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Are you a foreigner looking for a job in Canada? Whether you are a recent graduate, a skilled professional, or an experienced worker, Canada offers a wide range of opportunities for employment and career development. However, finding a job as a foreigner in Canada can be challenging, especially in today’s competitive job market. In this article, we will explore the urgent jobs in Canada for foreigners, the challenges they face, and the strategies they can use to increase their chances of success.

Introduction: Urgent Jobs in Canada for Foreigners Salary

Canada is one of the most diverse and welcoming countries in the world, with a strong economy, a high standard of living, and a thriving job market. The country is home to many multinational companies, startups, and small businesses that are always looking for talented and motivated individuals to join their teams. Canada has a robust immigration system that welcomes immigrants from all over the world, including students, skilled workers, entrepreneurs, and investors. The government of Canada has also implemented various programs and policies to attract and retain foreign talent, such as the Express Entry system, the Global Talent Stream, and the Start-Up Visa program.


However, despite the many opportunities that Canada offers, finding a job as a foreigner can be challenging. The competition for jobs is fierce, and many employers prefer to hire Canadian citizens or permanent residents. Additionally, foreign job seekers may face various barriers, such as language barriers, cultural differences, lack of Canadian work experience, and unfamiliarity with the Canadian job market and hiring practices.


Urgent Jobs in Canada for Foreigners: Where to Look

If you are a foreigner looking for a job in Canada, the first step is to identify the most in-demand occupations and industries. These urgent jobs in Canada for foreigners are those that have a high demand for skilled workers and offer good salaries and benefits. Some of the most urgent jobs in Canada for foreigners are:

  1. Healthcare professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists.
  2. Information technology professionals, such as software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts.
  3. Engineers, such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers.
  4. Tradespeople, such as carpenters, electricians, and plumbers.
  5. Hospitality and tourism workers, such as chefs, hotel managers, and tour guides.
  6. Agricultural workers, such as farmers, farm managers, and crop consultants.
  7. Sales and marketing professionals, such as sales representatives, account managers, and digital marketing specialists.
  8. Skilled workers in construction, such as carpenters, electricians, and welders.
  9. Teachers and educators, such as language instructors, special education teachers, and university professors.
  10. Customer service representatives, such as call center agents, technical support specialists, and customer care managers.

Once you have identified urgent jobs in Canada for foreigners that match your skills and qualifications, the next step is to look for job opportunities in Canada. Some of the best places to look for jobs in Canada are:

  1. Online job boards, such as Indeed, Monster, and LinkedIn.
  2. Government job websites, such as Job Bank and Canadian Forces Recruiting.
  3. Company websites, where you can find job postings and apply directly to the employer.
  4. Recruitment agencies and headhunters can help you find job opportunities and connect with employers.
  5. Job fairs and networking events, where you can meet with recruiters and employers in person.
  6. Social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, where you can follow companies and job boards and get updates on job openings.
  7. Professional associations and trade unions, which can provide you with job leads and networking opportunities.
  8. Volunteering
  • Experience Level: Entry-Level, 
  • Job Type: Full-Time, Part-Time, Temporary,
  • Location: Across Canada
  • Vacancies: 1100+ Openings

In addition, we have compiled job postings from a variety of agricultural, manufacturing, and construction industries, companies, and recruitment agencies in Canada that employ a large number of foreign workers across the country’s provinces.

They recruit part-time, hourly, full-time, and permanent workers and the majority of them are seasonal companies seeking foreign workers in Canada.

How to Find Jobs in Canada?

If you are interested in working in Canada but do not know how to proceed, you have arrived at the right place. It is possible to obtain field-related employment in Canada if you maintain your concentration and motivation. Nevertheless, it is essential to plan everything in great detail.

The finalized tips are the result of the personal experiences of our visitors and the contributions of a large number of devoted community members who have already visited Canada. You can increase your chances of obtaining employment in Canada as a foreigner by putting these tips into practice during your job search.

  • Create an engaging CV or resume that can sell your skills.
  • Indeed, job search portals are the best alternative to finding a job in Canada.
  • Reduce the scope of your job search by concentrating on a specific job title or category.
  • Submit your resume online, via email, or by mail.
  • Wait for the company’s response or job offer.
  • Getting a job offer
  • Job placement with key responsibilities and duties

All interested foreign workers can easily find employment in Canada. Occasionally, it occurs even before they arrive in Canada. Finding a lucrative job may require concentration and motivation; we hope you find a life-altering position that aligns with your career aspirations and objectives.

Jobs in Canada for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship Program 2024

If you are looking for visa sponsorship jobs in Canada, you are also reading the appropriate guide. We have provided an overview of the Visa Sponsorship Program to help foreigners find the best jobs in Canada.

According to my research on the official website of the Canadian government, there are no visa sponsorship jobs available.

You can apply for a work permit through Canada Express Entry if a company or employer is willing to offer a job with visa sponsorship (which is highly unlikely).

On the other hand, it is difficult for an employer to sponsor a worker or employee due to the documentation process and associated costs.

As a result, a Canadian employer may prefer to hire a foreign worker who already has a work permit because it is simpler for them to offer employment.

The only way to obtain employment in Canada with a visa is to apply for permanent residence or a Working Holiday Visa. Which of these will allow you to work with any job provider, employer, or location in Canada?

Obtaining a PR visa is straightforward for those who meet the requirements. However, keep in mind that no individual, agency, company, or attorney can bypass or shorten the Canadian immigration visa application process.

Challenges for Foreign Job Seekers in Canada

While Canada offers many opportunities for foreign job seekers, there are also several challenges that they may face in their job search. Some of the most common challenges include:

  1. Language barriers: Many employers in Canada require proficiency in English or French, especially in customer-facing roles or jobs that require communication with colleagues or clients.
  2. Lack of Canadian work experience: Many employers prefer candidates with Canadian work experience, as they are familiar with Canadian workplace culture and norms. Foreign job seekers may need to find ways to gain Canadian work experience, such as through internships, volunteering, or temporary jobs.
  3. Credential recognition: Some professions in Canada require certification or accreditation from Canadian regulatory bodies, which can be a lengthy and costly process for foreign job seekers.
  4. Visa requirements: Foreign job seekers may need to obtain a work permit or a permanent residency visa before they can work in Canada. The application process can be complex and time-consuming.
  5. Cultural differences: The Canadian workplace culture may be different from what foreign job seekers are used to, and they may need to adapt to new ways of working and communicating.

Strategies for Success Jobs In Canada For New Comer

To increase your chances of success as a foreign job seeker in Canada, there are several strategies that you can use:

  1. Improve your language skills: If you are not proficient in English or French, consider taking language courses or finding ways to practice your language skills, such as through conversation groups or language exchange programs.
  2. Network: Building a professional network in Canada can help you learn about job openings, connect with potential employers, and gain Canadian work experience. Joining professional associations, attending job fairs and networking events, and using social media can all help you expand your network.
  3. Customize your resume and cover letter: Tailor your application materials to the specific job and company you are applying for, highlighting your relevant skills and experience.
  4. Volunteer or intern: Volunteering or interning can help you gain Canadian work experience, make connections in your field, and demonstrate your commitment to your profession.
  5. Research the job market: Learn as much as you can about the Canadian job market and hiring practices, including the skills and qualifications that employers are looking for and the companies and industries that are hiring.
  6. Consider working with a recruitment agency: A recruitment agency or headhunter can help you find job opportunities and connect with employers who are looking for foreign talent.

List of All Urgent Job Offers in Canada for Foreigners in 2024

Multiple agricultural, fruit-picking, harvesting, packaging, manufacturing, and production businesses seek foreign workers. They are hiring for a variety of positions and titles in multiple Canadian cities for the year 2024. Foreigners can find the best sponsorship jobs in Canada through the majority of recruitment agencies.

Candidates who are interested, qualified, and experienced are encouraged to apply for the best job openings in Canada in 2024. We have compiled a list of the most recent career opportunities and urgent job openings for foreigners in Canada. In 2024, the majority of companies will offer work permit visas for Canada, or candidates can apply through the Canada Express Entry VISA 2024.

Candidates who are interested, qualified, and experienced are encouraged to apply with updated résumés and other required materials. Click here to apply immediately for urgent Canadian jobs without experience for foreign nationals.

Food service supervisor2394615 Alberta LtdEdmonton (AB)$19.00 hourly
Cook2394615 Alberta LtdEdmonton (AB)$17.00 hourly
CleanerHua, LinhSurrey (BC)$17.75 hourly
Framer-carpenterAdvantage Builders IncAirdrie (AB)$29.00 to $35.00 hourly
Early childhood educator (ECE) assistantWONDER YEARS DAYCARE LTD.Aldergrove (BC)$27.77 hourly
Graphic design and illustration animatorLogoscan Import & Export Inc.London (ON)$26.28 to $30.01 hourly
CookMarci’s Bar and GrillDevon (AB)$16.50 hourly
Kitchen helperThe Duck Taphouse and GrillEdmonton (AB)$15.50 hourly
CookSals FamousBarrhead (AB)$17.00 hourly
Kitchen cabinet installerAG DEVELOPMENTS LTD.Calgary (AB)$28.85 hourly
Cookkawakubo sushi sake organicVernon (BC)$17.00 to $18.00 hourly
Food service supervisorSaratoga Restaurant 1999. LtdEdmonton (AB)$18.65 hourly
Light duty cleanerArdore Cleaning ServicesWhitehorse (YT)$17.00 hourly
Retail store supervisorHuskyPrince George (BC)$21.00 hourly
Administrative assistant – office7 SIDES MULTIMEDIA AND MARKETING LTD.Calgary (AB)$28.00 hourly
CookDIVINE – The Indian CuisineEdmonton (AB)$16.50 hourly
ElectricianFast Frost Heating And Air Conditioning Ltd.Surrey (BC)$29.00 hourly
Office managerSupertech Designs Ltd.Surrey (BC)$28.00 hourly
BookkeeperDicoe Contracting LtdSurrey (BC)$25.00 hourly
Warehouse worker – material handlingSAVEMORE PLUMBING,HEATING & ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES LTDSurrey (BC)$20.00 hourly
Concrete finisherPremo Concrete Ltd.Edmonton (AB)$26.00 to $38.00 hourly
Administrative officerMINHAS FINANCIAL SERVICES INCMississauga (ON)$27.00 hourly
CookUrban MaharajasConcord (ON)$16.00 hourly
CookErtale loungeEdmonton (AB)$16.50 hourly
Data control supervisorCompliance Mentorz Inc.Brampton (ON)$30.00 to $35.00 hourly
BartenderGasthaus on the Lake LtdPeachland (BC)$19.00 hourly
Food service supervisorGasthaus on the Lake LtdPeachland (BC)$18.00 hourly
Kitchen helperGasthaus on the Lake LtdPeachland (BC)$15.65 hourly
Host/hostess, food serviceGasthaus on the Lake LtdPeachland (BC)$15.65 hourly
Administrative assistantBiglar Medicine Professional corporationNorth York (ON)$25.00 hourly
Web designerOmer enterprises IncVancouver (BC)$30.50 hourly
BookkeeperBrooks TruckingCalgary (AB)$28.85 hourly
HairstylistChungdam Beauty Salon Burnaby Inc.Burnaby (BC)$17.00 to $19.00 hourly
Plumber helper121 Plumbing Solutions LtdSurrey (BC)$24.90 hourly
CookBhaia Sweet ShopSurrey (BC)$21.00 hourly
Construction helperAkam ConstructionKelowna (BC)$20.25 hourly
Diesel mechanicDhillon Truck Repair LtdSurrey (BC)$36.00 hourly
Car washerClearwash Carwash and Express DetailCalgary (AB)$18.00 hourly
CEO (chief executive officer) – trade, broadcasting and other servicesGolden HandsVancouver (BC)$43.00 hourly
Construction cleanerPhoenix Homes (2011) Ltd.Surrey (BC)$26.45 hourly
Kitchen helper1022359 B.C LTDFruitvale (BC)$16.00 hourly
Veterinary technicianCompanion Animal HospitalRichmond (BC)$20.00 hourly
Administrative assistantOneB Solutions Inc.Surrey (BC)$25.00 hourly
HairstylistFresh Fades Barbershop Ltd.Surrey (BC)$18.00 hourly
Barber shop managerFresh Fades Barbershop Ltd.Surrey (BC)$27.50 hourly
HairstylistFresh Fades Barbershop Ltd.Surrey (BC)$18.00 hourly
Barber shop managerFresh Fades Barbershop Ltd.Surrey (BC)$27.50 hourly
Marketing managerSteelage construction ltd.Surrey (BC)$42.00 hourly
Office managerV Migrate Canada Consultancy IncCalgary (AB)$32.00 hourly
Administrative assistantWest Fleet Express LtdSurrey (BC)$29.50 hourly
Executive housekeeperAlberta Beach Inn and SuitesAlberta Beach (AB)$21.60 hourly
Marketing co-ordinatorV Migrate Canada Consultancy IncSurrey (BC)$30.00 hourly
Labourer – food and beverage processingCan Fung Investments Ltd.Calgary (AB)$18.65 to $20.00 hourly
WarehousepersonCan Fung Investments Ltd.Calgary (AB)$20.00 hourly
BookkeeperSTERLING HARDWARE LTD.Surrey (BC)$26.00 hourly
Long haul truck driverZEAL EXPRESS LOGISTICS INC.Brampton (ON)$24.30 hourly
Administrative assistantSterling Trading ltd.Surrey (BC)$24.00 hourly
WelderDB Diesel & Mobile Service LtdAbbotsford (BC)$29.00 hourly
Construction helperCHATEAU DEVELOPMENTS LTD.Surrey (BC)$21.50 hourly
CookSciue’ Robson Holdings Inc.Vancouver (BC)$17.00 hourly
TailorShukrant Designer Ltd.Delta (BC)$20.00 hourly
Operational planning directorFantuan Technology Ltd.Burnaby (BC)$50.00 hourly
BookkeeperDr WholesaleCalgary (AB)$28.85 hourly
CookThe Brickhouse Bar & GrillFernie (BC)$20.00 hourly
Food service supervisorDingueha IncNew Liskeard (ON)$16.00 hourly
Office administratorAlliance Trading Canada CorpRichmond (BC)$27.50 to $29.50 hourly
Automotive mechanicRocky Mountain DodgeRocky Mountain House (AB)$35.00 hourly
Line cookRicky’s Breakfast cafe and Famoso Neapolitan PizzeriaAbbotsford (BC)$16.50 hourly
Retail sales managerAction Muffler Radiator & BrakesEdmonton (AB)$39.50 hourly
Food and beverage serverRicky’s Breakfast cafe and Famoso Neapolitan PizzeriaAbbotsford (BC)$17.50 hourly
Food service supervisorRicky’s Breakfast cafe and Famoso Neapolitan PizzeriaAbbotsford (BC)$19.00 hourly
Kitchen helperRicky’s Breakfast cafe and Famoso Neapolitan PizzeriaAbbotsford (BC)$16.00 hourly
Food counter attendantBurger KingSurrey (BC)$15.65 hourly
ChefHeritage Indian Cuisine NanaimoNanaimo (BC)$20.00 hourly
Gas jockeyCJ OIL COMPANY LTDSicamous (BC)$15.65 hourly
Orchard workerBrian GilroyMeaford (ON)$15.83 hourly
ChefDhaliwal SweetAbbotsford (BC)$26.50 hourly
ChefDhaliwal SweetSurrey (BC)$26.50 hourly
ChefDhaliwal SweetVancouver (BC)$26.50 hourly
Kitchen supervisorHANAMI RESTAURANTS VENTURES INC.Richmond (BC)$18.60 hourly
Construction helperPolaris Painting LtdCalgary (AB)$23.00 hourly
Food service supervisorBooster JuiceCalgary (AB)$18.50 hourly
Sales and marketing managerBCM FARMS LTDSurrey (BC)$48.10 hourly
Beauty salon attendantSonu Hair & Beauty Bar Ltd.Surrey (BC)$16.50 hourly
Early childhood education workerMontessori Pathway IncLangley (BC)$18.00 to $24.00 hourly
Truck driver, long haulB.N. Dulay’s Trux Ltd.Surrey (BC)$28.00 hourly
Environmental lobbyistProvince of BCVarious s$69,185.43 to $78,814.47 annually
Ethnic food cookUrban MaharajasBolton (ON)$18.00 hourly
Counsellor, child and youth Scout Talent Inc.Aiyansh (BC)$70,000.00 to $75,000.00 annually
Restaurant managerAvidal Foods LtdChilliwack (BC)$26.50 hourly
CookThe Bombay Sweets 2009 LtdPort Coquitlam (BC)$26.50 hourly
Restaurant cookMega Sushi West VancouverWest Vancouver (BC)$16.25 to $19.25 hourly
DishwasherNorth Country Inn Ltd.Vanderhoof (BC)$16.00 hourly
General construction supervisorSSK Construction Ltd.Kelowna (BC)$35.25 hourly
Food service supervisor1146495 Ontario IncDeep River (ON)$16.52 hourly
Pizza cook1637593 ALBERTA LTD O/A PAPA JOHN’S PIZZAMedicine Hat (AB)$15.50 hourly
Veterinarian assistantBurkeview Animal Hospital Ltd.Port Coquitlam (BC)$20.00 to $23.00 hourly
Restaurant cookArigato SushiKamloops (BC)$16.00 to $20.00 hourly

Multiple Skilled Jobs in Canada for International Students

Students who wish to study abroad in Canada must be aware of the employment opportunities available at colleges and universities. Numerous international students who wish to enroll in a bachelor’s or master’s program at a top-tier university rank Canada among their top study destinations of choice. If you belong to one of these groups and are considering studying abroad in Canada, you must seek employment opportunities to support yourself during your degree program.

Options for Work Experience Abroad in Canada

  • After beginning your academic program, you are permitted to work on and off campus. You will be permitted to work as an international student under the following conditions:
  • Up to 20 hours per week of part-time employment during semesters
  • Holiday 40-hour-per-week full-time employment

In addition, you can apply to a company’s internship program or join its volunteer program to add valuable experience to your resume.

Best Part-time Jobs for Foreign Students in Canada

Following are some of the best and highest-paying jobs available to international students. There is a possibility that you will not find a job related to your field of study, but you may benefit financially from a lucrative opportunity.

Bookkeeper$25.00 per hour
Educational interpreter$18.00 per hour
Customer service assistant$12.00 per hour
Aquarium interpreter$15.00 per hour
Sales assistant$14.00 per hour
Cook$17.00 per hour
Office Assistant$13-15.00 per hour
Human resources assistant$16.00 per hour
Lifeguard$15.00 per hour
Home Tutor$18.00 per hour

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Latest LMIA Jobs in Canada for Foreigners in 2024

We have discussed the numerous LMIA employment opportunities in the majority of Canadian provinces, including Toronto, Alberta, Manitoba, British Columbia, and Ontario. You can search for jobs in the location of your choice. Numerous companies, such as Walmart Canada and Air Canada, offer a large number of positions to recent graduates and veterans.

We have compiled a list of skilled and unskilled jobs in Canada that are open to foreigners. You may pursue any job title that aligns with your interests, education, and professional experiences, including:

General Farm Worker525Canada
Truck Driver80Canada
Registered Nurse (RPN)275Canada
Farming & Agriculture Jobs360Canada
Police & Security Jobs110Canada
Civil Engineering Vacancies180Canada
Digital Marketing Jobs450Canada
Work from Home Jobs550+Across Canada
Live-in Caregiver85Canada
Office Administrator85Canada
Automobiles Mechanic40Canada
Front End Supervisor44Canada
Family and Childcare Provider50Canada
Factory Worker850+Canada
Machine Operator60Canada
General Labour540Canada
Food Service Supervisor190Canada
Cashier (Retail)105Canada
Dairy Hand125Canada
Supermarket Clerk85Canada
General Farm Labour415Canada
Pickers and Packers685Canada
Delivery driver85Canada
Butcher/Meat Cutter110Canada
Baby Doll Maker120Canada
Textile Factory Workers500Canada
Security Guard175Canada
Forklift operator55Canada
Cleaners/Hotel Cleaning Jobs325Canada
Indeed Canada Jobs1000+Across Canada
Part Time Jobs for Students200Across Canada
Mechanics [AC/Refrigerator]25Canada
Graphic Designer25Canada
Home Support Workers180Canada

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Do I need a work permit to work in Canada as a foreigner?

    A: Yes, in most cases, you will need a work permit to work in Canada as a foreigner. The application process for a work permit can vary depending on your country of origin and the type of job you are applying for.

  2. Q: Can I apply for permanent residency while working in Canada as a foreigner?

    A: Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria for permanent residency, you can apply while working in Canada as a foreigner. The Express Entry system is one of the most popular pathways to permanent residency for skilled workers.

  3. Q: Do I need to have Canadian work experience to find a job in Canada as a foreigner?

    A: While Canadian work experience can be an asset, it is not always a requirement. Employers in Canada are interested in hiring skilled and qualified candidates, regardless of their nationality or work experience.

  4. Q: How long does it take to get a work permit in Canada?

    A: The processing time for a work permit can vary depending on your country of origin, the type of job you are applying for, and other factors. In general, it can take several weeks to several months to obtain a work permit.


Canada offers many opportunities for foreign job seekers, but it can also be a challenging and competitive job market. To increase your chances of success, it is important to improve your language skills, build a professional network, and gain Canadian work experience. If you are looking for urgent job opportunities in Canada, consider exploring industries and job types that are currently in high demand, such as healthcare, agriculture, trucking, skilled trades, and IT.

Remember that the job search process may take time and effort, but with persistence and a positive attitude, you can find the right job for you in Canada.

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