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Sweden Jobs Seeker Visa 2024 – Move to Sweden


This page goes over everything about the Swedish job seeker visa, including how to apply, how long it lasts, what you need to get it, and whether or not you can use family programs. With this visa, you can go to Sweden to look for work or even start your own business.

Validity Period of Swedish Job Seeker Visa

While you have this visa, you have up to 9 months to find a job or start a business. You must keep this visa for at least 3 months. Teachers, nurses, doctors, software writers, woodworkers, electrical workers, engineers, and mechanics are just some of the jobs that are in high demand.


At least another five years were needed for these jobs. You can look for work and get a residence visa, but your family can’t move to Sweden to live with you. If you find work in Sweden and get a work visa, they can move there with you.


Required Documents for Sweden Jobs

  • You must first make a digital copy of the parts of your passport that have information about you, like your name and address, picture, signature, passport number, country of issue, length of validity, and entry stamps.
  • Also, you need electronic copies of your insurance documents that show you have full coverage for any therapy or medical care you get in Sweden.
  • To show that you went to school, you’ll also need digital pictures of your test certificates.
  • As more proof of your education, you must also provide digital copies of the official transcripts of your educational records, which list the classes you’ve taken.
  • You also need a digital copy of a letter you signed that gives the Swedish Council for Higher Education permission to call universities in your home country to verify your academic credentials. This letter of acceptance can be downloaded from the official immigration site.
  • You will also need copies of any bank records or other paperwork that shows you have enough money to live on until you find a job in Sweden. You will need 13,000 Swedish Krona per month to pay for it.
  • Aside from that, you must also have enough money to move if you don’t get a job offer within the time your job seeker visa is valid and you have to leave the country.

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Requirements of Sweden Jobs

  • Before you move to Sweden, you must have finished advanced-level courses from anywhere in the world, not just Europe, if you want to start a business or look for work.
  • You must also send a letter giving the Swedish Council for Higher Education permission to call universities in your home country to verify your academic credentials.
  • Also, if you’re looking for a job, you’ll need to show proof of your networking efforts. If you’re starting a business in Sweden, you’ll need to show proof of your business plans and other paperwork.
  • Also, having enough money to cover your living costs while your application is being looked over would be helpful. This equals about 13,000 Swedish Krona per month.
  • If your passport is almost out of date, you should get a new one. This is because you can’t get a ticket for a longer time than your passport is good for.
  • Last but not least, you can’t be from Sweden when you send in your application.

Benefits of Sweden Jobs Seeker Visa

  • Work-Life Balance: A strong emphasis on employee well-being, generous parental leave, and reduced work hours all contribute to Sweden’s renowned work-life balance. This has the potential to enhance the standard of living for workers residing within the nation.
  • High Standard of Living: Sweden’s high standard of living is attributed to its exceptional healthcare, education, social welfare system, and overall rankings in global quality of life indices. Employees who are Swedish citizens are eligible to utilize these benefits for the benefit of their families.
  • Progressive Work Environment: Swedish workplaces are characterized by a progressive work environment that is inclusive and egalitarian, with a flat organizational structure and an emphasis on collaboration and cooperation. This can foster an empowering and supportive workplace for new employees.
  • Strong Economy: Sweden possesses a resilient and multifaceted economy, characterized by prosperous sectors including technology, healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, and others. Proficiency in diverse domains is rewarded with abundant employment prospects.
  • Language Skills: Although Swedish is the official language, a considerable number of Swedes, particularly in professional contexts, are also fluent in English. This may facilitate the assimilation of English-speaking immigrants into the professional sphere and everyday existence.
  • Access to the EU Job Market: As a member of the European Union, Sweden grants citizens of EU/EEA countries access to the EU job market. This may prove to be beneficial for individuals in search of employment prospects throughout Europe.
  • Innovative Industries: Sweden is host to a multitude of dynamic and innovative sectors, encompassing biotechnology, renewable energy, and technology startups, among others. These industries may offer prospects for professional development and ingenuity.
  • Social Benefits: Employees in Sweden are entitled to an extensive array of social benefits, which comprise healthcare, unemployment insurance, pension contributions, and various other provisions. These advantages contribute to the stability and financial security of families and individuals.

How to Apply

  • You can send in your application in one of two ways. So, download the form, fill it out, and send it to the Swedish embassy in your area with the other papers you need. You can also use the official website to send in your request.
  • About 1 to 3 months after you send in your application for a residence permit, a Swedish immigration official will decide whether or not to give it. With your resident pass, you can get into Sweden. This includes things like your fingerprints and a picture of you, which are given to you when your application is received.
  • With permission from your local, you can go to Sweden and look for work. If you take a job offer, you will then be given a work permit that lets you work there.

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People Also Ask

  1. What is the job seeker visa for Sweden?

    The Sweden Job Seeker Visa lets people come to Sweden to look for work or start a business. People from outside of Europe can apply for a Sweden Work Visa even if they don’t have a job offer.

  2. What are the education requirements for a job seeker visa in Sweden?

    To be able to apply for this pass, you must have a master’s degree, a PhD, or a professional or advanced vocational degree. Plan to look for a job or explore the idea of starting your own business in Sweden.

  3. How much is the job seeker visa fee for Sweden?

    To get a work permit, you need a job offer and pay a Sweden job seeker visa application fee of 190€. Once your employer has received the job offer, you will get an email with instructions on how to apply and the job seeker visa process information.

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