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Logistics Jobs In UAE 2023: Logistics is the business department responsible for overseeing and facilitating the entirety of the supply chain, from the business to the customer. Several logistics positions are often accountable for one or a few closely linked components of the supply chain, such as the procurement of raw materials, inventory management, production, packaging, shipping, and delivery.

The logistics department is responsible for logistics, warehousing, transportation, and customer service planning and management. The management, optimization, and coordination of the whole order cycle. Negotiating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers, and customers.


A bachelor’s degree in engineering, business management, supply chain, mathematics, or a related discipline is necessary for those interested in a career as a logistics analyst. Internships in the relevant field might provide a resume an advantage.


Logistics Coordinator Supply Manager, Logistics Manager, Logistic Analyst
Fleet manager, Facility manager Distribution center manager Production manager Contract administrator Procurement manager, Operations analyst Supply chain manager

UAE Logistics Career Opportunities Available

There are various roles available, but only the most enticing ones are listed here.

They consist of;

Logistics Director

As the Logistics Manager for Africa, Middle East, and Asia Project Operations, you will head a team of logistics professionals to allow the smooth and effective movement of fleet and spare parts throughout their operations.

Logistics Jobs In UAE 2023
Logistics Jobs In UAE 2023

You and your team will be imaginative in offering a world-class logistics function to guarantee that our fleet and spare parts are transferred from the place of origin to the point of need in a timely and cost-effective manner.

You and your team will be adaptable, responding to changes in the external environment to guarantee that Aggreko’s project sites have the fleet and spare parts they need to remain operating while applying best practices to increase the efficiency of our logistics operations.

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Your essential responsibilities:

  • You will direct your team in the planning, contracting, and execution of logistical moves within the AMEA organization.
  • You will keep an eye on developing market trends to guarantee that our logistics operations are consistently improved to keep our sites operational.
  • You will drive process improvement initiatives with your team to increase the efficacy of our logistics operations, decrease complexity, and enhance information flow to stakeholders.
  • You will direct your team’s problem-solving efforts to keep the fleet and components flowing to their destinations.

The following must be demonstrated:

  • A passion for logistics and providing innovative customer-focused solutions.
  • Knowledge of the requirements for a successful logistics function, including how to interact with external logistics suppliers and integrate new technology and procedures to improve logistics operations.
  • You are dynamic, proactive, and decisive, with the ability to cooperate across functions to generate value.
  • Being culturally competent and self-aware, you will appreciate the diversity within your team and throughout the global organization.
  • You will encourage and motivate your team to ensure that they are engaged in stimulating work and enthusiastic about the contribution they are making to Aggreko.

The knowledge and abilities necessary for success:

  • The essentials: an in-depth understanding of logistics and prior experience managing a successful logistics team.
  • Particularly in-depth knowledge of complicated freight flows across Africa and Asia
  • A self-aware and self-confident leader with strong written and vocal leadership communication and persuasion abilities.
  • Analytical. Capability to rapidly integrate and synthesize complicated facts and information into a framework for fact-based decision-making.


  • A familiarity with freight and tariff legislation throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • Previous working experience with third-party logistics suppliers
  • Implementation History of a Transportation Management System

Logistics Assistant

DFS seeks an accomplished Stock Handler to join our Logistics team. You will unload, load, and stage products in accordance with their product handling guidelines. You will monitor sales floor stock levels and guarantee appropriate supplies are always available.

  • Conduct CDC-related tasks such as receiving, tagging, stocking, issuing, loading containers, preparing shipping documentation, physical inventories, cycle counts, investigating “lost/found” items, and performing tote audits, among others.
  • Perform merchandise destruction as ordered by a Manager, Supervisor, or Team Leader, and in accordance with company regulations.
  • Manage tidy storage, cleaning, and workplaces Capable of lifting 50 pounds and carrying heavy products between locations Collaborate with coworkers to achieve productivity objectives Take steps to resolve issues or communicate effectively with supervisor for help Exhibit exceptional customer service Obey corporate policies, and rules, procedures, and safety protocols.

Key Prerequisites

  • comparable to a high school diploma or higher
  • A driver’s license is necessary (remove if not required)
  • Competent with business systems like MCS and WRx (if applicable)
  • As necessary, able to work flexible hours, such as weekends, evenings, and holidays.
  • Possess fundamental math skills
  • Strong communication abilities (oral and written)

Methods for Applying

Visit the link below to apply for any of the aforementioned positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the wage for a logistics position in the UAE?

Compensation for Logistics in Dubai, United Arab Emirates
The average monthly pay for Logistics in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 4,000 AED. The additional monetary compensation range for Logistics in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is AED 15 to AED 12,000.

Is logistics in high demand in the UAE?

According to research, the UAE logistics industry would develop at a 6.84% annual rate and be valued at $11.87 billion in 2026. According to the Technavio research, e-commerce was the primary driver of development “due to the increase in internet penetration in the UAE and the increasing availability to smartphones.”

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