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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Colombia For Foreigners 2024


There will be jobs in Colombia that can help tourists get visas. People come from all over the world to visit and work in Colombia because of its beautiful culture. A work visa is a great way to visit and work in Colombia. But it’s important to remember that not all businesses will be able or willing to help people get work visas.

Before you look into the details of Visa Sponsorship jobs in Colombia for foreigners, you need to know that when an employee needs a working visa, they must fill out the right application. They can sign up online at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website if they have all the papers they need. Once an application has been sent in, looked over, and accepted, the person applying must follow the directions for payment given by the authorities.


This article will tell you about visa-sponsored jobs for foreigners in Colombia, what you need to do to get a job, the jobs that are in demand in Colombia, and what to avoid when looking for work in Colombia.


Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Colombia For Foreigners in 2024

Check out the jobs listed below that can help tourists get visas to work in Colombia.

  • Financial Advisor Associate
  • Sr. Financial Analyst
  • PC Technician
  • Help Desk Analyst
  • RCM AR Specialist
  • IT/Software Professsional
  • Civil Engineering Analyst
  • Support Consultant
  • Analytical Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Customer Project Manager
  • Javascript Developer
  • Assistant Store Manager
  • IT Project Specialist
  • Store Associate
  • Healthcare Data and Analytics Testing Lead
  • Sales Development Representative
  • Junior Systems Administrator
  • Environmental Planner
  • Security Engineer
  • Customer Brokerage Entry Processing Supervisor
  • Full-Stack Developer
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Colombia For Foreigners 2024
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Colombia For Foreigners 2024

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Colombia For Foreigners

  • Legal Authorization: Visa sponsorship grants foreign nationals the necessary legal authorization to enter and reside in Colombia. By doing so, one can guarantee adherence to immigration regulations and prevent any potential legal entanglements.
  • Employment Opportunities: Prospects for Employment Visa sponsorship grants access to employment opportunities that might otherwise be inaccessible to those lacking the appropriate work authorization. Foreign nationals have greater access to employment opportunities.
  • Stability and Security: A sense of stability and security is provided by a job that sponsors visas. This permits people to concentrate on their professional responsibilities without having to worry about the legality of their presence in the nation.
  • Access to Social Services: Depending on the type of visa and employment contract, visa-sponsored employees may be granted access to social services including healthcare and social security.
  • Cultural Experience: One of the benefits of working in Colombia is the opportunity to gain invaluable cultural insight. Professional experience can be obtained while foreigners immerse themselves in the culture, language, and traditions of Colombia.
  • Possibilities for Networking: Working in Colombia provides opportunities for internationals to establish professional connections and networks within the local community. Networking can be beneficial for both professional advancement and personal growth.
  • Learning Spanish: Working in Colombia, a country where Spanish is the official language, provides foreign nationals with an outstanding opportunity to acquire or enhance their Spanish language proficiency. Such proficiency can prove to be advantageous in professional and personal spheres.
  • Cost of Living: In comparison to many Western nations, the cost of living in Colombia can be comparatively low, contingent upon the region and metropolis. This may facilitate a more cost-effective way of existence.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Colombia’s economy is characterized by its diversity, offering employment prospects across various sectors including finance, technology, tourism, agriculture, and more. Foreign nationals have the potential to secure employment across diverse sectors, contingent upon their credentials and proficiencies.
  • Natural Beauty: Colombia is renowned for its awe-inspiring natural architecture, which comprises coastlines, mountains, and rainforests. Foreigners who reside and work in Colombia are allowed to wander and appreciate the nation’s scenic splendor in their leisure time.

Colombian job prospects

There are a lot of job opportunities in the three biggest cities in Colombia: Medellin, Bogota, and Cali. This is because many international companies have their South American headquarters in Colombia.

Companies like Google, IBM, AON, KPMG, and Ernst & Young have moved to Colombia in the last ten years. For different jobs, these businesses hire both Colombians and people from other countries.

There are also a lot of new businesses starting up in Colombia, and many people choose to do the same.

People who know English as their first language like to teach English, and many companies are looking for teachers all over Colombia. English is a needed subject in Colombian schools, and many schools pay native English speakers who are also fully trained teachers very well.

Foreign offices and tourist businesses in Bogota, Colombia’s capital, need both foreign and Colombian staff.

Job Applications in Colombia

There are a lot of ways to look for work in Colombia. Larger foreign companies post jobs on sites like, while smaller organizations post jobs directly on their websites. Some schools also hire teachers from other countries.

The best way to look for jobs in Colombia, especially in bigger towns, is to use the internet and social networks like LinkedIn. Small businesses in small towns usually promote themselves in their towns or by word of mouth.

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What you need to land a job

You can work in many different places in Colombia if you can speak both Spanish and English. Multinational companies want people who can speak English and Spanish well. Most conversations are done in English.

When it comes to jobs teaching English, it’s the other way around. No matter how good your Spanish is, a TEFL or CELTA license will help you find work if your first language is English. On the other hand, private schools and colleges will require a higher level of education, like a teaching degree or a PGCE.

How to Obtain a Colombia Work Visa

The Colombia work visa is for people who already work in Colombia or have found work there. Even though it might be hard for outsiders to find work in Colombia with a local company, the Colombian work visa is still popular with expats.

If you meet all of the rules set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it’s easy to get a work visa for Colombia. The work visa for Colombia used to be called the TP-4 work visa. But in December 2017, Colombia changed its rules about visas.

At the moment, work visas for Colombia are called M-5 visas, or migrant (M) visas of type 5. Unlike other worker visas, this one is only good for the length of the job contract and cannot be extended for more than three years. Please remember that TP-4 visas do not turn into M-5 visas right away when they end.

Work visa applicants should remember that they can only apply for a work visa if their qualifications meet the job need, their work activity is related to the employer’s business activity, and there is a need to hire a foreign worker.

Changes to Colombian Work Visa Requirements

During Ivan Duque’s time as president, Colombia’s rules about visas for immigrants have become much stricter. When you ask for a work visa, you must show proof of your skills through certificates or other credentials. The immigration officer may also ask that your degree be filed with the right government before giving you a visa. This means that you might have to get your degree “homologated.” How you record your degree depends on the field in which your certificates or diplomas were given.

The new M-5 Colombian work visa costs USD 282 to process through the government.

The Colombia work visa is an M visa, which is the same as the old TP-4 visa for migrants. With this kind of visa, you can live and work in Colombia. Even though the work visa lets you come and go as often as you want, if you leave Colombia for more than six months in a row, it will end.

What jobs are in demand in Colombia?

Most in demand are business advisors (19.842), salespeople (16.638), warehouse helpers (6.700), customer service reps in call centers (4.200), and system engineers (2.042). About 65% of all job openings were filled in 2014 when about 270,000 people got jobs.

Employment and recruitment agencies

A low-stress way to find work in Colombia is through an agency. There are many groups, especially in the school field, that might be able to help you find a job. They can help you get the skills you need, find jobs that are a good fit, and set up visas and transportation.

What to avoid when looking for work in Colombia

  • Watch out for some services, especially those that charge you to apply.
  • Many companies are willing to offer low-paying jobs with long hours because they know that some people will take them just for the experience.
  • There are also a lot of fake companies that will take your money but not help you find a job. But if you Google the service, you should be able to find out if there are any problems.
  • Make sure that no companies are taking advantage of you when you’re looking for work. Be aware that the minimum wage in Colombia is not very high, and that many Colombians work long hours for very little pay.

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  1. What is a good monthly salary in Colombia?

    In Colombia, the average monthly salary is around 4,690,000 COP. In August 2021, based on the most recent exchange rate, this will be about USD 1,200. This is a lot less than the top average salaries in most other countries.

  2. How long does it take to get a Colombian work visa?

    Most visa forms are accepted within one to two days of being sent in. After that, you can get the visa stamped in your passport at a Colombian office near you or at the Cancilleria in Bogota.

  3. Can a foreigner get a job in Colombia?

    Foreign nationals who aren’t Colombian citizens and don’t have permanent residency in Colombia will need a visa that gives them work privileges to work while living in the country. There are some exceptions—for example, citizens of MERCOSUR countries may be able to get special visa benefits in Colombia.

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