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10 Jobs in Germany For Indians | Visa Sponsorship Jobs

10 Jobs in Germany For Indians: In recent years, Indians seeking job opportunities abroad have turned to Germany, with its strong economy and diverse job market. The country offers a range of employment prospects across various industries, making it a popular choice for skilled professionals.

In this article, we will explore the job market in Germany for Indians. We will include the process of finding employment, work culture, and key industries to consider. So, let’s dive in and discover the exciting possibilities awaiting Indian job seekers in Germany.

Germany is known for its high-tech industries such as automotive, engineering, and IT, as well as its traditional industries such as manufacturing and healthcare. This makes it a great option for Indian job seekers looking for a wide range of employment opportunities.

Additionally, the country is known for its excellent work culture, with strong protection for workers and a focus on workplace safety. This makes it a great option for those looking for a secure and comfortable work environment.

10 Jobs in Germany For Indians Visa Sponsorship Jobs
10 Jobs in Germany For Indians Visa Sponsorship Jobs

Jobs in Germany For Indians – High-Paying Industries

As of today, the unemployment rate in Germany is 3.9%, which is the highest in the world. In other words, Germany offers high-profile jobs to qualified candidates and those with the relevant skills and knowledge. If you seek employment in Germany, you must apply for a job when you are studying at a university. If you have a degree from a German university, you will find it easy to secure a job and adapt to the international environment.

Popular Industries and Job Roles

  • a. Engineering: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Automotive Engineering
  • b. Information Technology: Software Development, Cybersecurity, Data Science
  • c. Healthcare: Nursing, Medical Practitioners, Medical Researchers
  • d. Finance: Accounting, Financial Analysis, Banking
  • e. Scientific Research: Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Research, Chemistry
  • f. Renewable Energy: Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Energy Management

Germany has 90% of its business coming from SMEs. The two share two-thirds of the jobs in the country. Students can work in well-known companies in the country if they’re deserving.

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Jobs with minimum wages in Germany

The minimum wage in Germany has been 8.50 euros since January 1, 2015. It was increased to 9.60 euros per hour in July 2021. Minimum wages were raised again in 2022 to 9.82 euros per hour. Every German worker has the right to a minimum wage.

They are foreign workers, seasonal workers, mini-job workers, or apprentices. An international student in Germany with a German student visa can work 120 full days or 240 half days. Their expenses can be covered by this. A minimum wage is also available to interns who meet the following requirements:

  • Internships must last at least three months.
  • The course is not required by the university.
  • It is not an apprenticeship.
  • The intern is not a volunteer.
  • The country has some of the most successful industries that offer high salary packages for employees. 

Below is a list of firms that offer jobs in different positions for minimum wages.  These companies are also well-known for providing a safe and healthy working environment.

They are also known for providing excellent career growth opportunities and employee benefits. Moreover, many of these companies offer flexible working hours and remote work options.

1. Siemens jobs

Siemens is a leading company in Germany that innovates everything from building wind farms to aircraft engines. They have contributed a lot to the advancement of technology globally. Now candidates can join hands with them and apply for various jobs in the following fields:

  • IT
  • Sales
  • Development
  • Research
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • And marketing.

For more details: Siemens

2. HomeToGo

Vacation rentals are offered by HomeToGo, a German agency. HomeToGo is a great online marketplace that partners with other great agencies like, Vrbo, TripAdvisor, etc. There are 42 visa-sponsored jobs available in Germany for international candidates.

For more details: HomeToGo

3. Mercedes-Benz Jobs


Mercedes-Benz is the world’s most successful automobile company. There are now 3261 jobs offered by this company from all over the world for people of different educational backgrounds.

For more details: Mercedes-Benz

4. Amazon Germany

There should be no doubt that everyone in Germany is familiar with the name Amazon. The company has expanded into hundreds of countries and now offers hundreds of opportunities in its offices and fulfillment centers across Germany. It is possible for anyone in the world to apply for these jobs. It is possible to find what suits a person best, depending on their needs.

For more details: Amazon

5. Dance Berlin, Germany

Various positions are available at the Berlin-based Dance Company. Applicants from around the world are welcome to apply.  The company doesn’t discriminate based on age, gender, nationality, religion, or region.

For more details: Dance Germany

6. Quantitative Analyst (CEPRES)

A private company, CEPRES provides data analytics platforms. Through market investment teams, the company offers digital transformation services. A great work environment, attractive salary packages, and visa sponsorship are all available. The above-mentioned benefits are available for these jobs.

For more details: CEPRES

7. Boeing Jobs

In addition to selling aerospace products all over the world, Boeing designs and manufactures them too. You could also apply for these jobs and make between $18 and $100 per hour, depending on your experience.

For more details: Boeing

8. Airbus Germany

Airbus Germany is a leading European multinational corporation company that offers services in the manufacture and sale of aircraft equipment worldwide. In addition, job opportunities and internships are also facilitated by Airbus Germany. This job provides housing allowances, a competitive salary, and more. You

For more details: Airbus

9. SAP Germany

It’s known that SAP Germany supports and helps industries in a huge number and also helps them improve their operations. SAP is a big enterprise software company in Germany. There are 248 job openings in Germany that fit your qualifications.

For more details: SAP

Utility Medicine71,154

Getting a Job in Germany: How to Do It?

As soon as you graduate from a recognized university, you need to search for a job that fits your qualifications. For a more lucrative job, you can pursue higher studies. Find out how to study for a master’s in Germany from India or contact German education consultants. If you have the desired qualifications and are thinking about how to get jobs in Germany from India, you can easily explore jobs in Germany through job portals online. There are numerous factors to remember before searching for jobs in Germany. The various internet sites where job openings are uploaded can be looked at. You can search for jobs online on the following portals:

  • Expatica job
  • Federal Employment Agency
  • International placement service
  • Monster
  • Job stairs
  • Jobooh
  • Kimeta
  • Kununu, etc

English-speaking students can search for jobs in Germany on the following online portals:

  • Craigslist
  • English jobs
  • The Local
  • Top Language Jobs.

Language requirements

German language proficiency is crucial to getting a job in Germany. English might be enough for some jobs, especially in multinational companies and research institutes, but knowing German opens up more opportunities.

There are many companies that require their employees to be fluent in German so that they can communicate effectively with their colleagues, clients, and customers. Finding a suitable job can be greatly enhanced by taking language courses and obtaining language certifications.

Visa and Work Permit

For Indians wishing to work in Germany, obtaining the appropriate visa and work permit is essential. The most common visa for employment purposes is the German Employment Visa. It is necessary to have a job offer or employment contract from a German employer to apply for this visa.

The employer must provide certain documents and fulfill specific requirements to support the visa application. It is advisable to consult the German embassy or consulate in India or seek assistance from immigration consultants to navigate the visa application process smoothly.

Living Costs in Germany

When planning to work in Germany, it is important to consider the cost of living. Smaller towns have lower living expenses than major cities. Factors such as rent, transportation, healthcare, and groceries are important.

As well as providing a good quality of life, Germany also provides various social benefits.

Health and Accommodation

German accommodation can be challenging, especially in popular cities. It is advisable to start looking early for apartments or shared accommodation. Real estate agents, local newspapers, and online platforms can assist in finding housing.

Germany has a comprehensive healthcare system. Employees must have health insurance coverage, either statutory or private. Government-regulated health insurance is less flexible and offers less coverage than private health insurance.

Job portals make it easy to find a job in Germany

Germany’s job markets provide direct appointments as well as apprenticeships and graduate schemes that include on-the-job training. German organizations emphasize the point that employees should respect others and follow company rules. They appreciate workers who are well-versed in German. The yellow pages of Germany provide all the relevant details about recruitment agencies, from which you can find your dream job. You can also find the Federal Employer’s Association of Personnel Service Providers.


The following are the documents needed by candidates:

  • Work permit
  • Taxpayer Identification Number
  • Social security card
  • A letter of resignation from the previous employer
  • Health insurance
  • Bank details for wage or salary transfer

Some other documents include: 

  • Gesundheitsbescheinigung: Young candidates who are doing a job for the first time should have a health certificate to get employment.
  • It is to verify if there is any disability – it is to verify whether there is any. 
  • Kindergeldbescheinigung: Certificate applicable only to government employees having child benefits. 
  • Gesundheitscheck- people who work in medicine or the food products industry need a Health examination certificate. 
  • Unterlagen für vermögenswirksame Leistungen (VL)- this is a must if one has a savings account at the LBS. It shows funded payments

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