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Sales Manager Jobs in Canada at Accor Career 2024

You’ll be a part of a welcoming community of talented coworkers where you can be yourself and perform at your peak. This document contains the general prerequisites, duties, and other details for a better understanding of the Sales Manager.

Details About Sales Manager Jobs in Canada at Accor Career:

  • Name: Sales Manager
  • Place: Calgary, Canada, Alberta
  • Business name: Accor Career
  • Salary: 67350 CA$ annually.
  • Employment conditions: Full-time

Business Description

By being driven and passionate, you sell Sheraton Suites Calgary Eau Claire guests unique experiences (managed by Accor). You establish trusting links with your visitors by acting professionally and knowing a lot about your resort.

Benefits Of Sales Manager Jobs in Canada at Accor Career:

  • Competitive Income: In many instances, sales managers also receive performance-based bonuses and commissions, which can substantially increase their income.
  • Financial Benefits: Based on their team’s performance and their own sales achievements, sales managers have the opportunity to earn substantial commissions and incentives.
  • Profession Advancement: Typically, sales management positions offer an obvious path to career advancement. There may be opportunities for successful sales managers to climb the corporate ladder, such as becoming regional sales managers, directors of sales, or even vice presidents of sales.
  • Management Experience: By supervising and directing sales teams, sales managers acquire valuable leadership and management experience. This experience can facilitate advancement into higher-level management positions.
  • Professional Progress: Numerous businesses invest in the professional development of their sales managers by providing them with training programs, seminars, and access to industry conferences to keep them abreast of the most recent sales techniques and market trends.
  • Independent status: Typically, sales managers have a certain amount of autonomy over how they direct their sales teams and achieve sales goals. This is appealing to individuals who value their independence.
  • Networking Possibilities: Sales managers frequently interact with clients, coworkers, and industry professionals, providing excellent networking opportunities that can be advantageous to future career prospects.
  • Travel Possibilities: Sales managers may have the opportunity to travel domestically and internationally to meet with clients and attend sales meetings and conferences, depending on the industry and the company’s clientele.
  • Achievement Recognition: Successful sales managers are frequently recognized and rewarded for their contributions to the growth and profitability of the company, which may include public recognition and awards.
  • Job Protection: Sales management positions are essential to a company’s revenue generation, making them relatively stable even during economic downturns when companies must continue sales efforts.
  • Healthcare and Pension Benefits: Many companies provide sales managers with health insurance, retirement plans, and other benefits to ensure their financial security and well-being.
  • Work-Life Integration: Some companies prioritize work-life balance by providing flexible working arrangements and putting an emphasis on results over regimented schedules, even though the demands of the sales manager position can be substantial.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Achieving and exceeding sales goals can provide a strong sense of personal and professional fulfillment, thereby increasing job satisfaction.

Responsibilities of Sales Manager Jobs

  • Provide prompt, polite service to all internal and external interactions while maintaining a consistently professional, amiable, and engaging level of service.
  • Manage the hotel’s RFPs, prospecting, and business travel and tour accounts.
  • Maintaining current relationships while pursuing new business and clientele.
  • Communicate proactively with the hotel’s most devoted visitors and VIPs by providing assistance with reservations and sending pre-arrival messages.
  • Create, monitor, and respond to the preferences and demands of VIPs and elite loyalty members.
  • Continue to be present at the hotel, arrange hotel loyalty events, and take part in them.
  • Develop, manage, and sustain strong connections with all visitors, vendors, departments, coworkers, and the global sales network.
  • Professionally arrange and carry out welcome and planning site visits that cater to the requirements of the visitors/groups’ demands while presenting our hotel and its products
  • Work with the conference services manager to ensure that all group blocks are successfully transferred to the catering component.
  • Establish trusting connections between the various departments, such as Front Office, Culinary, Housekeeping, and Audio Visual.
  • As needed, create weekly, monthly, and annual reports. As instructed, aid in gathering data for competitive intelligence.
  • Participate in conventions, trade exhibits, and promotional events held by groups devoted to the hotel and trade.

Experience and Skills for Sales Manager Jobs

  • Previous Three years’ minimum sales experience in a situation like this is necessary.
  • Microsoft Office program proficiency is necessary, and prior knowledge of property management systems is an asset.
  • An advantage is having a related qualification or degree.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, including the capacity to establish rapport and relationships fluidly, are a need.
  • demonstrated aptitude for problem-solving, working with several moving parts, and collaborating with multiple hotel departments
  • showing customer service abilities, including the capacity to pay close attention to guests’ demands while at all times staying composed and professional.
  • the capacity to perform successfully under pressure and, where necessary, handle short lead times
  • A high level of accuracy is ensured by careful attention to detail.

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Work with Purpose

by making the globe smaller every day, fostering connections between individuals and cultures, and producing memories that last. the globe for the better.

Investigate countless options

by putting yourself to the test and varying your professional choices, brands, and positions. Join us as we develop cutting-edge living experiences.

What benefits you:

  • Employee discount card for Accor and Marriott hotels worldwide
  • Competitive benefits package that includes medical, dental, vision, retirement savings, and a program for employees and their families
  • Food and beverage specials at the Fairmont Palliser and the Sheraton Suites Calgary-Eau Claire
  • Learning initiatives offered by our Academies
  • Possibility to cultivate and develop your talent both on your property and globally.

More Info

People Also Ask:

  1. Is sales management in demand in Canada?

    The government requires qualified workers in particular industries, and the sales business is one of them because of Canada’s expanding labor market shortages. Sales managers are regarded as skilled professionals in Canada, and the nation needs to meet its workforce demands.

  2. How do I become a sales manager in Canada? 

    bachelor’s degree: as a sales manager, you require a bachelor’s degree in sales, business administration, or marketing. The course prepares you for your role in managing sales teams. experience: gain experience through internships and entry-level jobs to improve your skills in sales.

  3. What is the minimum salary for a sales manager in Canada? 

    Entry-level positions start at $58,483 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $182,820 per year.

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