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Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Azerbaijan For Foreigners


Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Azerbaijan: Foreigners can get jobs in Azerbaijan that pay for their visas in 2023 and 2024. Azerbaijan is a country and a former Soviet republic. It is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains, which are in both Asia and Europe, and the Caspian Sea. Baku, the country’s capital, is known for its ancient Inner City, which is surrounded by walls. The Palace of the Shirvanshahs, a royal hideaway from the 15th century, and the stone Maiden Tower, which has been there for hundreds of years and is the tallest building in the city, are both in the Inner City.

Are you a foreigner who wants to work in Azerbaijan and is looking for jobs that will pay for your visa? Do you want to know more about the different types of Azerbaijani work visas? Do you want to know if someone who doesn’t speak Modern Standard Arabic can work in Azerbaijan?


Check out this page to learn about skilled and unskilled visa support jobs in Azerbaijan for foreigners, the most in-demand jobs in Azerbaijan, and the recruitment agencies in Azerbaijan. If you know a lot about the oil and gas business, Azerbaijan might be a good place for you to live.


Most in-Demand Positions in Azerbaijan

Banking, which includes jobs like credit specialists, finance, insurance, and accounting managers, is the second-fastest growing business on Azerbaijan’s job market. Ten years ago, lobbying, teaching, and diplomacy were more popular career choices for young people. Today, the financial industry is more popular.

Ten to fifteen years ago, young people weren’t as interested in public service as they are now. Even though the average pay for these jobs is 300 manats ($370), a lot of young people want to work in public service as their future career.

Jobs in Azerbaijan that provide visa sponsorship for foreigners 2023

Below is a list of jobs in Azerbaijan that currently support visas for foreigners:

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Business Analyst
  • Receptionist
  • Sales Developer
  • Call Center Representative
  • Financial Analyst
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Front Desk Receptionist
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • IT Helpdesk and Developer
  • GL Accountant
  • HR Operations Specialist
  • Process Development Specialist
  • Reservations Agent

Looking for a Job in Azerbaijan

The best and most popular way for foreigners to find work in Azerbaijan is to look for jobs online. There are websites that help people find jobs and have a very high success rate. These websites are easy to use and mix English and Azerbaijani. One example is the site jobsearch. az.

A lot of outsiders like to look at job ads in newspapers, especially in Baku, the capital of the country. The newspapers Avrasiya, Bakinsky Bulvar, and the Baku Sun all have a lot of job ads. People looking for work should keep an eye out for job listings online and in print from a wide range of sectors and businesses.

Recruitment Agencies in Azerbaijan

Using an employment agency is the best way to find a job in Baku or Azerbaijan. Oil and gas, telecommunications, finance, and retail are some of the businesses that hire expats the most. This page talks about the best employment companies.

We suggest that you look for a job on a website that you can trust. Don’t give money to a job site. Instead, the business that hires them will pay them.

Here are a few of the places that help people find jobs in Azerbaijan:

  • Smart Resources Group (SRG)
  • HRC Baku
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Azerbaijan For Foreigners
Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Azerbaijan For Foreigners

Work visa categories in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan has its own rules for giving visas to people who want to visit the country, just like every other country. Visas that the Azerbaijani government usually gives out are:

  • visitor’s visa
  • Transit permit
  • Enterprise visa
  • political visa
  • authorized visa

With these visas, people from other countries can stay in Azerbaijan for different amounts of time. To work in Azerbaijan, though, foreigners need both a temporary residence visa that will let them stay in the country legally and a work pass.

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Can someone without knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic work in Azerbaijan?

It depends on what kind of job you want. Some people say that you won’t be able to get a job in Yemen unless you have a certificate to teach English or another language that is widely taught there. Some people may say that they lived and worked in Yemen for years but only knew enough Arabic to order food in a restaurant or call a taxi.

If you want to work abroad, it’s not likely that an employer will care if you know Arabic. So, first think about getting a job and then about learning Arabic.

Azerbaijani work visa requirements

Foreigners who want to live and work in Azerbaijan must have both a temporary residence permit and a work pass. Both of these passes are good for the same amount of time, and the paperwork for both of them is turned in at the same time. These records have the following:

  • a form that is filled out correctly.
  • Notarized copies of all records that show the possible employee’s qualifications
  • a way for the person to prove who they are.
  • the person’s work history over the last five years.
  • a health document that says the worker does not have HIV, Hepatitis B, or C.
  • a copy of the worker’s passport. The passport should be valid for at least six months after the worker is expected to arrive in Azerbaijan.
  • a copy of the worker’s pass showing that he or she is allowed to stay in Azerbaijan.
  • a source that says that a skilled person is needed.

Best opportunities in Azerbaijan

Some of the best job prospects in Azerbaijan are listed below:

  • Operator of a crane in Azerbaijan: Because the country’s building industry has grown, there aren’t enough crane operators who have been trained there, so many qualified foreigners are hired.
  • Work as a helper in Azerbaijan: Even though it’s one of the lowest-paying jobs in the country, it draws a lot of people from other countries because it doesn’t require any special training.
  • Worker in Azerbaijan in charge of repairs: The repair worker job in Azerbaijan is important for all oil and gas companies.
  • Production worker in Azerbaijan. Most production workers in Azerbaijan work for companies that make food or tools for the oil industry.
  • Azerbaijani truck driver Companies that move oil around the world prefer to hire truck drivers from other countries.

What does the typical employee make in Azerbaijan?

From January 1995 to August 2022, 332 observations showed that the average monthly wage in Azerbaijan was 262.650 AZN.

Application Process for a Work Visa in Azerbaijan

International workers in Azerbaijan need to get work visas from their employers. Employees must give their employers any information they need so it can be used to back up their application.

The State Migration Service will ask the company to show proof that the foreign worker is at least 18 years old and that no qualified Azerbaijani job seekers are available to fill the role. After defending these points, the employer should provide the paperwork mentioned in the previous part.

After getting all of the necessary information, the State Migration Service will decide whether or not to grant a work and temporary residence visa.

Most Azerbaijan work permits are given out within 30 business days. If the applicant’s request for a work pass is turned down, they will be told in writing within five business days.

After getting permission, the person can go to Azerbaijan and start working there.

Important things to keep in mind when applying for an Azerbaijan work visa

In Azerbaijan, work permits are given out for a year at first. Each pass can be renewed up to four times, each time for one year.

Employees must know how to apply for a visa to live in a country permanently. After living in Azerbaijan for two years with a temporary resident permit, they can apply for a permanent resident visa.

People Also Ask

  • Can a foreigner get a job in Azerbaijan?

    Foreigners will need both a temporary housing permit and a work permit if they want to live and work in Azerbaijan. Both of these passes are for the same amount of time, and both sets of paperwork are turned in at the same time. Among these papers is: A properly filled-out application.

  • Where can I find a sponsor?

    Use social networks. There’s no question that social media has become one of the best ways to sell and connect with people. You’re missing out on a big chance if you don’t use social media to find a sponsor for your event. When you want to find donors, LinkedIn is a great place to start.

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