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Tobacco Harvesting Worker Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Here


2252045 Ontario ltd, located at 512 west quarter townl line rd, Burford, ON N0E 1A0, is seeking self-motivated and socially adept people for the position of Farm Worker, Tobacco. The selected candidate may be required to commence work as soon as possible. The available positions are either full-time or seasonal. Day, evening, weekend, flexible hours, early morning, and morning shifts.

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Details of Tobacco Harvesting Worker Jobs in Canada

Benefits of Tobacco Harvesting Worker Jobs in Canada

  • Employment Opportunities: Seasonal employment opportunities are created through the harvesting of tobacco, especially in areas where tobacco is cultivated. Those in search of temporary employment or supplementary income during harvest seasons may find this advantageous.
  • Gaining Practical Experience: Engaging in tobacco harvesting labor provides an opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge of harvesting techniques, crop cultivation, and agricultural practices. Practical knowledge of agricultural processes and skills that are beneficial to cultivation can be acquired by individuals.
  • Income Generation: Tobacco harvesting can serve as a viable means of livelihood for individuals residing in rural or agricultural communities, enabling them to provide for their families. Contributions to the harvest season’s wages can be used to cover expenses and necessities.
  • Seasonal Work: Tobacco harvesting is generally classified as seasonal labor, which affords individuals the opportunity to partake in alternative pursuits or secure supplementary employment opportunities throughout the non-harvesting period. Individuals bearing various responsibilities or interests may find this adaptability to be beneficial.
  • A Relationship with Nature: Agricultural work frequently entails physical exertion outdoors and encounters with natural surroundings. Fostering a connection to nature, tobacco harvesting employees are afforded the opportunity to labor in fields, interact with plants, and witness the changing of the seasons.
  • Collaboration and camaraderie: Tobacco harvesting frequently demands workers to work in teams. As collectively striving to accomplish objectives and fulfill tasks, can cultivate an atmosphere of camaraderie and reciprocal assistance within the team.
  • Physical Activity: Tobacco harvesting is physically demanding work that involves tasks such as bending, stooping, lifting, and transporting. Those who are inclined towards outdoor labor and physical activity may find this form of employment to be a means of maintaining a wholesome lifestyle.
  • Cultural Exchange: Areas, where migrant laborers or international seasonal workers are engaged in tobacco harvesting, may provide prospects for cultural interchange and engagement among employees hailing from various nationalities. This has the potential to enhance the professional experience and foster mutual comprehension across cultures.
  • Contribution to Agriculture: Tobacco harvesting laborers contribute significantly to the agricultural sector through their assistance in the cultivation and processing of tobacco crops. By contributing to the production of tobacco products, they bolster the agricultural sector’s economy.

Tobacco Harvesting Worker in Canada

A tobacco harvester in Canada is a person who works in the tobacco industry, namely in the harvesting of tobacco leaves from the tobacco plant. This work frequently entails physically removing the mature leaves from the plant, sorting and grading them, and preparing them for additional processing or packaging. The task can be physically taxing and may necessitate long hours spent in the field, but it is essential to the tobacco production process. Depending on the needs of the business, tobacco harvesters may be employed seasonally or year-round.


Job Description for Tobacco Harvesting Worker Jobs in Canada

  • The candidate may be responsible for planting, growing, and watering plants according to a schedule.
  • The candidate must have the knowledge and skills to operate farm equipment and machinery.
  • The candidate may be responsible for gathering plants.
  • The candidate could be expected to plant the seedlings in cloth- or glass-covered beds to protect them from the elements.
  • When the seeds have developed into little blooms, they can be planted in the field.
  • The candidate may be expected to cover the tobacco field with netting to protect the plants from the sun and insects.
  • The candidate may be needed to work in fields and barns/curing structures performing manual and mechanical duties involved with the production of tobacco and hay/straw.
  • The candidate may be expected to examine already planted plants to ensure that they are thriving and to address any prevailing difficulties.
  • The candidate may be needed to examine each object to ensure the farm’s widespread while discarding those that do not meet the threshold.
  • When necessary, the applicant may be needed to undertake repairs and maintenance on farm equipment and systems.
  • The candidate must disclose irrigation and soil moisture in accordance with crop needs.
  • The candidate will be expected to replace the farm supervisor regarding crop progress on a regular basis.
  • The applicant must remove and maintain irrigation ditches.
  • The candidate would be expected to oversee and document the work of casual and seasonal laborers during planting and harvesting.
  • The candidate must be responsible for ensuring that the farm is clean.
  • The candidate may be expected to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of pests and diseases.
  • The individual would be responsible for recognizing illness and fitness issues in plants, livestock, and poultry.
  • The individual would be responsible for protecting plants from weeds and pests by adopting appropriate measures such as spraying insecticides, etc.
  • The contender must guarantee the farm’s uninterrupted water supply.
  • The candidate must be accountable for maintaining daily farm development reviews.
  • The candidate must be responsible for maintaining records including pesticide use and crop production.
  • All packing and stacking responsibilities can be performed in the field and on the farm.
  • The candidate must use their hands and palms to interact with goods.
  • The candidate may be expected to use both arms to remove dried leaf detritus from the crop.
  • The candidate must evaluate the quality of the product and prepare it for the market.

Requirements for Tobacco Harvesting Worker Jobs in Canada

  • The applicant must be fluent in English.
  • There are no widely accepted training requirements in addition to a bachelor’s degree, certificate, or degree.
  • Prior experience in the agricultural industry is not required.
  • Understanding farming best practices would be an added advantage.
  • The candidate may be responsible for cleaning plants.
  • The candidate may be responsible for combining fertilizer in the proper proportions.
  • The candidate should be physically fit.
  • The candidate should possess effective communication skills.
  • The individual must be able to work long hours on a farm.
  • The applicant must possess exceptional hand-eye coordination.
  • The candidate must maintain punctuality.
  • The applicant must be adaptable.
  • The candidate must be accountable.
  • The applicant must be genuine.
  • The candidate should have a keen eye for detail.
  • The candidate must demonstrate the importance of values and ethics.
  • The candidate must be a strong team player with adequate interpersonal and evaluative skills.
  • The candidate must be flexible and well-prepared.

Work Site Environment

  • The candidate may be needed to labor in humid or wet, hot, and bloodless environments.
  • The candidate must be willing to work long hours in an outdoor environment, including tolerance for insects and thorns.
  • Conditions de travail and Physical Capabilities
  • This is a fast-paced environment.
  • The candidate must be willing to work under pressure.
  • The applicant should be expected to do repetitive tasks on a regular basis.
  • The candidate must be prepared to perform physically demanding tasks as part of their daily work.
  • The candidate must be needed to routinely lift big objects as part of his or her duties.
  • The applicant must possess exceptional hand-eye coordination.
  • The candidate must be willing to paint for extended periods of time while seated, standing, and strolling.
  • The candidate must be willing to bend, crouch, and kneel for extended periods of time.
  • The candidate must be able to work attentively even in a noisy atmosphere.
  • The candidate must be capable of distinguishing between hues.
  • The candidate must complete the job within the allotted time frame.

How to Apply for Tobacco Harvesting Worker Jobs in Canada?

If you’re inquisitive about applying, apply thru the given options.

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  1. Are farm workers in Canada in high demand?

    The employment forecast for General agricultural laborers (NOC 8431) in Ontario will be favorable from 2022 to 2024. The subsequent variables contributed to this prognosis: The expansion of employment will generate a moderate number of new positions. Few posts will become vacant as a result of retirements.

  2. What is the minimum salary for Canadian farm workers?

    Piece work rate is a method of calculating compensation based on the amount of work completed by an employee. Piece work rates must be set so that employees earn at least $15.83 per hour, which is the Ontario SAWP wage.

  3. Can I obtain PR in Canada by working on a farm?

    The Agri-Food Pilot assists in meeting the labor requirements of the Canadian agri-food industry. The pilot program offers experienced, non-seasonal workers in particular industries and vocations a path to permanent residency.


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