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Study Visa for Australia from Pakistan in 2023 – Fully Explained

Study Visa for Australia from Pakistan in 2023: This page discusses how to obtain an Australian student visa from Pakistan in 2023. (Forms, Fees, Consultants) The most important aspect of applying for a study visa is having complete knowledge of application forms, processing fees, and a consultant who will guide you properly on how to obtain a study visa for Australia from Pakistan.

We were all aware of the fact that education is as essential to life as oxygen and that its importance was about to peak. The majority of students now give high priority to studying abroad and are moving abroad for higher education. In addition to their studies, Pakistani students work part-time jobs, and after completing their studies, they continue to look for employment in their host country.

In this manner, they secure themselves and their future. Therefore, I will describe the application process and visa requirements for a student visa.

Details of Study Visa for Australia from Pakistan in 2023

Australian Embassy in Pakistan Details
EmbassyAustralian High Commission
AddressConstitution Ave and Ispahani Rd, Diplomatic Enclave No. 1, Sector G-5/4 Islamabad / PO Box 1046, Islamabad, Pakistan.
EmailClick Here to Email
Telephone/Fax+92 51 8355500 / +92 51 2820112
WebsiteClick Here

How to apply for Student Visa:

  • When applying to an Australian university, a student must first receive a confirmation letter from your institution or any other authority. If you submit a visa offer letter, it will not be granted until the EcoE has been issued. This requires a student visa for the duration of your stay in Australia. For this, one must first apply for a student visa from the Australian Embassy, while level 1 students submit their visa applications online.
  • International students are required to obtain a student visa for the duration of their enrollment in an educational program in Australia. This visa permits students to live, study, work, and visit family and friends outside of Australia.
  • If an international student wishes to renew their visa, they must do so prior to departing Australia; otherwise, they will be required to reapply for a visa and pay additional fees.
  • The Australian visa permits students to work in Australia during the visa validity period and course duration plus one month (28 days before the last day of class).
  • The minimum age to apply for a visa is 16.
  • The student’s visa is contingent upon the following terms and conditions:
  • Language classes such as English, IELTS prep, Cambridge, etc.
  • Professional courses such as 9VET, Vocational Education, and Training and undergraduate courses (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral)
  • The student visa is only valid when combined with accredited courses provided by certain Australian schools and institutes, and the visa must be accompanied by an enrollment confirmation indicating the beginning and end dates of the course.
  • One can combine multiple courses, such as a language course and a vocational course, on the same visa.
  • The minimum course duration is 12 weeks, and the maximum course duration is 50 weeks.

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Documents Required:

If you wish to study abroad in this incredible country, you must satisfy a number of visa requirements for Australian students. As of March 24, 2012, the Australian government evaluates student visa applications based on five assessment levels (Level 1 has the least stringent criteria applied and Level 5 has the most stringent criteria applied), which take into account two key factors:

  • country of a student’s passport
  • The student’s primary field of study

The first method for obtaining an Australian visa is based on the five evaluation criteria listed above, and the second method is one that I will now describe.
The second method is the “streamlined processing” procedure, which gives all students, regardless of their passport country or nationality, an Assessment Level of 1 (the least stringent criteria applied). To be eligible for “streamlined processing,” an international student must provide confirmation of full-time enrollment in an approved education course (e.g., a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral program) at an authorized university, along with meeting all other Australian student visa requirements, when submitting their student visa application.

The Confirmation of Enrollment:

The first requirement for an Australian student visa is the Confirmation of Enrollment (Coe). Prior to submitting an application for an Australian student visa, a student must obtain official confirmation of full-time enrollment in an approved educational program in Australia. This may include an “Offer of Place” letter or an electronic “Confirmation of Enrollment” (Coe) certificate from an authorized educational institution that is accredited by and registered with Australia’s Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) confirming the student’s acceptance for full-time study in their program. Acceptance Advice for Secondary Exchange Students (AAES) forms must be completed and submitted to the Australian government by secondary school exchange students. An international student applying for a Subclass 576 Australian AID and Defense Student Visa must submit an official letter from the sponsoring organization confirming their support for the Australian educational program.

English Level:

There is also an English language requirement for the majority of international students applying for an Australian student visa. Unless they are applying for the Subclass 570 Independent ELICOS Sector Student Visa (to study English in Australia), international students must submit scores from the IELTS, TOEFL, Pearson (PTE), or Cambridge (CAE) tests to demonstrate their English language proficiency.

Satisfactory health:

Applicants for an Australian student visa must provide evidence of satisfactory health. In a similar vein, all international students (as well as all eligible family members who will join them in Australia) are required to maintain adequate health insurance through the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). In some instances, students may be able to pay their medical insurance premium to their school, which will then pay the health insurance provider on their behalf.

Financial support:

Similarly, applicants for a student visa to Australia must demonstrate their ability to support themselves and any accompanying family members, including their ability to pay for their educational program, living expenses, travel, etc. Additionally, in order to be granted an Australian student visa, an applicant cannot owe the Australian government any unpaid debts (unless arrangements to repay outstanding debts have been made).

Other Requirements for Study Visa for Australia from Pakistan in 2023

There are a number of other conditions that must be met in order to qualify for an Australian student visa, which I will list below:

  • Providing evidence that one is a person of good character (a police certificate may be required); paying the application fee for the Australian student visa; having appropriate living arrangements prepared for international students who are minors; possessing a secondary or high school diploma (if applying for an undergraduate university program); and there may be prerequisites for certain Vocational Educational and Training (VET) programs To support their application for a student visa to Australia, international students must also submit certified or notarized documentation in English (or with English translations attached), and they must indicate on their student visa application that they have submitted the required documentation.
  • Since November 5, 2011, applicants for an Australian student visa must meet the “Genuine Temporary Entrant” (GTE) standard. The GTE requirement was added to evaluate the likelihood of a temporary stay in Australia by an international student. Considerations include the situation in the applicant’s home country; the applicant’s immigration history; the applicant’s possible circumstances while living in Australia; and how beneficial the applicant’s education program will be for their future, in addition to other factors that may influence an international student’s motivation to remain in Australia temporarily.


Except for secondary exchange students and students sponsored by Commonwealth-approved programs, a non-refundable visa application fee of AUD$ 450 applies to the majority of visa applications. In addition, there may be fees for medical examinations, police checks, and the translation of documents into English associated with your visa application (if required).

Processing Time for Study Visa for Australia from Pakistan in 2023

Level 1: 14 days
Level 2: 21 days
Level 3 or 4 : 3 months

People Also Ask

  1. What is the cost of an Australian study visa for Pakistan in 2023?

    ImmiAccount enables online application submission. The application fee for subclass 500 is approximately 630 AUD (34,500 INR). The required proof of funds for a single student is 62,222 AUD (34.10 lakh INR).

  2. How long does an Australian student visa take in 2023?

    The processing time can range between two and four months.

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