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EMJMD 2023 | Highly Reputed Scholarship | Complete Guide Apply Now


Europe’s most renowned master’s program also known as the “Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree EMJMD 2023” program is/will be open now. A complete guide from A to Z step by step. (read these tips carefully).

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree( EMJMD), is a prestigious, integrated, transnational study program, concertedly handed by a transnational group of advanced education institutions. However, also you should apply because Erasmus people have precedence over other campaigners If you’re looking for jobs in Europe after scale. They also have numerous professional conditioning during their studies. You’ll spend your semester in at least 2 countries in Europe.

You can apply for outside of 3 programs from the EMJMD roster. If you apply for further than 3 all former operations will be rejected. So be careful. Duration An EMJMD is a study program of 60( roughly original to a 1- time Master’s), 90 or 120 ECTS( roughly 2 times) credits. This means that it lasts from a minimum of 12 months to outside of 24 months. However, you can still apply for a 1- time MS degree if you find an applicable program If you have formerly completed a Master’s degree.


Education quantum The EMJMD Scholarship covers your participation charges( including education freights, library and laboratory charges, full insurance content, and any other obligatory charges related to your participation in the master’s). This represents a donation to your trip and installation costs and includes a yearly living allowance for the entire duration of the study program.

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General Eligibility Criteria

At least 16 times of education( final semester/ final time scholars can apply to numerous programs if they anticipate completing their undergraduate degrees around June/ July 2023, still, you must Need a dispatch fellow to check and corroborate program websites. This).

English language proficiency is a prerequisite( some programs will accept letters of English proficiency from your university but utmost bear IELTS/ TOEFL to apply).
To be on the safe side, take the rearmost IELTS/ TOEFL by December. utmost programs bear a a6.5 and some bear a 7 in IELTS or 80 or 90 in TOEFL. Some programs also bear an individual score of no lower than 6 within the IELTS( or TOEFL fellow).

You need a passport as an identity document to apply, so apply for it and keep it ready. operations for utmost programs open in October and perfectly near around January, February, or indeed March( infrequently). operation opening and operation deadlines vary from program to program.

How to Apply (Application Process)

Step 1 Find your asked program Explore the online EMJMD roster( choose your outside 3 programs then https//www.pace.etc.Europa.EU/scholarships/emjmd-catalogue_en) and the institute Contact( connections of the fellow are given on the website of each program) offered by the master course for further information about the courses and the operation procedure.

Each program has its own website. Search and explore it, find the eligibility criteria, needed documents, and other rudiments, and apply consequently.
The operation process is simple.( Some new MS programs are added to the list of MS programs offered every summer and some may be removed. thus, you should check the below website regularly.)

Step 2: Required Documents:

  • High Academy paraphrase
    Letter of provocation for education
    Copy of passport/ public identity
    CV for education( voluntary)
    Statement of fiscal means
    exploration plan
    operation Form
    Letter of recommendation for education
    Letters of Intent
    Study plan
    Certificate of Data
    Also, you can check if your institute of the program accepts another language test. A new IELTS volition has been launched called Duolingo English Test Proficiency. So, you can take the test at home.
    An average IELTS band of6.5 is accepted as a minimum for each program. Neither program requires the GRE.
    If you don’t have IELTS. You can submit English Language Proficiency Certificate.

Key Points for Increasing Your Chance

  • Outside of 2 or 3 people per country per program are named for this education. This is a largely competitive and thus largely prestigious education.
    It’s only for guidance purposes according to the gest of people on the Internet.
    GPA is an important factor for admission to Erasmus literacy( if you have a low GPA, you can compensate with GRE, still, GRE isn’t obligatory for any Erasmus program).
    TOEFL/ IELTS( 95 of Master’s programs are tutored in English, so take it as soon as possible, because it carries some weight, if you do not have it, you’ll lose your marks freely. still, many programs bear proficiency in some European. Languages are also offered as one or many semesters in original languages, so check individual websites before applying to a specific program.
    Your once educational and professional background and applicable experience, if applicable.
    Have a grasp of the subjects you’re applying for( interviews are occasionally specialized and lengthy, so be prepared for that).
    Experience in the same field as demonstrated through externship/ job/ exploration experience.
    Your amenability and capability to study/ work in largely different and artistic surrounds( demonstrate this in your interview if you have accepted any passages systems jobs etc. with an outsider).
    Your provocation letter matters a lot further than you can devote to it, it can make or break a deal irrespective of your CGPA, etc. I have posted a lot of samples in the group( use the hunt button). Also, Google How to Write an Effective bribe/ provocation Letter.
    Letters of recommendation should be commodity real or genuine. Don’t write generically.
    Your-curricular and extra-curricular conditioning
    Demonstrated your passion and intention to study the field for which you have applied, through a provocation letter and interview as well as taking applicable courses externships, etc.)


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