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Professional Jobs in Europe 2023 – Online Apply


Professional Jobs in Europe 2023: Occasionally, hundreds of thousands of jobs are available in European countries, but what counts is if you can apply for any of these jobs and how much you will be paid for professional work in Europe.

Therefore, I have compiled a list of professions in Europe that pay exceptionally well to both local and international job searchers. As a result, if you’d want to try your professional luck in Europe in 2023, you should begin upgrading your resume (CV) in accordance with the most recent professional standards as soon as possible.


List of Professions with Good Pay in Europe

You can locate a large variety of jobs in Europe, but per my advice, please also explore any of the well-paying employment listed below:

Professional Jobs in Europe 2023 - Online Apply
Professional Jobs in Europe 2023 – Online Apply

Sales specialists Profession in Europe:

Even if internet retail and e-commerce are at an all-time high, many individuals still prefer in-store shopping. Therefore, the demand for retail sales associates in Europe remains high. Depending on the European country in which you choose to work as a sales specialist or assistant and your typical level of prior experience, you can easily make between €1,500 and €3,000 per month. In addition to English competence, it will be vital for you to acquire fluency in the native language of the country, such as German or French in the respective countries. Consider applying for positions as a sales professional in the Netherlands.

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Spain, France, Germany, and Italy provide several chances for sales specialists with various salaries: a senior and experienced sales specialist in Germany can earn around £10,000 to £14,500 per year, over £4,000+ per month in France, and about £2,200 per month in Italy. Thus, income potential varies and employment prospects are excellent.

Secretaries and Administrators Profession in Europe:

According to statistics published by ManpowerGroup, 18% of European organizations are seeking to engage foreign/overseas individuals as secretaries and administrators this year, up from 12% last year. English-speaking candidates are sought after for these positions, therefore proficiency in both spoken and written English is crucial. Several internet job search engines report that the average starting wage for a secretary or administrator in Europe is around £26,500, while those with experience can make between £35,000 and £49,600 annually.

Telephone operators & distributive workers Profession in Europe:

A surge in employment opportunities for foreign nationals in Europe is not confined to the aforementioned industries. Employers in Europe are almost 15% more interested in hiring telephone operators, sales agents, and distribution workers than they were the year before. Specifically in Spain, where the percentage of firms eager to hire foreign workers increased from 16% to 24% in a single year.

Foreigners can make between £12,600 and £17,400 annually, on average, by working as a sales representative or a telephone operator in a call center in Europe or in London. However, unsurprisingly, the average income rises with experience, and if you’re multilingual, that’s a major benefit that may help you earn over £20,000.

Cooks & Catering staff Profession in Europe:

In the Cooking and Catering profession, you can also apply and advance as a foreign employee: 13% of employers are willing and anticipate hiring foreigners as cooks, cooking staff, and caterers.

This year, the percentage of employers in France decreased from 16% to 10%, although Spain and the United Kingdom are good places to succeed in the culinary and catering industry: 25% of Spanish employers are eager to hire foreigners, whereas 20% of culinary and catering enterprises in the United Kingdom now employ non-nationals and 15% of employers are willing to hire foreigners this year. If you are skilled in cooking multiple cuisines or have catering expertise, this will be an asset on your resume.

Cooks can earn between £7,600 and £19,800 per year in Spain, between £12,500 and £19,800 in London, and between €14,700 and €20,300 in Germany. However, if you intend to optimize your earning potential in this industry, it is recommended that you become fluent in both English and the original language of your chosen European country. For instance, if you are proficient in German and English and converse well with consumers, you can make a salary between £17,900 and £30,000 on the top end.

Technicians and associates Profession in Europe:

There is a growing demand for technicians and associates in the distance learning industry, which is largely being met by foreign workers. Approximately 12 percent of European employers in this industry are actively seeking foreign workers to fill these positions; thus, many European enterprises and organizations offer employment chances to foreign experts and associates. This year, London is home to around 34% non-British technicians and associates, up from 33% the previous year, according to several statistical sources including ManpowerGroup and Adzuna Statistics.

Foreign technicians and associates can earn an average of more than €8,100 per year in the United Kingdom, between €12,500 and €15,200 per year in Germany, and between €11,800 and €15,200 per year in Spain.

To be a desirable candidate in this industry, you must have clear and fluent English-speaking abilities. Speaking only of Germany, if you are proficient in English and German, you can earn an annual income of almost £45,500 on the high end, or between £28,000 and £40,200 altogether, depending on your level of experience and native as well as English language fluency.

Dentists Profession in Europe:

Dentists are a global necessity, and consequently, their demand in Europe is on the rise. Every year, an average of 1,800 dentists retire in each European nation, making a place for new talent in the shape of newly-graduated experts. This position pays well and provides opportunities for private practice. Thus, if you are a dentist specialist or BDS graduate, moving to Europe to practice is a viable alternative. On average, foreign dentists operating in Europe can earn more than £100,000 per year.

Psychologists’ Jobs in Europe:

Prior to a few years ago, psychologists were viewed as luxury employees, but now they are recruited by a variety of companies, not just mental health facilities, to assist mentally disabled individuals. Currently, psychologists are required for diagnosis at special-needs schools/centers or adult education facilities, as well as to serve on interview panels for big European enterprises and police forces. To practice as a clinical psychologist or behavioral psychologist, you must possess a degree, certification, or diploma. Depending on experience and employer, foreign psychologists can make above £33,000.

Engineers Profession in Europe:

In Europe, engineering graduates are highly sought after: in Germany alone, there are over 52,000 new openings for foreign engineering specialists, and there is also a high retirement rate in the approaching year. Therefore, the likelihood of finding employment as an engineer, whether chemical, mechanical, software, etc., is great. On average, engineers can make more than €100,000 each year. Bosch, Abb, Volkswagen, Airbus, Gazprom, Lukoil Oil, and Volvo are some of the largest European engineering companies whose human resources departments are always interested in hiring international skilled engineers as well as international engineering trainees. If you’re looking for engineering jobs in Europe, consider applying to Bosch, Abb, Volkswagen, Airbus, Gazprom, and Lukoil Oil.

How to Apply
How to Apply

Biologists Profession in Europe:

The European pharmaceutical sector engages scientists with significant international work experience on a regular basis. Therefore, if you are well qualified in this profession, you should seek work as a biologist in Europe. As a biologist in Europe, you might make anywhere between €3,500 and €12,100 per month.

Deadline: 2023-08-23

Frequently Asked Questions

Which nation in Europe offers the most employment opportunities?

Norway is regarded as the best country in the world for thinking-thank occupations because of its high employment rate and income. The UK ranks third despite having a low score for part-time employment due to its low unemployment rates.

How can I find a career in Europe?

Check out the employment opportunities in Europe and look for positions that fit your qualifications. In order to find prospects that could lead to a job in Europe, it is best to keep an open mind. Create a network: If you have a strong professional network, you will have a greater chance of finding employment in Europe.

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