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Canada Jobs Without Degree Requirements 2023: There are thousands of jobs available in the Canadian market from time to time for experienced, and degree holder applicants. But there is a certain group of people without academic degrees who find it difficult to find jobs in any market. In this article, we are going to unveil Canadian jobs without degree requirements in 2023.

In fact, Canada is home to many local and international people from different cultures. But anyone living or moving to Canada has the same goal, a safe, promising, and secure future. Hundreds of multinational companies, franchises, and outlets are operating here, providing exciting employment opportunities to skilled people. Moreover, its strong economy, fast-growing industries, high salaries with good packages, and flexible work permit options are some of the reasons that attract overseas candidates to come here in search of a job. On the other hand, during your temporary stay in Canada, you can also apply for permanent residence without leaving your job.


Working in Canada opens many doors with good salaries for ambitious people, regardless of educational degree. Yes, you heard right. If you wish to work in Canada, a degree/diploma/certificate from any university is not always required. There are various career options that one can pursue without any educational requirements, such as food service jobs, driving jobs, garbage collection jobs, etc. All these fields promise good salaries with unlimited benefits and high career options.


The Changing Landscape of the Canadian Job Market

Emphasis on Skills and Experience

In the past, most well-paying jobs were thought to require a college or university degree. But the job market has changed, and now employers put more weight on practical skills and experience that are useful to the job. This has made it easier for people from different backgrounds and with different skills to find jobs.

Technology and Innovation

Technology changes have shaken up many industries and opened up new job possibilities that weren’t there before. In areas like digital marketing, data analysis, and software development, where formal education is often less important than hands-on experience, the digital age has brought about new jobs.

List of Canadian immigration programs for unskilled workers in 2023

Similarly, if you intend to get a job in Canada, first get your required work permit, then apply for Canadian Permanent Residency (PR) through the following immigration programs;

  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Quebec Skilled Worker Program
  • Atlantic Immigration Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Federal program

Unskilled worker jobs in Canada without a degree required:

Below is a list of some non-degree jobs that can be pursued in Canada:

  • Taxi Driving Jobs
  • Food delivery jobs
  • Hairdresser Jobs
  • Convenience Store Jobs
  • Waiter jobs
  • Security Guard Jobs
  • Receptionist Jobs
  • Garbage Truck Driver Jobs
  • Fruit/Vegetable Picking Jobs
  • Welder Jobs

Taxi driving jobs without degree required:

The number one non-degree job on our list is the taxi driving job. People won’t believe it, but it is considered one of the most sought-after jobs in Canada and its territories. Applicants who want to apply for taxi driving jobs do not need any educational qualification or degree. All they need is a valid driving license with great driving skills and good judgment.

Drivers can choose full-time, part-time, or shift jobs as per their feasibility and enjoy salaries with various benefits like medical, dental, and accident insurance. The average income of a taxi driver is about $32,175 per year.

The following companies in Canada are looking for skilled taxi drivers with good English.  Greater Edmonton Taxi ServiceLincoln Taxi LtdRegional Taxi & Grand Taxi, etc.

Food Delivery Jobs Without a Degree Required:

Then there are food delivery jobs. Even those without a degree or diploma can earn money through odd jobs like food delivery in Canada. Hundreds of franchises operating in Canada are ready to hire reliable and dedicated people who can provide high-quality delivery services. In this regard, those interested can apply for food delivery jobs and earn around $33,582 per year. Meanwhile, these employees will also get other benefits, such as free meals, flexible working hours, a friendly working environment, weekly payment, etc.

Applicants interested in applying for food delivery jobs must have a valid working visa with a driving license and excellent management and communication skills. Moreover, a reliable vehicle is a must along with a smartphone.

Jobs are available at hungerhub Canada Inc.SkipTheDishesReal Food For Real Kids, and more.

Hairdresser Jobs Without a Degree Required:

Being a part of this field will not only provide you with interesting employment opportunities but will also give you an opportunity to enhance your skills and talents. Dozens of positions are still open and looking for qualified and talented hairstylists and barbers.

For hairdresser jobs, you should have experience in the relevant field with knowledge of hair coloring, hair styling, the latest trending hairstyles, and more.

Pay scales may vary with full-time or part-time jobs. However, the average salary for a hairdresser working in Canada with a valid work permit is $32,175 per year. Well, one can earn more by working extra hours.

If you are a professional hairstylist or hairdresser and want to start your journey in Canada, apply for jobs at the following salons; First Choice Haircutters Ltd.H & M Hair, and SpaSmartStyle, etc.

Convenience store jobs without a degree required:

As in other fields, it is quite common to work as a part-time manager or cashier at a convenience store in Canada. Many students, during their studies, work part-time at these stores to earn extra money for their educational expenses. Similarly, people from developing countries who have no degree also work in such stores to run their jobs.

Generally, the salary package varies due to working hours, job status, job duties, and experience. But, on average, a person working in a store as a manager, cashier, or grocery clerk can earn about $18.00–$26.68/hour.

Meanwhile, the employee is required to maintain cash analysis reports, warm and welcome people with a smile, provide a good customer experience, be aware of recent flights and promotions, provide phone information, and comply with policies. Must be able to.

Additionally, good communication and patience skills along with knowledge of English are minimum requirements, along with experience in customer and cashier service, retail, and inventory management.

Those interested can try their luck and apply for jobs at  Lowe’s storesGreat Canadian Dollar StoreWalmart Canada, and many more.

Waiter Jobs Without a Degree Required:

This is good news for all international people who want to work with the Canadian food industry. Currently, this industry has dozens of job openings for waiters and waitresses. Eligible candidates can work as bartenders, food and beverage server, waiter, etc. in five-star hotels, restaurants, and pubs.

However, waiter jobs do not require any special education. But, workers must know about customer care, be able to handle complaints and maintain cash and record sales, describe menu items in detail, enforce liquor laws, etc.

Typically, a waiter in Canada can earn up to $27,300 a year. But, this salary may vary due to seniority level and work experience.

Following are the places where waiter jobs are available for the desired candidates. The Glynmill Inn IncorporatedFairmont Empress HotelTwin Cities Hotel, etc.

Security Guard Jobs Without Degree Required:

Canada is poised to become a country with more than one million immigrants from different states. In this regard, security guards are in high demand to maintain peace and harmony in the country. No wonder working as a security guard in Canada will allow you a promising future with free time to spend with your loved ones. Meanwhile, security personnel will also get higher salaries, health and medical insurance, licensed guns, etc.

There are various options where one can work as a security guard, such as banks, hotels, stores, airports, and security companies. However, the salary is not the same for everyone, as your experience, skills and position are very important.

To work as a security guard in Canada, you must have a clean background check, no criminal history, a valid security guard license, a licensed firearm, and first aid/CPR. Must be verified by

Typically, one can earn around $35-61K a year based on part-time or full-time employment. However, benefits include bonus programs, discount stock offers, care days, and work-life balance.

Find suitable jobs at KAR GlobalCanadian Security Management, & Securitas Canada Ltd.

Receptionist Jobs Without a Degree Required:

Working as a receptionist in Canada is not as easy as it seems. It may seem like an easy job without any special education, but it is a position with many responsibilities and varied tasks. As a receptionist, you can work in salons, banks, dental clinics, institutions, etc.

On the other hand, when applying for a receptionist job, make sure you have these skills, such as good verbal and communication skills, punctuality, multi-tasking skills, organizational and planning skills, Proficiency in the English language, with knowledge of MS Office.

The median salary for a receptionist is $33,903 per year, which includes life insurance, company-paid benefits, education and conference reimbursements, and more.

If you want to apply for a receptionist job in Canada, check out the recruitment pages of the following companies. AdeccoHUB International CanadaCIC CANADA, etc.

Garbage Truck Driver Jobs Without Degree Required:

If you don’t have a degree and still want to earn enough money to live a good life, then it is good to go for garbage truck driver jobs. As a garbage truck driver, you will be hired to pick up waste from residential or industrial locations on time while maintaining cleanliness and policy. Moreover, you will be responsible for maintaining the log book and completing the assigned work on a daily basis.

The average salary for a garbage truck driver is $41,925 a year, with other benefits. However, any interested person must have a positive attitude for this type of employment with a commercial driver’s license and class 3 driving experience of 1-2 years. Apply for the open posts at Waste ConnectionsGFL Environmental Inc.Emterra Group, etc.

Welder jobs without a degree required:

Finally, we have welding jobs that require professional and enthusiastic people who can ensure welding work in a safe and clean environment. Applicants applying for welder jobs must be able to perform light and heavy engineering tasks in a timely manner and maintain documentation and record sheets.

A valid work permit is required with two to three years of experience in most related fields, along with an understanding of basic fitting and welding processes.

The salary for a welder in Canada is $45,808 per year with holidays and paid leave. Vacancies are open at Matrix Professional Staffing SolutionsMarine and Shipbuilders Local 506Béton Provincial Ltée, etc.


The Canadian job market is changing, giving people who don’t have an official degree more options. Aspiring professionals can build great careers in many fields if they focus on skill development, networking, and soft skills. The changing nature of the job market shows how important it is to be flexible and keep learning, giving people the tools they need to follow their interests and succeed in Canada’s job market.

People Also Ask

  • Is it really possible to get well-paying jobs without a degree in Canada?

    Yes, that can happen. Many companies in Canada now value skills and experience more than formal degrees. This gives people from different backgrounds more chances to get jobs.

  • How can I improve my chances of landing a non-degree job?

    Focus on improving your skills, building a strong network, putting soft skills first, and making an amazing portfolio are all ways to make yourself more employable.

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