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Job Details of Banking Advisor Jobs in Canada

  • Address: VAUGHAN, Ontario, Canada
  • Municipality: CAN-ON-VAUGHAN
  • The nation of Canada
  • Work hours or week: 37.5
  • Type of Employment: Full-time
  • Personal and Commercial Banking Platform
  • Sub-Category: Sales and Consulting
  • Identifier: R-0000000518
  • Personal and Commercial Banking Platform
  • Type of employment: regular Remuneration: $46,313 yearly or $23.75 per hour

Job Description

  • At RBC, the culture is fundamentally supportive and remunerative, and you will contribute to the success of customers and communities, empowered by a sense of shared purpose.
  • Consequently, as an RBC ambassador, you add value in the moments that matter most to clients and collaborate with RBC partners to assist clients in achieving their objectives.
  • Whether you are assisting clients in discovering new opportunities, creating new technologies, or providing expert counsel to internal partners, you will be contributing to the world.
  • As a banking advisor, you instruct clients on digital banking, onboard new customers, and refer challenging opportunities to specialists.
  • The majority of the time, your job description will focus on your ability to create meaningful and memorable client experiences in order to increase client happiness and loyalty.

Tasks of Banking Advisor Jobs in Canada

  • Proactively engage clients in all aspects of the branch and the community, understanding their banking requirements, offering assistance and advice, and identifying sales and referral opportunities.
  • Concentrate on client education and demonstration, employing technology to provide a memorable client experience, drive sales, and retain business.
  • Respond to client-initiated contact and assist with a comprehensive array of financial transactions.
  • Actively listen to clients and engage them in discussion to better comprehend their unique demands.
  • Assume proactive responsibility for resolving and preventing banking issues for clients.
  • Maintain and cultivate relationships with partners to maximize business prospects and referrals.

Benefits of Banking Advisor Jobs In Canada

  • Competitive Salary: Banking advisors in Canada generally earn competitive salaries, which may encompass incentives or bonuses contingent on sales performance or the achievement of predetermined objectives.
  • Benefits Package: A number of banking institutions provide their staff with all-encompassing benefits packages, which encompass vision care, prescription medication coverage, health insurance, and dental coverage. These offerings serve to augment the employees’ financial security and general welfare.
  • Retirement Plans: Employers frequently contribute to pension plans and Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSPs) offered by banks, which enable employees to save for the future.
  • Career Development Opportunities: Banking advisors may be granted access by their employers to a range of training and development programmes that serve to augment their competencies and propel them forward in their professional trajectories within the banking sector.
  • Educational Assistance: To aid employees in their pursuit of professional certifications or further education pertinent to their positions, certain institutions provide tuition reimbursement or educational assistance programmes.
  • Work-Life Balance: A considerable number of banking advisor positions provide consistent working hours and flexible scheduling options, thereby fostering work-life balance and enabling personnel to effectively balance their personal and professional obligations.
  • Job Stability: The banking sector is renowned for its job stability, and positions as banking advisors generally provide prospects for long-term employment along with avenues for professional development and progression.
  • Perquisites for Employees: Financial institutions may provide a range of benefits to their staff, including reduced-rate banking services, preferential interest rates on loans and mortgages, and special access to financial products and services.
  • Workplace Culture: Numerous financial institutions place emphasis on cultivating a favourable workplace culture that places importance on employee welfare, diversity, and inclusion. This approach fosters a collaborative and supportive atmosphere for banking advisors.
  • Opportunity for Networking: Employment in a bank offers prospects for cultivating professional relationships with clients, colleagues, and industry experts within the financial sector. Such connections can prove to be advantageous in terms of advancing one’s career.

Requirements of Banking Advisor Jobs in Canada

  • Mutual Fund accreditation or the desire to earn it (i.e., Investment Funds in Canada or the Canadian Securities Course)
  • Passion for putting customers first and success in a hands-on, quota-driven sales environment Problem-solving and people skills, with the ability to develop strong connections and proactively interact with customers.
  • Flexibility, readiness to learn, strong personal ethics, and a desire for accomplishment are essential for success.
  • A wide spectrum of device-specific digital literacy (i.e., smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  • Nice-to-have

Proven track record of establishing and maintaining customer connections in the financial or service sector.


Other opportunities for Banking Advisor Jobs in Canada

  • Financial Services.
  • CRM and customer relations.
  • Potential clients.
  • Strong NET.
  • Financial goals.
  • Full Service and new customers.

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  1. How much does a National Bank of Canada banking advisor earn?

    The average annual salary of a Financial Advisor at the National Bank of Canada in Canada is around $48,580, which is 16% less than the national average.

  2. How can I begin a banking career in Canada?

    The majority of entry-level banking employment in Canada needs a minimum of a high school diploma. This includes occupations such as teller and drive-through clerk. Citizenship is required to lawfully work in Canada. Before being permitted to work in Canada, you must fulfil several legal duties.

  3. How much do banking advisors make in Canada?

    The average banking advisor salary in Canada isĀ $80,252 per year or $41.15 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $50,341 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $155,264 per year.

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