrounds.
  • Stable Economy: The nation possesses a robust and enduring economy, which provides manufacturing workers with economic stability and job security.
  • Environmental Focus: The Netherlands places significant emphasis on environmental consciousness and sustainability. Certain factories may embrace environmentally sustainable technologies and practices, thereby conforming to the nation’s dedication to ecological accountability.
  • Government Assistance: The Dutch government potentially implements initiatives or support programs that benefit workers and industries, thereby fostering a conducive employment environment.


Knowledge of fundamental safety regulations and preventative measures Previous experience working in manufacturing or a similar position in a warehouse Understanding of how production equipment functions (safety gear will be provided)
the capacity to manually lift and transfer hefty loads
A GED or a high school diploma is necessary.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Steps to Apply For Factory Jobs In Netherlands:

The Stages you must strictly follow are as follows:

  • The “Apply Now” button is underneath.
  • Various positions are listed under “Factory Jobs in the Netherlands.”
  • Complete the necessary fields, then press the submit button.
  • Nothing on the webpage is false.

Factory Jobs Currently Available in Netherlands:

The following are factory jobs that are open in the Netherlands:

  • CNC factory supervisor
  • Creator of SW, Conscious Factory
  • Production Director
  • Factory assistant developer
  • Manager of Senior Products at Fiction Factory
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Operating a production factory
  • Helper at the factory
  • Production Manager
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Control Factory Manager
  • A production assistant.

Salary For Factory Jobs In Netherlands:

The average gross wage for a manufacturing worker in the Netherlands is €31.305, which equates to €15 per hour; the average yearly wage for a production worker in the Netherlands is $12.

More Info

  1. How much do factory workers get paid in the Netherlands?

    The average pay for a Factory worker is €32,190 a year and €15 an hour in the Netherlands. The average salary range for a factory worker is between €24,432 and €37,469.

  2. Which job is most in demand in the Netherlands?

    According to a survey by a global talent bureau, the Netherlands has the second-highest demand for engineers in the world. As per the statistics, 13% of the job listings in the Netherlands are for engineers. Project engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers are all in demand in the Netherlands.

  3. Can you find a job in the Netherlands?

    Finding a job in the Netherlands takes more than just translating your CV. You’ll need to know about the requirements for international employees (such as Dutch visa regulations and work permits), the current job market, and how and where to find the most up-to-date vacancies.

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