Depeche Mode in Leipzig: best photos, videos + set list of the live show


Depeche Mode in Leipzig: Depeche Mode provided an incredible evening in Leipzig – images, videos, and the entire setlist are available here.
Depeche Mode performed the first concert in Germany at the Festwiese in Leipzig today (May 26th). Around 70,000 people were expected to attend, and Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, and the live musicians who accompanied them did not disappoint.

Depeche Mode in Leipzig: best photos, videos + set list of the live show
Depeche Mode in Leipzig: best photos, videos + set list of the live show

World in My Eyes“ ist Andy Fletcher gewidmet

As with prior performances, the band dedicated the song “World in My Eyes” to their late colleague and friend Andy Fletcher. The song was especially meaningful on May 26, 2023, because the event was held on the first anniversary of the musician’s death.


Depeche Mode is a well-rehearsed group, but with the loss of Fletch, they were forced to realign themselves. Peter Gordeno has been on tour since the 1990s. The final song of the encore begins just after 11 p.m. The nearly two-hour concert concludes with “Personal Jesus,” during which many viewers most likely followed the wise saying and album title “Memento mori – be aware of your mortality” and really enjoyed the pleasant spring evening.


Depeche Mode am 26.05. in Leipzig: Die Setlist

  • Speak to Me (Outro)
  • My Cosmos Is Mine
  • Wagging Tongue
  • Walking in My Shoes
  • It’s No Good
  • Sister of Night
  • In Your Room
  • Everything Counts
  • Precious
  • Speak to Me
  • A Question of Lust
  • Soul With Me
  • Ghosts Again
  • I Feel You
  • A Pain That I’m Used To
  • World in My Eyes
  • Wrong
  • Stripped
  • John the Revelator
  • Enjoy the Silence

Waiting for the Night
Just Can’t Get Enough
Never Let Me Down Again
Personal Jesus

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