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PCB Operator Job in Uk Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

This position is for skilled operators working in a variety of roles focused on the manufacture and assembly of printed circuit boards for civil and army programs. The role will involve a range of duties and the successful applicant must demonstrate flexibility and work effectively as part of a large multi-disciplinary team.

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What is a PCB Operator?

A PCB operator is a skilled worker who puts together, tests, and takes care of printed circuit boards that are used in many electronic products. They are very important to the manufacturing process because they make sure the PCBs are made correctly and meet quality standards.

Role of a PCB Operator

As a PCB operator, your main job will be to read technical drawings, follow assembly directions, and run machines to make PCBs. You will use soldering tools, pick-and-place machines, and automatic testing tools to make sure that the boards work properly.

Qualifications and Skills

You should have a high school education or the equivalent to do well as a PCB operator. Also, it’s a big plus to have professional certifications in electronics or PCB assembly. For this job, you need to be able to pay close attention to details, be skilled with your hands, and be able to solve technology problems.

Job Market in the UK

The UK has a thriving electronics business that helps its economy in a big way. As technology keeps getting better and more electronic gadgets are made, there are more jobs for skilled PCB operators.

Demand for PCB Operators

PCB operators are in higher demand than ever because of the rising demand for household electronics, technology for cars, and other electronic goods. Companies are looking for workers who can work quickly and make good circuit boards.

Benefits of PCB Operator Job in Uk Visa Sponsorship

  • Visa Sponsorship: Visa sponsorship enables international workers to obtain the requisite documentation to reside and operate in the United Kingdom, thereby establishing a legal pathway.
  • Competitive Salaries: In regions with a high demand for skilled electronics manufacturing professionals, PCB operators in the UK frequently receive competitive salaries.
  • Professional Development: The United Kingdom’s electronics and technology sector is well-established, providing a plethora of opportunities for professional development, training, and skill enhancement in the fields of electronics manufacturing and PCB technology.
  • Exposure to Advanced Technology: Working as a PCB operator in the UK provides you with the opportunity to develop your technical skills and knowledge by gaining experience with advanced manufacturing technologies and processes.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Numerous employers in the United Kingdom provide comprehensive benefits packages, which may include health insurance, pension schemes, paid holidays, and occasionally supplementary benefits such as wellness programs and employee discounts.
  • Stable Employment: The electronics sector’s ongoing expansion has resulted in a consistent demand for skilled PCB operators, which offers long-term career prospects and job stability.
  • Career Advancement Opportunities: PCB operators have the potential to progress to more senior positions within the manufacturing industry, such as supervisory or managerial positions, through their dedication and experience.
  • Diverse Work Environment: The United Kingdom is renowned for its multicultural workforce, which provides the chance to collaborate with counterparts from a variety of backgrounds and work in diverse teams.
  • Quality of Life: The United Kingdom provides a high standard of living, including access to a diverse selection of recreational and cultural activities, education, and quality healthcare.
  • Networking Opportunities: The opportunity to network with professionals in the electronics and manufacturing industries is a valuable asset for career growth and development when working in the UK.

Essential Responsibilities

  • Read and follow manufacturing plans.
  • Ensure fines and health and safety compliance
  • Follow daily manufacturing metrics.
  • Participate in lean things to do and other initiatives.
  • Support manufacturing shipping requirements.
  • Work in teams to achieve delivery targets.
  • Complete manufacturing bureaucracy and job cards

Qualifications/ Requirements

  • General electronics and mechanical assembly work
  • Ability to understand and identify components
  • Ability to recognize technical drawings and instructions
  • Good concentration and attention to detail
  • Able to produce high-quality work
  • Skilled and in a position to work on small products
  • A flexible and collaborative approach
  • Definition of fitness and safety exercise in the workplace
  • Experience in self-directed work teams and team building
  • Awareness of buyer expectations and business requirements
  • Communication and timekeeping skills.
  • Self-motivated with a positive, can-do attitude

Desired Features:

  • Part 145/Part 21 or technical experience
  • IPC-A-610 or other recognized electronic inspection body
  • Hand soldering experience in class three required
  • Experience using SMT technical knowledge equipment
  • Experience using AOI tools Ability to multi-task and handle varied workloads
  • Outstanding integrity

Eligibility Criteria

To get a work visa in the UK, you must have a job offer from a licensed sponsor, meet the standards for your English language skills, and get enough points based on things like your job level, salary, and qualifications.

How to Apply for a UK Work Visa

The steps to getting a visa include getting a Certificate of Sponsorship from your employer, gathering the papers you need, and filling out an online application form.

Finding Job Opportunities

You can find PCB operator jobs in the UK by using online job boards, professional networks, and recruitment companies. Change your resume so that it shows off your PCB construction skills and experience.

Interview Tips for PCB Operators

Do research on the business, practice answering common interview questions, and show off your technical knowledge and ability to solve problems.

Settling in the UK

Moving to the UK can be a very exciting time. Spend some time learning about society, making friends, and getting to know how people live in the UK.

Career Growth Opportunities

PCB operators can move up to supervisory or management roles as they gain more knowledge and keep learning. In the UK’s electronics business, there are many ways to move up in your career.

Challenges Faced by PCB Operators

PCB operators may face problems like tight production deadlines, complicated circuit designs, and having to change to technology that is changing quickly. But these problems are also chances to grow as a worker.

Total reward

At GE Aviation we understand the importance of the total reward. Our flexible benefits plan, called FlexChoice, gives you freedom, choice, and flexibility in how you get your benefits, while also allowing you to maximize savings.

As a new GE joiner, we are pleased to be in a position to offer you a default in your Advent Fund, which you can tailor to suit your individual needs.

  • Non-contributory pension
  • Performance-related bonuses
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Group income protection
  • Private Clinical Corps
  • Holiday hours equivalent to 26 days, with flexible option to buy or sell


By getting a visa sponsor, skilled professionals in the electronics business can move to the UK and work as PCB operators. With more people wanting electronic goods and technology getting better, PCB operators are still very important to many industries.

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  1. Is a work visa the only way to work in the UK as a PCB operator?

    Even though a work visa is the most usual way, you may also be able to use the Skilled Worker Route or the Intra-Company Transfer Route, depending on your situation.

  2. How long does it take to process a UK work visa application?

    The time it takes to get a visa can change based on where you live and what kind of visa you need. It’s best to apply a long time before you want to leave.

  3. What happens if my work visa expires, and I haven’t found a new job?

    If your visa runs out, you might have to go back to where you came from. It’s important to know the rules about visas and make plans properly.

  4. What is a PCB Operator?

    A PCB operator is a skilled worker who puts together, tests, and takes care of printed circuit boards that are used in many electronic products. They are very important to the manufacturing process because they make sure the PCBs are made correctly and meet quality standards.

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