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Director of Cancer Center Jobs in USA at Watson Clinic LLP


Watson Clinic LLP, a large multi-specialty group in Lakeland, Florida, is looking for an experienced clinical executive to lead an established and well-organized Cancer Center. The Chief Operating Officer is in charge of this position. The successful candidate will be responsible for the assigned department’s business and strategic activities, as well as directing internal management systems, process improvements, and policy activities.

Assists with budget development, data collection, and reporting; directs administrative personnel functions; develops and implements new business initiatives; and supervises department technology initiatives. Activities within patient care delivery models are planned, directed, evaluated, and controlled.


Analyzes financial and other data to make sound decisions.
This position will also be in charge of the entire Clinic’s pharmaceutical operations, including monitoring and evaluating drug procurement, usage, and inventory for both the Cancer Center and Nurse Clinics. Will contribute to the evaluation of drug usage under the Watson Clinic Employee Health Plan.


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At Watson Clinic LLP, the Director of the Cancer Center is a very important job. This person is in charge of setting the goals, direction, and plan for the cancer care department. Let’s talk in-depth about the many things a Director of the Cancer Center does.

Defining the Vision

One of the most important jobs of a Director of a Cancer Center is to give the department a clear and inspiring mission. This goal sets the tone for the whole team and affects how well cancer patients are cared for.

Strategic Planning

Part of this job is to plan strategically. Directors must make long-term plans that are in line with the organization’s goals and meet the changing needs of cancer patients.

Clinical Oversight

Even though administrative tasks are important, the Director of the Cancer Center is also responsible for making sure that clinical care meets the greatest standards. This includes overseeing the medical team, making sure the quality is good, and following the protocols.

Education and experience are required

A bachelor’s degree in health care or a related field is required, as is 10 years of experience managing physician practices and clinical operations. 3-5 years of experience as a Director of a Cancer Center/Program. Working collaboratively with physicians, administration, and staff at all levels is required. A minimum of five years’ experience supervising/managing clinical care teams in an ambulatory setting. Excellent verbal and written communication skills, as well as negotiation and leadership abilities. Working knowledge of an inventory drug management system, such as LYNX. General understanding of drugs and their use.


Master’s degree in a health-related field is preferred. Understanding of Medicare and other third-party payers’ drug reimbursement policies.

Compliance, good communication skills, management and supervision skills, and interpersonal skills are also required. Excellent auditing and financial analysis abilities.

Mission Statement:

The Clinic’s medical staff is committed to providing comprehensive medical services of the highest quality at a reasonable cost, while always striving for excellence in the best interests of patient care. This will be accomplished through the collaborative framework of group practice.

Watson Clinic strives to be your one-stop shop for high-quality medical care. Since 1941, we’ve worked to create a healthcare experience that is entirely focused on you, with the area’s largest team of experts across a wide range of specialties serving all of your physical, emotional, and behavioral care needs.

Watson Clinic’s History

Watson Clinic was established in the summer of 1941 by a medical group comprised of two surgeons, two internists, and a urologist. Their mission, led by Dr. Herman Watson, was to provide the best healthcare possible to the people of Polk County and beyond.

Watson Clinic has grown from humble beginnings to become one of the largest and most respected clinics in the Southeast. Their mission has not changed.

Benefits of Director of Cancer Center Jobs in USA at Watson Clinic LLP

  • Leadership Position: In the capacity of the Director of a Cancer Center, one would assume a pivotal leadership role entailing the supervision of cancer care service operations, strategic planning, and advancement. You can significantly influence patient care and outcomes in this position.
  • Competitive Compensation: Watson Clinic LLP generally provides its employees with competitive remuneration and extensive benefit packages, which comprise health insurance, retirement programs, and additional perks.
  • Cutting-Edge Facilities and Technology: Watson Clinic LLP has gained recognition for its excellent facilities and substantial financial commitment to cutting-edge medical technology. You would have access to the most up-to-date equipment and resources necessary to provide superior cancer care as a Director.
  • Multidisciplinary Team Collaboration: Effectively managing a cancer center necessitates close collaboration with a multidisciplinary group of medical practitioners, such as surgeons, oncologists, nurses, and support personnel. This cooperative effort cultivates an upbeat and encouraging professional atmosphere.
  • Professional Development Opportunities: Opportunities for Professional Development Watson Clinic LLP places a premium on employee professional development. You would have access to opportunities for career advancement and ongoing training through continuing education programs as a Director of the organization.
  • Clinical Research and Innovation: Through clinical research and innovation, Watson Clinic LLP is dedicated to advancing cancer care. In the capacity of the Cancer Center Director, one would be afforded the chance to engage in research endeavors and make contributions towards the progression of cancer treatment and care.
  • Clinical Research and Innovation: Watson Clinic LLP prioritizes patient-centered care by directing attention toward the unique requirements and preferences of every individual patient. In the capacity of the Director, your primary responsibility would be to guarantee that patients are provided with empathetic and individualized care throughout the entirety of their cancer experience.
  • Community Engagement: Watson Clinic LLP actively participates in the local community by offering cancer patients and their families support services, education, and outreach programs. You would have the opportunity to engage with the community and effect positive change beyond the clinic’s walls in your capacity as director.
  • Work-Life Balance: Watson Clinic LLP recognizes the importance of work-life balance for its employees and provides flexible scheduling options to aid in this regard, despite the demanding nature of leadership positions.
  • Professional Prestige and Recognition: In the healthcare industry, serving as the Director of a reputable cancer center such as Watson Clinic LLP confers professional prestige and recognition. It provides the chance to become a member of a preeminent institution committed to the provision of exceptional cancer care.


Watson Clinic, one of the largest medical clinics in the southeast, offers comprehensive medical services to residents of Lakeland and the surrounding communities.
Aside from our medical and surgical specialties, we provide a variety of additional programs and services to Watson Clinic patients. Many of these services are extensions of care provided by other departments. Please keep in mind that some of these services require a physician referral and/or are only available in certain locations. Click on the service of interest to learn more.

Information About Watson Clinic:

Opportunities for Employment Watson Clinic has established a reputation for healthcare excellence, exemplifying the highest levels of expertise, technology, and service since 1941. These characteristics also distinguish our employees, who are inspired by our warm, friendly, and professional environment. As a Watson Clinic team member, you are a member of our family and play an important role in improving the lives of every patient we serve.

It’s easy to see why Watson Clinic is one of Central Florida’s best places to work, with an emphasis on quality service, a positive work environment, and a mission to improve the wellness of our community. The bright minds and compassionate spirits of our employees are the true measure of the Watson Clinic difference. We hope you will choose to make Watson Clinic a part of your future because only the best and brightest will be selected to carry on the Clinic’s legacy.

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In conclusion, the job of Director of Cancer Center at Watson Clinic LLP is complex and requires a mix of medical knowledge, management skills, and leadership with a long-term view. These people are helping to shape the future of cancer care in the United States.

  1. What is the salary range for this role?

    The head of a cancer center can make different amounts of money depending on where they work, how much experience they have, and the health care organization they work for. Most of the time, it is a competitive salary that reflects the important tasks and skills needed for the job.

  2. How can a director of the Cancer Center contribute to cancer research?

    Cancer study often moves forward because of the work of the directors of cancer centers. They can start research projects and lead them, work with other researchers, and help with clinical studies. Their work helps come up with new treatments and medicines for people with cancer.

  3. How do I email Watson Clinic Lakeland?

    You can visit our business office at our main facility at 1600 Lakeland Hills Boulevard between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. You may also email us at

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