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Randstad Canada, a provider of recruitment and HR services, compiled a comprehensive list of the best jobs in Canada, as well as the highest-paying jobs in the country. According to the report, the labor market has undergone a number of changes throughout, and this trend will continue throughout.

According to the report, with rising inflation and a looming economic crisis, income is at the forefront of most job seekers’ minds. A major emphasis has also been placed on the pursuit of happiness in their work.

With the ‘Great Resignation’ has come the ‘Great Realization,’ indicating that job candidates have been influenced to seek happiness in their careers and also jobs.

Let’s take a look at a few of the occupations where labor demand has increased post-recovery. In addition, we’ll share the highest-paying jobs in Canada in the list below. Remain tuned.


Are you looking to embark on a new professional journey in Canada in 2024? With the evolving job market, seizing new opportunities becomes crucial for career growth and success. In this article, we’ll explore the landscape of job opportunities in Canada and provide insights on how to secure your dream job.

Overview of Job Trends in Canada

Canada’s job market is dynamic, with certain industries experiencing significant growth. From technology to healthcare, understanding emerging job trends is essential for making informed career decisions.

Skills in Demand

Employers are constantly seeking candidates with specific skills. We’ll delve into the skills that are currently in high demand and discuss the importance of upskilling to stay competitive in the job market.


  • Insights into Job Trends: Learn important things about how the Canadian job market is changing and how changes in the economy and the “Great Resignation” have affected work trends.
  • In-Demand Professions: Learn about the jobs that will be in higher demand after the economy gets better. These include design, mechanical engineering, human resources management, bookkeeping, welding, nursing, customer service, and warehousing.
  • Future Job Openings: Get job opening forecasts for important fields, like over 49,000 jobs in human resources, 64,200 in computer programming, 11,300 in mechanical engineering, and 79,600 in accounting. This gives people looking for work a strategic perspective.
  • Sector-Specific Opportunities: Check out job openings in growing fields like biomedical, aerospace, automotive, renewable energy, and manufacturing. This will give you a full picture of the wide range of job possibilities available.
  • National Relevance: Learn about the importance of some jobs across the whole of Canada, like registered nursing, by looking at how they are used in different situations in every Canadian region.

List of New Jobs in Canada 2024

Human sources manager

This year, companies are having a difficult time finding employees. The competitive job market, budget constraints, the looming skills gap, and employee expectations (e.g., hybrid and remote work options) are just a few of the challenges that human resource managers are anticipated to face this year. Between 2024 and 2028, the Canadian government estimates there will be 49,000 job openings in human resources.


Developers have always been in demand in part because organizations of all types require them to create apps, create or maintain internal software, and assist with cloud and other technologies. The pandemic accelerated several digital tasks for services, thereby intensifying the need to recruit technology talent.

According to the report, there will be a total of 64,200 new job openings for computer programmers and multimedia programmers between now and 2028. Similarly, there will be over 11,600 job openings that cannot be filled due to the current skill gap.

Mechanical engineer

The report reveals that due to the expansion of the renewable resource industry, there is a significant demand for individuals with these skills. Not only in the renewables industry, but also in the aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and biomedical industries. It is anticipated that there will be 11,300 new job openings for mechanical engineers in Canada between now and 2028. Automation, mechatronics, and robotics, computational design, device and vehicle design, and liquid auto mechanics are the most prominent specializations in mechanical engineering.

 Bookkeeping service technicians

Accountancy professionals assist businesses in managing their financial documents. In this role, individuals can either serve as direct employees of the organization or offer their services as independent consultants.

According to the record, despite an increase in the number of new employees in the accounting industry, there is still a significant demand for accountants. There are expected to be over 79,600 job openings for accountants between now and 2028. Immigrants and new students are expected to fill these positions in the future.


Canada has a substantial manufacturing sector. Nevertheless, since the 1970s, high schools have not promoted the trades as a career path. This resulted in years of insufficient youth experience in the trades. There are more retirees than young Canadians entering the blue-collar workforce in this industry.

The Canadian government anticipates the opening of over 23,000 welding establishments by 2028. There are likely employment opportunities for skilled welders throughout Canada.

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Registered Nurse

For many years, registered nurses have been among the most sought-after healthcare jobs. They work in medical facilities, doctor’s offices, facilities, schools, government agencies, home health and wellness offices, nursing homes, as well as numerous other settings. They are essential for saving lives and providing daily services to a large number of Canadians, which places them at the top of the list of the most in-demand jobs.

Almost every district and territory in Canada are in need of RNs, and as a result of the departures of numerous RNs from their positions, clinical organizations are experiencing staffing shortages.

Consumer service agent

As a result of its high demand, the customer service representative is regarded as an excellent profession to enter. Numerous businesses are adopting Internet-based self-service or interactive systems for customer service, necessitating the ability to navigate these brand-new channels of communication. From now until 2028, it is anticipated that 60,400 client service agents will be required.

Warehouse employee

In the first quarter of 2022, the number of job openings for stockroom workers reached an all-time high of 957,500. The primary factor warehouse workers continue to require is that the Canadian market remains active. There are currently numerous job openings, and it is anticipated that there will be 15,700 job openings between now and 2028.


In conclusion, Randstad Canada’s study on the best jobs in Canada for 2024 shows how the job market is changing and how people are putting money and happiness first when they are looking for work. As people rethink their career options after the “Great Resignation,” the listed jobs offer good chances, with a focus on roles that are in high demand and pay well. People who are looking for work in the next few years can use the predicted job openings as a guide.

  1. What prompted the emphasis on happiness in the workplace?

    People looking for work have changed their priorities from just making money because of the “Great Resignation” and economic uncertainty. They now want to be happy in their jobs.

  2. Which sectors are experiencing a surge in demand for skilled professionals?

    Industries like biomedical, aerospace, renewable resources, and manufacturing are all looking for more skilled workers, especially in jobs like mechanical engineering.

  3. What is the expected outlook for the Canadian job market by 2028?

    The report anticipates significant job openings in various sectors, including human resources (49,000), computer programming (64,200), accounting (79,600), welding (23,000 establishments), and customer service (60,400 agents) by 2028.

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