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Engineering Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship 2024

Engineer Seeking a New Employment Opportunity? Prepared To Relocate To The United Kingdom And Work For A Market-Leader In Appliance Repair? Do You Take Pleasure in Repairing and Helping Others? If so, Domex would be the ideal employer for you. As A Licensed Sponsor, We Can Assist You With Your Visa Application And Assist With Your Relocation To The United Kingdom On A Three-Year Work Visa.

This Opportunity Might Help You Become A Permanent Resident Of The United Kingdom In Addition To Helping You Better Your Financial Condition.

Details of Engineering Jobs In UK With Visa Sponsorship 2024

  • Great Earning Opportunities
  • Relocation Package
  • Industry Leading Training
  • Career Development
  • Financial, Health & Lifestyle Benefits And Rewards
  • Annual Paid Holidays

Current trends and growth in the engineering sector

The engineering industry in the UK has grown quickly thanks to improvements in technology and building new roads and bridges. There are a lot of job possibilities in many areas of engineering because the need for skilled engineers is growing.

Skill sets in demand

People are especially looking for engineers who know a lot about cutting edge technologies like AI, cybersecurity, and green energy. Employers look for people who are good at both professional skills and coming up with new ways to solve problems.

Overview of the visa sponsorship landscape in the UK

International engineers need to know all the details of how to get a visa sponsored. For a good application process, you need to know how to choose the right visa and keep up with changes to policies.

Benefits Of Joining The Domex Community

Extremely Competitive Basic Pay, Up To £33,000 As A Certified Engineer, With Obvious Potential To Earn Further Fortnightly Performance-Related Bonus; Target Earnings Of $40,000+ Overtime, Pension, Paid Holiday, Health & Lifestyle Benefits.
Business Car, Fuel Card, Equipment, Uniform, And Smartphone

Complete Technical And Customer Service Training At Our Head Office Training Academy And On The Job; Individual Introduction With A Field Supervisor And Continued Assistance.

Other Benefits

  • Visa Sponsorship: A visa sponsorship provides employment security, the legal right to work and reside in the United Kingdom, and guarantees adherence to immigration regulations.
  • Competitive Salaries: Engineering positions in the United Kingdom frequently provide competitive compensation packages, encompassing supplementary wages, overtime allowances, and additional monetary incentivizes.
  • Professional Development: Provision of ongoing opportunities for professional development, encompassing courses, certifications, and training programs that augment competencies and career outlook.
  • Progression in Career: Prospects for professional development within organizations, including the possibility of assuming senior positions or specializing in particular domains of engineering.
  • High Demand: Engineers are in high demand across multiple industries—including technology, construction, energy, and manufacturing—which offers employment opportunities and job security.
  • Cutting-Edge Projects: Participation in cutting-edge and innovative initiatives provides the opportunity to utilize cutting-edge methodologies and technologies.
  • Life Quality: The United Kingdom provides an exceptional standard of living characterized by well-developed social services, healthcare, and education, all of which contribute to a harmonious and gratifying way of life.
  • Diverse Work Environment: A work environment that is multicultural and diverse promotes an atmosphere conducive to collaboration and the development of cross-cultural understanding.
  • Work-Life Balance: In the United Kingdom, numerous engineering firms place a premium on work-life balance by providing ample vacation time, flexible work hours, and the ability to work remotely.
  • Networking Opportunities: Associations, conferences, and industry events provide opportunities to construct a professional network, thereby enhancing career prospects and facilitating the exchange of knowledge.

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Skills And Experience Required

A Higher Education Degree in Electronics/Electrical Engineering or HVAC and the Capacity to Use This Information Effectively.

  • Minimum of Intermediate English Language Proficiency (B1 Or Higher CEFR)
  • Practical Technical Role Experience, i.e., not Office-Based
  • Customer-Friendly Methodology and Attitude
  • Complete Driver’s License (Manual)
  • While searching for new recruits to join the Domex family, we look beyond the information on your resume to learn more about you. Specifically, we believe the following traits make a great fit for our team:
  • Above everything else, we value honesty and dependability. To become an integral member of the Domex family, you must be able to prioritize the team’s interests above all else, and the team will support you in return. It’s a reciprocal relationship.
  • Professionalism: For us, professionalism is about following the rules and processes that have made Domex so successful, not about who you are or what degree you have. This is why we are lenient with new hires, so they have time to develop the right habits and make the right decisions.
  • This belief is the foundation of our success. If We Fail, We Stay Optimistic, Adapt, And Attempt Once Again. We Can Teach You The Skills, But You Gotta Build Your Own Perseverance.
  • Pride: We Do Not Mean Arrogance – All We Want Is That You Are Proud To Join The Domex Family.

Available Job Vacancies

Following is a list of available employment opportunities at Domex. Please click on the job title will provide additional details.


Domex has a special job opening for engineers looking for work in the UK. Domex is a good place to grow professionally and personally because it values efficiency, pride, and persistence. Come work for Domex and help a market leader succeed. It will be a satisfying experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which engineering job is in demand in the UK in 2024?

    Indeed and Reed report an average of 22,063 open positions in the United Kingdom as of the beginning of April 2022. Greater London has the highest demand for this sort of professional, with 12,399 design and development engineer opportunities, or 56.2% of all openings in the United Kingdom.

  2. Is the UK in demand for engineers?

    25% of all job postings in the UK are for engineering roles. There is an increase in ‘green’ engineering jobs and the trend is likely to continue. In the past 5 years, postings for ‘green’ engineering jobs have increased by 55% and postings requiring ‘green skills’ by 48%.

  3. Can foreign engineers work in the UK?

    To be able to work in the UK as an engineer, you will need to have a valid visa and be able to meet the education and training requirements set out by the UK government. The education and training that you need to have to work as an engineer in the UK will vary depending on the type of visa that you are applying for.

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