Responding to Damages Claims Online Becomes Mandatory 2023

Damages Claims Online: It became mandatory in April 2022 to file civil damages claims covered by practice direction PD 51ZB using the HM Courts and Tribunals Service’s (HMCTS) online platform. Users who desire to react to accusations issued online must, as of September 15, 2022,

Responding to claims

Check that your company is registered with MyHMCTS. It may take a few days for new accounts to be created.

Once registered, keep an eye on the list of unallocated cases on your MyHMCTS dashboard so you can:

  1. identify new cases
  2. allocate these to a solicitor

You must react electronically to claims submitted through the online portal on or after September 15, 2022.

Unless you can provide a valid justification for not using the digital portal, any paper responses filed at the County Court Money Claims Centre will be returned.

Responding to Damages Claims Online Becomes Mandatory 2023
Responding to Damages Claims Online Becomes Mandatory 2023

Once you’ve responded

Only comments that reject all of the claims will be allowed to proceed on the online portal.

If you react in any other way, the claim will be removed from the online portal and routed via paper.

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Using the damages claims portal

Users can utilize the damage claims portal to:

Track the status of claims with automatic email updates. assign cases to your firm’s litigators to cover yearly vacation or supervision

Your MyHMCTS dashboard will display the most recent activity on claims you are handling.

Setting up multiple users in a firm

The number of litigators who can use the service is not limited.

Your firm’s account administrator can create and administer your MyHMCTS account, so you don’t need to contact HMCTS to add or delete members.

People Also Ask

  • What is an example of a damage claim?

    When one party is accountable for harm to another’s assets or business operations, a damage claim can be filed. For example, if a corporation pledges to deliver raw materials at a given period but fails to do so, the purchaser may seek damages in the form of lost income.

  • What is a damages claim?

    a claim for monetary compensation from someone or their insurance company for injury done: A law has been passed that gives some victims an additional year to make damage claims.

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