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Urgent Jobs in Canada For Foreigners 2024 – Apply Now

Are you looking for the most recent foreign worker job vacancies in Canada? Welcome to the complete recruitment guide, where you can find a wide range of career opportunities in a variety of industries. This article outlines attractive career options and the best ways to find work in Canada. In Canada, there are now over 100,000 urgent employment openings for overseas immigrants.

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We constantly publish high-paying jobs with salaries for foreign workers on Demand in Canada. A high number of Canadian enterprises will offer unskilled jobs to non-Canadians, resulting in massive work prospects for recent grads and immigrants. Some companies also provide visa sponsorship jobs in Canada for foreign nationals.

Canada’s government and private sector companies are experiencing a manpower shortage in the agriculture, manufacturing, construction, information technology, and health and medical areas. Companies are recruiting a large number of experienced entry-level workers and giving lucrative employment chances to foreigners in Canada to narrow the gap between labor market demand and supply.

Here is a list of Urgent Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

1. Web developer

An understandable and deliberate turn toward technology to create jobs has increased the demand for web developers. Applications must be developed, which requires web developers. They can work in a variety of workplaces, including small businesses, medium-sized startups, and governmental institutions. Web developers are thought to make an average salary of $69,305. Top Canadian businesses like Azura Digital, Symmetries, Plentitude, Essential Designs, Ankit Designs Inc., Computan, etc. frequently need web developers.

2. Doctor

Physicians are in high demand in Canada. They must work in healthcare settings where they conduct physical examinations and diagnose both acute and chronic illnesses. They also work to treat the ailment or sickness that has been identified. The Toronto General Hospital, Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital, and others are just a few of the top medical centers in Canada for doctors.

3. Full Stack Developer

In Canada, the current trend towards technology is resulting in a growing need for full-stack developers. Professionals in the above industry are expected to earn high salaries as it demands exceptional IT skills. Full-stack developers in Canada are believed to earn an average salary of $87,915 per year, which is significantly higher than the average for all occupations. Top Canadian employers looking for full-stack developers include Telus, CGI Inc., and Freshbooks.

4. Attorney

Opportunities for lawyers in Canada are increasing. Although it is a well-paying career, the field of law has a variety of niches that allow professionals to choose a niche of their choice. However, the most lucrative areas with the greatest future promise are corporate law and intellectual property law. The predicted annual salary for lawyers in Canada is $97,944. In Canada, several well-known and prosperous law firms include Dentons, Gowling WLG, Baker McKenzie, etc.

5. Architect

In Canada, the need for architects is greater than ever due to the expansion of infrastructure. Architects earn higher salaries than other job categories because they are in such high demand. Apart from the financial benefits, choosing architecture as a career gives architects the option to follow their artistic passions. The estimated annual salary for architects in Canada is $94,153. Among Canada’s top architectural firms are Jack Pine, Cutler, and Hager Design International Inc. However, it is a profession that enables people to work independently without being tied to a major corporation.

6. Licensed Nurse

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the need for healthcare workers in Canada. The need for nurses has increased over the past few years. In addition, the career has significantly better pay than other Canadian occupations. In Canada, registered nurses earn an average annual salary of $89,579. The Mount Sinai Hospital, North York General Hospital, Vancouver General Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, etc. are some of the top hospitals in Canada that require registered nurses.

Dentistry is not a profession covered by state insurance. Hence, subject matter experts have the opportunity to practice privately. Due to the enormous earning potential in the industry, private practice is very lucrative. The average annual salary for dentists in Canada is expected to be $177,266. Upper Canada Dental Centre, Canada Way Dental, Silver Hill Dental, and more are popular dental practices located in Canada.

8. psychologist

Psychiatry has begun to gain more recognition due to efforts to raise awareness about mental health. As a result of public awareness, there has been a significant shift toward psychologists seeking mental health counseling. Poor mental health has further expanded the field of psychiatry following the outbreak of COVID-19. Psychologists in Canada earn an average of $138,000 per year. Charles Joravinsky Center, Margaret, Rotman Research Institute, and CAMH are some of the leading psychiatric hospitals in Canada.

9. Managers of Human Resources

Human resource managers are responsible for managing the hiring process, dealing with workers in office settings, determining firing policies, and developing human resource practices. Human resource managers need to be adept at managing people if they want to get the best out of their workforce. Human resource managers earn an average of $89,003 per year. Pivotal Integrated HR Solutions, ScaleX, Recruitment Canada, and other leading HR companies can be found in Canada.

10. Electrical Engineer

Electrical devices and circuits are being used more frequently. As a result, electrical engineers are in high demand, which increases their earning potential. The design of electrical systems is the responsibility of electrical engineers. They also test and test these electrical systems to ensure that safety protocols are followed. Electrical engineers are thought to earn an average annual salary of $91,832. Leading engineering companies in Canada are Stantec, Jacobs, AECOM, and others.

11. Financial Advisor

Counseling services are beginning to gain the respect they deserve. Hence, the earning potential of financial advisors has improved. The primary responsibility of financial advisors is to provide financial management advice to people. Additionally, they work to promote the organization and its goods and services. Financial advisors are expected to earn $62,971 per year. In Canada, leading financial consulting firms include Deloitte, BMO, Raymond James, Sia Partners, etc.

12. Welder

A professional degree is not always necessary for the welding profession. On the other hand, it is an occupation classified as skilled labor. Due to the shortage of trained workers, Canada is seeing a great demand for welders. The gap is caused by the retirement of many experienced workers and insufficient new arrivals. As a result, the average annual wage for welders has increased to $73,504. Those who want to make more money than this prospect should look into the underwater welding industry. Cana Weld Inc., STH Welding, MWC Major Welding, Construction Ltd., and others are some of the best welding businesses in Canada.

13. Commercial Driver

In Canada, there is a shortage of commercial drivers, which has led to increased demand and increased potential earnings. Commercial vehicles will need to be driven by commercial drivers to transport products. For this field, applicants must have the required driver’s license. Commercial drivers are expected to earn an average annual salary of $44,836. Canada Cartage, Mullen Group, Morningstar Trucking Company, etc. are the best transportation businesses in Canada.

14. Pharmacy

Hospitals, pharmacies, or drug stores must employ pharmacists. Pharmacists play an important role in protecting the health of patients. A shortage of qualified people in the industry has led to a huge growth in the need for pharmacists in recent years. Pharmacists in Canada earn an average of $45 per hour, or $129,600 per year if they work a 12-hour day. Astellas Pharma Canada, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., Contract Pharmaceutical, etc. are some of the leading pharmaceutical firms in Canada.

15. Veterinarians

In Canada, pet ownership has become more and more popular. Veterinarians were not in high demand in the past. As a result, there is currently a professional shortage. Due to the increased earning potential, veterinarians are now expected to earn an average of $95,804 annually. Animal Care Hospital, Beckett & Associate Vets, Duncan Animal Hospital Ltd., and more popular veterinary hospitals can be found in Canada.

16. Account Manager

Account managers can work in a variety of settings, including marketing, banking, sales, information technology, consulting, etc. Strong customer relationships and expertise in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software are required of Account Managers. In Canada, account managers are expected to make an average income of $86,104. Top Canadian account management firms include RBC, Soft Choice, Dell Technologies, and others.

17. Merchandiser

Purchasing decisions for retail stores should be made by merchants. They also have to decide when the stock will be available for purchase. They are essential to the success of the company. It is believed that entrepreneurs earn an average annual salary of $48,610. Retailers can hire merchandisers based on their qualifications and experience. Canada’s retail behemoths include Walmart, Amazon, and others.

18. Aerospace Engineer

The development, analysis, specification, optimization, and evaluation of aircraft vehicles and systems are the main objectives of aerospace engineers. Due to the large number of retirements during the last few months, there is a huge gap in this engineering profession. Earning potential for aerospace engineers has improved due to increased demand. Aerospace engineers make an average annual salary of $98,347. The top aerospace engineering firms in Canada are Northrop Grumman, GE Aerospace, and Sandvik Aerospace Solutions, among others.

19. Assistant Administrative

In Canada, there is a strong market for administrative assistants. Administrative assistants are assisted in many of the activities of colleagues. Due to the high level of demand in the market, those specializing in accounting or bookkeeping have a better chance of finding employment. The average annual salary for an administrative assistant is estimated to be $45,927. Because there are so many opportunities for this career in Canada, administrative assistants can work for a variety of Canadian businesses.

20. Project Manager

Project managers must work in a variety of industries. They have several projects to manage. To do this they must demonstrate excellent management skills. They should also manage the budget allocated for the initiatives. Professionals with Project Management Professional (PMP) certification are more likely to find employment in the industry. Project managers earn an average annual compensation of $91,425. Knickerbocker & Associates, Deloitte, and Bluescape Construction Management, among others, are among the best project management firms in Canada.

Benefits of Urgent Jobs in Canada For Foreigners

  • Healthcare Sector: The healthcare sector in Canada is consistently in search of proficient healthcare practitioners, such as physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.
  • Information Technology (IT): Skilled professionals, such as software developers, IT analysts, and cybersecurity specialists, are in high demand in the IT industry in Canada.
  • Engineering: Engineers are frequently in demand, particularly those who possess specialized knowledge in the fields of civil, mechanical, electrical, and software engineering.
  • Proficient Tradespeople: Proficient tradespeople, including electricians, plumbers, welders, and carpenters, are in high demand.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Culinary services, hotel administration, and hospitality are frequently in demand within Canada’s tourism sector.
  • Agriculture: Seasonal agricultural labor is accessible, and the agricultural sector potentially presents prospects for proficient personnel.
  • Education: Qualified educators and instructors are in high demand in numerous provinces.
  • Construction: Construction frequently requires skilled laborers, such as architects, project supervisors, and construction laborers.
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Alberta, among other provinces, is endowed with favorable circumstances within the oil and gas industry.
  • Transportation and Trucking: Truck drivers and transportation professionals are in constant demand due to the vastness of Canada’s landmass.

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  1. What is the process of getting a job in Canada as a foreigner?

    Foreign workers can apply for jobs in Canada through various channels, including online job boards, recruitment agencies, and social media platforms. They can also apply for a work permit through the Canadian government website.

  2. Is it difficult to find a job in Canada as a foreigner?

    Finding a job as a foreigner in Canada can be difficult, but not impossible. It is important to have the right skills and qualifications and to be aware of the job market.

  3. What are the benefits of working in Canada as a foreigner?

    Working as a foreigner in Canada offers many benefits, including access to a high standard of living, a welcoming and diverse culture, and excellent career opportunities.

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