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Visa Sponsorship jobs in Jordan for Foreigners 2023

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Jordan for Foreigners 2023: a small nation in the Middle East, shares its borders with Saudi Arabia, Israel, Syria, and Iraq. This location attracts a substantial number of tourists annually due to its beautiful landscapes, natural beauty, and proximity to the Dead Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. Although Jordan is one of the smallest countries in the region and has a lot of unresolved problems, many foreigners are considering chances for labor migration or investment in this appealing Arab state.

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In Jordan, women can find work in the tourism and service industries in 2023, while males can find work in construction, information technology, oil and gas, and other technical disciplines. Amman, the capital of Jordan, is frequently the location of multinational firms and major Jordanian employers. It is where the majority of labor migrants arrive and serves as the nation’s commercial, cultural, educational, and financial hub.

Are you a foreigner seeking the most current list of visa-sponsoring employers in Jordan? Do you wish to learn the types of Jordanian work visas? Do you wish to find employment in Jordan? If you require answers to your questions, read this post.

Visa Sponsorship jobs in Jordan for Foreigners 2023
Visa Sponsorship jobs in Jordan for Foreigners 2023

Jordan Work Visa Categories

Everyone entering Jordan is required to obtain a visa from one of the country’s diplomatic missions unless they are from a visa-exempt country or may receive one upon arrival. People can acquire a single-entry visa that is valid for up to two months, a double-entry visa that is valid for three months, or a multiple-entry visa that is valid for six months, regardless of whether they receive the visa before or at the border.


This tourist passes prohibit employment. Employing foreign people in Jordan necessitates the issuance of a work visa and authorization. A work permit in Jordan permits your employees to work after they arrive, whereas a work visa allows them to enter the country for employment-related purposes.

Also, all foreign workers will need a residence permit. They vary based on the applicant’s circumstances, such as marriage to a Jordanian national or job there. All residence permits are renewed annually and expire after one year. A person may apply for citizenship or a five-year residency permit after living in Jordan continuously for a number of years.

Visa sponsorship jobs in Jordan for foreigners 2023/2024

The following jobs in Jordan can sponsor visas for foreign nationals:

  • Guest Experience Expert (Front Office Agent).
  • F&B Service Expert
  • Medical Administrative Assistant
  • Teacher
  • Account Support Associate
  • Project Manager
  • Pastry Chef
  • Quality Engineer
  • Technical Instructor
  • Flight Attendants
  • Call center agent

Conditions for Obtaining Work Visas for Jordan

Before acquiring a work visa and permit in Jordan, every foreigner must secure employment. Before you can hire the individual, you must convince the Ministry of Labor that you cannot find a person in Jordan with equal experience and skills, or that the pool of available workers is insufficient to fulfill your needs. Given Jordan’s high unemployment rate and predilection for hiring natives, it may be difficult to demonstrate the necessity of employing foreigners.

To get a work visa for an employee, you must submit a copy of the employment application along with several other documents, such as:

  • Name of the company, your name and address, the nature of your position, and the locations of any available branches.
  • The employee’s name, nationality, and occupation are listed.
  • Two copies of the employee’s employment contract.
  • The current occupational license held by your company.
  • photocopy of the employee’s passport.
  • Social Security Administration released a list.
  • Authentic medical examination certificate.
  • Picture of the employee, plus more information

Application Process for Work Visas

In order to obtain a working visa and authorization in Jordan, the following actions must be taken:

  • finding work.
  • seeking approval from the department of the interior.
  • presenting all required documentation and paying all required costs.

The cost of a work permit is determined by the type of worker and the sector. A permit costs JOD 300 for a non-Arab worker in sectors other than agriculture, compared to JOD 180 for an Arab worker. A non-Arab worker’s permission in agriculture costs JOD 120, whereas an Arab worker’s permit costs JOD 60. Also, you must pay JOD 150–175 to renew your work visa.

How to get a job in Jordan

The dynamics of rising unemployment and a sizable refugee population make it incredibly difficult to find jobs in Jordan. To obtain a position, you must possess the necessary qualifications, suitable experience, and even remarkable skills that local experts lack. Jordan’s official language is Arabic. English is extensively spoken throughout the region, particularly in professional situations. Careers in Jordan are practically inaccessible to anybody who does not speak at least English.

Irbid, Al-Zarqa, and Amman, the nation’s capital, offer the greatest number of work opportunities. Numerous significant international and multinational corporations largely employ foreigners and operate here. Tourists should visit Jordan to experience its culture and way of life. With this method, it will be easier to obtain employment. Examine the advertisements in Jordanian newspapers such as the Jordan Times.

Additional Important Factors for Work Visa

While renewing a work visa, an employee must submit the following documents:

  • Name, birth date, nationality, and profession.
  • The designation of their business, dwelling, or farm.
  • the beginning and end dates for the employment permit.
  • The signature and seal of the Labor Affairs Directorate.

Is finding a job in Jordan simple?

As a result of the country’s high unemployment rate, the labor market there is extremely competitive, much to the chagrin of those Jordanians who are still suffering. Nonetheless, both in and out of the workplace, Jordanians are recognized for their friendliness and openness.

What is the average monthly wage in Jordan?

Average monthly wage for a worker in Jordan: In 2019, it was claimed that 692 000 JOD were professionals. Here is an increase from the previous figure of 678,00 JOD for 2018.


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