Medical Internship in Australia For International Students 2023


Medical Internship in Australia For International Students 2023: Before being generally registered with the Medical Board of Australia, all medical graduates in Australia must satisfactorily complete an internship.
An intern training program may be given by one or more health services, although you will normally be hired by one facility throughout your internship. Terms can be completed in public and private hospitals, general clinics, and community-based organizations.
The intern training program will be overseen by a senior physician, the Director of Clinical Training. They also play a significant role in assisting interns and coordinating remediation with term supervisors.
Your internship is an essential element of the transition from medical school to independent practice and specialty training. It focuses on practical (on-the-job or work-based) training under the supervision of senior colleagues, who also offer you support, feedback, teaching, and assessment.

Details About Medical Internship in Australia For International Students 2023

Western Australian Postgraduate Medical Council

Interns participate in a series of term rotations designed to give experience in a variety of clinical settings. Interns must successfully complete:

Medical Internship in Australia For International Students 2023
Medical Internship in Australia For International Students 2023
  • A term of at least eight weeks that gives expertise in emergency medical treatment.
  • A minimum of ten weeks of medical experience
  • A minimum of ten weeks of surgical experience
  • A variety of additional allowed terms to make up 12 months (minimum of 47 weeks of full-time equivalent service).

Internship training can be done part-time, but it must be finished within three years after starting. Applications for 2023 WA medical intern slots start at 12 pm noon (AWST) Monday 9 May 2023 and conclude at 12 pm noon (AWST) Thursday 9 June 2023. Apply via PMCWA’s official website.


Medical Internship in South Australia

In South Australia, there are six health networks where you may complete your internship year. This year, you may request or be forced to do one or more rotations on any of the networks’ sites.

  • Central Adelaide Local Health Network (CALHN) – There are 129 intern places available in 2023 at Flinders and Upper North Local Health Network (FUNLHN) The number of intern slots is 5 Limestone Coast Local Health Network (LCLHN) – The number of intern positions is 8
  • Northern Adelaide Local Health Network (NALHN) – There are 63 intern opportunities available.
  • Riverland Mallee Coorong Local Health Network (RMCLHN) – 5 intern roles Southern Adelaide Local Health Network (SALHN) – 81 intern posts
  • Criteria for Internship Eligibility
  • To be eligible for an internship in South Australia, you must meet the following requirements: Have graduated from a medical school within the previous two years (to start an internship in 2023, you are a medical graduate of the 2023 or 2021 cohort).
  • Candidates with a medical degree from a non-Australian university must have passed both the Part 1 and Part 2 Australian Medical Council examinations.
  • Can demonstrate that you fulfill the English Language Skills Registration criteria.
  • Be able to start working on the January start date, which includes mandatory orientation, and complete the required 12-month contract.
  • Have completed electronic medical record (Sunrise EMR and PAS) medical student training.
  • You must be able to demonstrate that you will satisfy the conditions for registering with Ahpra.
  • Have NOT previously begun or finished an internship or worked as a doctor.
  • Be an Australian Citizen, Australian Permanent Residence, Australian Temporary Resident, New Zealand Citizen, or New Zealand Permanent Resident.
  • Have a residence status or visa that permits you to work freely in Australia for the length of your prevocational training.
  • Have completed and submitted an online application, including the submission of valid supporting papers, by the application closing date.

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Queensland Medical Internship

The Queensland Department of Health coordinates the annual campaign to recruit interns for positions in Hospitals and Health Services across the state.

These are the ongoing hospitals that are recruiting interns in Queensland;

Facility nameTotal intern positions
Bundaberg Hospital11
Caboolture Hospital17
Cairns Hospital51
Gold Coast University Hospital92
Hervey Bay Hospital8
Ipswich Hospital35
Logan Hospital39
Mackay Base Hospital35
Mater Hospital16
Mount Isa Hospital5
Princess Alexandra Hospital88
Queen Elizabeth II15
Redcliffe Hospital30
Redland Hospital5
Rockhampton Hospital36
Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital94
Sunshine Coast University Hospital72
The Prince Charles Hospital30
Toowoomba Hospital50
Townsville University Hospital75

The Dates for the application include the following; Queensland rural generalist pathway:

  • Application opens – on 8 March 2023 at 9 am (AEST)
  • Application closes – on 22 March 2023 at 4 pm (AEST)

ACT Junior Doctor Training Program

If you match the requirements, the junior doctor training program offers an internship program to both foreign and domestic students. The JDTP is divided into two streams:

  • Rural Primary Care Stream – offers compensation and educational assistance to junior physicians who practice and train in rural primary care settings.
  • The Private Hospital Stream supports up to 115 internships and up to 80 PGY 2 and 3 qualifying junior doctor positions in the 2023 training year.
  • For the 2023 application, the PHS junior doctor training program has recently closed. The Junior Doctor Training Program’s official webpage may be found here.

HEITI Medical Internship – New South Wales

The HEITI medical internship will formally commence worldwide on May 9, 2023, and will accept individuals who meet their standards.

The Health Education Training Institute (HETI) manages the yearly medical intern recruitment process, which places final-year medical graduates and qualifying applicants who have graduated from AMC-accredited institutions in internship positions in NSW hospitals and health facilities/campuses.

To apply for an intern job in NSW, submit your application online through the NSW Health Careers Portal using the Medical Intern Recruitment Campaign tile during the application period.

Similarly, if candidates want to apply for a post at one or more of the 12 Rural Preferential Recruitment (RPR) hospitals, they must submit a second application(s) through the NSW Health Careers Portal as part of the Medical Intern Recruitment Campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for overseas students to complete medical internships in Australia?

For overseas students studying at Australian medical institutions, the Commonwealth offers an extra Internship program. Over the years, the fundamental purpose of this program has been to give extra possibilities for overseas students studying medicine in Australia to complete their internship.

How can a foreign student find an internship in Australia?

To intern in Australia, you must first get an Occupational Trainee Visa. This visa is designed exclusively for travelers who want to obtain work experience in a structured workplace training program while in Australia. You will need your company to sponsor and nominate you in order to apply for this visa.

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