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Office Clerk Jobs In New Zealand 2024 – Apply Now 

An Office Clerk does a lot of customer service and office organization jobs to help the office they work in run smoothly. Their jobs and tasks may change depending on where they work and what kind of business they are in, but they often include:

  • Answering the phone at a reception desk or in a certain section and transferring calls as needed.
  • Sorting and delivering the mail that comes in, as well as gathering and sending the mail that goes out.
  • Make papers, keep databases up to date, and send memos and emails.
  • Setting up the logistics of meetings or gatherings, such as booking travel, making reservations, or setting up rentals.
  • Running chores and delivering things around the office or to people outside the office.
  • Office papers like reports and confidential records need to be collected, filed, and organized.
  • managing the filing of digital documents, such as emails and papers that are encrypted.
  • Keeping track of what’s in the office and buying supplies.
  • Meetings are transcribed or taken notes on, and minutes, memos, and/or plans are written.
  • Putting together or processing estimates or bills.
  • Help with accounts payable and accounts receivable, as well as simple bookkeeping and banking jobs.
  • Packaging and shipping business materials.

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Benefits of Office Clerk Jobs In New Zealand

  • Stable Employment: Administrative duties are frequently the reason why office secretary positions offer consistent and stable employment, given that they are critical to the efficient operation of numerous businesses and organizations.
  • Versatility: Office clerks are commonly responsible for a diverse array of duties, including but not limited to data entry, filing, phone responding, and support in administrative operations. The job’s inherent versatility can contribute to its appeal and offer prospects for the acquisition of a wide range of skills.
  • Professional Development: Opportunities for professional development may be available to office clerks through on-the-job training and the acquisition of new skills in communication, organization, office software, and more.
  • Work-Life Balance: A considerable number of office clerk positions adhere to standard working hours, which afford employees a consistent and foreseeable timetable. This may appeal to those who desire consistent working hours.
  • Opportunities at the Entry Level: Office clerk positions are frequently entry-level, catering to candidates with diverse educational backgrounds and levels of experience. This may appeal to individuals seeking to transition into the workforce or advance their careers.
  • Advantages of Networking: The office setting provides individuals with the chance to engage in conversations and collaborate with peers, superiors, and experts hailing from various departments. This networking may prove beneficial in securing prospective employment prospects.
  • Health Benefits and Perks: Health benefits and perks may be provided by certain employers to office clerks as components of their compensation packages. These may include health insurance, retirement programs, and various other advantages.
  • Developing Organizational Skills: Office clerks are generally tasked with the responsibility of efficiently managing documents and maintaining well-organized records. This can facilitate the development of time management and organizational prowess.
  • Exposure to Business Operations: Office clerks frequently acquire a better understanding of how organizations operate through their exposure to various facets of business operations.
  • Team Collaboration: A significant number of office secretaries are members of a team, which promotes a cooperative and effective workplace atmosphere. This can foster a sense of solidarity and reciprocal assistance among fellow professionals.
  • Transferable Skills: Abilities such as organization, communication, and meticulousness, which are cultivated in office secretarial positions, apply to a wide range of alternative professional domains. This may be advantageous for professional development and adaptability.

Personal Assistant/Office Administrator

  • Great culture, team, and work environment
  • Large office in Bromley with on-site parking
  • Full-time, permanent role

Support the Managing Director and a busy team/office in an NZ-leading construction company – a varied role for a PA/admin who thrives on productivity!

More Info

Office Manager / Executive Assistant

More Info


  • Professional services firm
  • Collaborative culture
  • Progress your reception/administration career

More Info

Practice Nurse Vacancy – GREAT MEDICAL CENTRE

More Info

Project Logistics Lead

  • We’re gearing up for the Election
  • High-performing and passionate team who are well regarded within the business
  • Fast-paced and collaborative environment

This role provides an excellent pathway into project management under the guidance of experienced practitioners.

More Info

Future Outlook

The future outlook for office clerk jobs in New Zealand remains positive. As businesses continue to evolve and adapt to new technologies, the need for skilled office clerks to manage administrative tasks will persist.


In the end, if you have the right skills and abilities, working as an office clerk in New Zealand in the year could be a good choice. There are plenty of jobs, pay is competitive, and there are ways to move up. You can have a successful job as an office clerk if you follow the tips and rules in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is clerk a good position?

    Yes, being an office clerk is a good job.

  2. Where can I work as an office clerk?

    Office clerks can work in schools, hospitals, government offices, and other business offices, among other places. They make sure offices run easily by doing things like filing, making copies, sorting and delivering mail, answering phones, and taking messages.

  3. What is the work of an office clerk?

     Answers phones, directs calls to appropriate individuals and prepares messages. Copies, sorts, and files records related to office activities, business transactions, and other matters. Prepares letters, memos, forms, and reports according to written or verbal instructions.

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