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Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2024 – Apply Now

The Swedish government is facing a labor shortage in the country. Swedish Immigration also posted a list of labor shortages in the country. International applicants are welcome to apply for Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs. Many Swedish companies allow and sponsor international students to work in Sweden. It also includes blue-collar jobs such as farm working jobs, plumbers jobs, electricians, social workers, and more. This is true and official news. I will cover companies in Sweden that offer visa sponsorship as well as other jobs with visa sponsorship in Sweden.

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If you are an IT student and you have IT skills, your future in Sweden is secure. Many IT jobs in Sweden offer sponsorship. You can go to Sweden without visa sponsorship and a job offer. It is called the new Swedish visa for job seekers. Sweden encourages innovation. So, this can be a golden opportunity for whoever is reading this article. The list of Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs is available below.

Details About Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs

  • Job Country: Sweden
  • Benefits: Salary, Perks, Visa Sponsorship
  • Open to: All these companies can hire EU and Non-EU Nationals

European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) 

The European Job Mobility Portal (EURES) is a place for job seekers to find work in Sweden. EURES is an official European government job portal that offers thousands of job opportunities in Sweden as well as other European countries. EURES is the best option if you want to find a job in Sweden with visa sponsorship. There is a huge and wide range of fields available to international students.

All applicants from around the world can apply, in any field, at any level, full-time, part-time, all options are available. There are a large number of visa sponsorship jobs in Sweden.

Benefits of Sweden Government Visa Sponsorship Jobs

  • Legal Work Authorization: By sponsoring a visa, employers grant foreign nationals the lawful and secure employment status necessary to engage in employment within Sweden.
  • Gaining Entry to the Swedish Labor Market: Visas sponsored by the government frequently grant foreign workers access to the Swedish labor market, enabling them to investigate employment prospects and make valuable contributions to the nation’s workforce.
  • Social Benefits: A comprehensive social welfare system is generally accessible to employees in Sweden. Healthcare, unemployment benefits, and additional social security measures may be included.
  • Work-Life Balance: Sweden has earned a reputation for encouraging a healthy work-life balance. Many employers across the nation prioritize family-friendly work environments and flexible work hours.
  • Quality of Life: Sweden maintains a consistently high position on international quality of life indices. In addition to a superior standard of living, the nation provides outstanding healthcare, education, and social services.
  • Multicultural Work Environment: Work Environment Characterized by Diversity and Inclusion Sweden is renowned for its multicultural work environment. Engaging in professional activities in Sweden facilitates the chance to collaborate with counterparts who possess diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Protections and Rights of Employees: Sweden’s labor laws are robust and safeguard the rights of its workforce. In addition to fair wages and reasonable hours, employees have the right to other employment privileges.
  • Opportunities for Professional Development: Numerous employers in Sweden make investments in their personnel’s professional development. This may encompass educational seminars, training programs, and career progression prospects.
  • Opportunities for Language Acquisition: Although English is extensively spoken in Sweden, foreign laborers may find employment there to facilitate the acquisition and enhancement of their Swedish language proficiency.
  • Progressive Workplace Policies: Sweden has gained recognition for its progressive workplace policies, which encompass parental leave, paternal equality initiatives, and endeavors to establish inclusive and diverse work environments.
  • Strong Demand for Skilled Laborers: In Sweden, the demand for skilled labor is frequently contingent upon their qualifications and the industry. Visa sponsorship from the government might be accessible to individuals who possess specialized knowledge in particular domains.
  • Permit to Reside and Work in Sweden: Certain government-sponsored programs may provide foreign laborers with the opportunity to obtain a residence permit, in addition to a work visa, which would enable them to reside and work in Sweden for an extended period.

How to Find Visa Sponsorship Job at EURES Portal:

  • First open this website:
  • Selected Location: Sweden
  • Then type “Visa Sponsorship” in the search bar. It will list all Sweden jobs with visa sponsorship and then apply from there.

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List of Swedish Visa Sponsorship Companies

I have covered the top 15 companies providing visa sponsorship jobs to foreigners in Sweden. Go through the website and you can search for your visa sponsorship jobs and also apply for these jobs if you are a suitable candidate.

Assa Abloy

The ASSA ABLOY Group is a global leader in access solutions. They offer core products and services related to openings, such as locks, doors, gates, and interior automation solutions. This includes the ability to control identity with keys, cards, tags, and mobile and biometric identity verification systems. Today the company has 49,000 employees, operating in 70+ countries.

Who can apply: Our doors are open to everyone. We encourage diversity. Students and experienced people can apply.

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Ericsson is a strong competitor in the telecommunications market, Ericsson is known worldwide for its mobile technology and networks. This includes strong partnerships with various universities and research institutes around the world. Today, the Swedish company has approximately 100,000 employees worldwide.

Currently, Ericsson has 239 jobs in Sweden. So, it is easier and there are more opportunities to find better roles at Ericsson. A minimum of a master’s or Bachelor’s degree is required.

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H&M is a popular clothing brand that includes women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. It is one of the famous Swedish brands and now has more than 5,000 stores worldwide that sell trendy clothes and accessories at affordable prices. H&M’s work areas are sales and operations, design and development, IT, marketing, finance, branding, logistics, leadership, administration, and more.

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IKEA is a large home furniture company. It is one of the home decorations and furniture. Their quality is amazing and it is a top Swedish company. About 460 stores in more than 50 countries. IKEA proudly offers visa sponsorship jobs.

IKEA offers roles in these areas:

  • Design, Creation, and Communication
  • Finance, Legal, and Property
  • Meeting and understanding customers
  • People, projects, and support
  • Production and supply chain
  • Steering and leadership
  • Tech and Innovation

How to Apply (Select Location: Sweden in Filter)

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Everyone knows about Spotify because Spotify is available on everyone’s mobile phone. Spotify is a Swedish company. Spotify allows users to listen to and share millions of music tracks on their computers and mobile devices such as smartphones.

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Google Sweden Jobs

Google is proud to announce that they have vacancies in their Sweden office. But no matter what office you step into, you’ll find Googlers building products that help create opportunities for everyone, whether it’s down the street or across the globe. You can also apply for a Google Summer Internship in Sweden.

Current opportunities are available in the areas of business strategy, engineering and technology, and sales, service, and support. Google is an equal employer platform. We are committed to equal employment opportunity without regard to race, color, ancestry, religion, national origin, age, or citizenship.

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Apple Sweden

Apple is an equal-opportunity employer committed to inclusion and diversity. We take affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity for all applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, veteran status, or other legally protected characteristics.

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  1. Do Swedish companies sponsor work visas?

    Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Sweden Companies: In Sweden, there are more than 30 companies that can help people from other countries get a special visa so they can work there. If you want to work in Sweden, your boss in Sweden has to offer this special job that helps you get a visa.

  2. Is Sweden looking for foreign workers?

    As for highly skilled workers, Sweden has a significant shortage in sectors such as healthcare, education, IT, engineering and construction, and law enforcement. The most in-demand jobs in these sectors include the following professions: Midwives. Civil engineers.

  3. Can I get a work visa for Sweden?

    To obtain a work permit, you must have employment in Sweden. You must have an employment contract that you must enclose with your application. Your employer must have advertised the job in Sweden, the EU/EEA, and Switzerland for at least ten days before the employment contract was entered into.

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