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Australia Dept of Home Affairs Jobs 2024


Australia Dept of Home Affairs Jobs 2024: If you have the necessary qualifications, work experience, and a resume, you can apply for Australian Government Jobs at the Department of Home Affairs, as there are currently many job vacancies available, and I am here to inform you about all job openings in the Australian Department of Home Affairs, including their salary packages, allowances, eligibility, application procedures, and required documents.

Salary Packages of Jobs at Australian Department of Home Affairs

Employees of the Australian Department of Home Affairs get a variety of compensation packages and perks, including annual salaries in excess of $80,000, as well as a dwelling allowance, utility allowance, and medical insurance coverage.

Australia Dept of Home Affairs Jobs 2024
Australia Dept of Home Affairs Jobs 2024

Salaries of Employees at the Home Affairs Department: Yearly average is $87,481


Employees at the Australian Department of Home Affairs are offered various salary packages based on their capabilities, with an average annual salary of $87,481 and a 15.4% employee contribution to their superannuation, which is a brilliant initiative by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

Leaves for Employes at Home Affairs Department:

Employees are also given substantial leave, including 20 days of annual leave per year, 18 days of personal or caregiver leave per year, and unpaid leave if paid leave is exhausted. Furthermore, employees are reimbursed for travel expenses if they are called back from a leave of absence.

Work Environment at Home Affairs Dept:

The Australian Department of Home Affairs also provides a healthy working environment with the goal of taking care of their employees’ mental health. To accomplish this goal, they established an employee wellness program and a social club that allows their employees to breathe away from work and interact socially away from work environments that can be exhausting.

Why Work at Home Affairs Depart?

You’ll be glad to know that the Australian Department of Home Affairs is a terrific place to work because it promotes a work-life balance environment that allows employees to discharge their workload and live healthy lives. The Australian Home Affairs Department also allows employees to negotiate part-time working hours, and they have the option of job sharing, which is not available in many workplaces.

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Details of Jobs in the Australian Department of Home Affairs

The Australian Department of Home Affairs deals with various subject matters to ensure national security; thus, job openings at the organization cover a wide range of professions, making it possible for people from all walks of life to apply. There are several categories that contain a wide range of job opportunities, and some of them are as follows:

  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • National and Transport Security
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Management
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Settlement Services
  • Immigration
  • Border-Related Functions

Application Method to Apply for a Job at Home Affairs Dept

Many people have questions regarding how to apply for a job. It is the most common reason why people do not apply for jobs. Follow the steps below to apply for employment openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs:

  • Open the Australian Department of Home Affairs Online Recruitment application portal
  • Register and make your account on the website by providing the relevant personal details
  • Browse through the job vacancies
  • Click on the ‘Apply Now button for the job vacancy you’re interested in
  • Attach all required documents with a job application
  • Enter the relevant details required
  • Submit your job application
  • Wait for correspondence

The paperwork required to apply for positions at the Australian Department of Home Affairs is frequently a source of anxiety. A CV, personal statement, experience letter, and other documents are necessary to apply for the job.

How do keep track of the jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs?

While different publications may be found telling you about upcoming job possibilities at the Australian Department of Home Affairs, they cannot cover all career positions. As a result, it’s likely that you’re uninformed about a job opening in your selected field. Furthermore, these job openings are updated on a regular basis, which cannot be found in articles.

As a result, you must search for employment openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs on your own. The most authentic way to stay informed about job vacancies at the firm is to visit their job vacancy pages. The Australian Department of Home Affairs’ Board, Career, and HR sections routinely alert people about new job openings at the agency. This allows you to apply for the job immediately and boost your chances of getting it.

Jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs

There are currently 50+ open posts in Australia’s home affairs department. The following positions are currently available at the Australian Department of Home Affairs:

Fleet Manager

Recently, the Australian Department of Home Affairs posted a job post for a Canberra-based fleet manager. The fleet manager will be primarily responsible for the technical management of eight Cape Class Patrol Boats or four larger hulls or 30 smaller hull vessels.

Policy Officer

The Australian Department of Home Affairs requires a police officer who can examine visa rules and advise senior executives and government officials on immigration programs that are appropriate for Australia’s development. The salary range for the post of policy officer is $81, 879 to $96,873.

Assistance Director-SAP Governance and Monitoring

The function entails building financial frameworks and controls to ensure that the SAP financial IT system benefits enterprises. Furthermore, the Assistant Director will be responsible for ensuring that jobs are assigned in accordance with Segregation of Duties (SoD) standards. Given the importance of this position, the remuneration for Assisnatnce director SAP ranges from $103,424 to $121,293.

Transport Security Inspector

The job is extremely demanding, requiring the Transport Security Inspector to coordinate with intelligence agencies and establish on-the-spot plans to deal with problems that arise. Given the fast-paced nature of the industry, rapid thinking is required. The Transport Security Inspector is in charge of ensuring the safety of commodities and passengers traveling through the Australian seas. The salary range for a transport security manager is $75,381 to $81,196.

Business Manager- Architecture, Design, and Security

To deal with numerous stakeholders, the position necessitates developed communication abilities. The business manager’s major responsibility will be to advise the Assistant Secretary (AS) on architecture, design, and security. As a result, the profession necessitates excellent analytical abilities. Furthermore, given the high levels of connection with various stakeholders, it necessitates remarkable organizational abilities. The compensation range for the Business Manager position is $103,424 to $121,292.

Statistical Analyst

For the Australian Department of Home Affairs, the work of a statistical analyst is critical. Because the position necessitates technical expertise as well as credibility. The statistical analyst will be expected to analyze data, which will necessitate technical knowledge. Given the sensitive nature of the information, secrecy is the organization’s first priority. Furthermore, the Statistical Analyst must be able to communicate well in order to deal with stakeholders. The salary range for the position of Statistical Analyst is $69,127 to $74,562.

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  • Which skill is most in demand in Australia?

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