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Low Skill Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Dubai 2023


Low Skill Visa Sponsorship Jobs In Dubai 2023: Regardless of whether a person is a skilled professional or an unskilled person trying to make it in life, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a good place to work and live. Many young professionals and unskilled individuals are planning how to advance their careers or job prospects for the coming year as 2023 draws near. Consider moving to the United Arab Emirates and working at one of the many positions we list here as a good option.

Please take note that the majority of the places we are listing have a visa sponsorship option for foreign nationals if you are concerned about how you will pay for your visa, air tickets, and other costs to get you to Dubai. This indicates that the employer will cover all or the majority of your travel expenses and hassles to get you to Dubai.

Why sponsorship of a visa?

Most businesses sponsor visas because it can be challenging to find skilled and unskilled labor locally, particularly for positions deemed to be too labor- or qualification-intensive. Other times, local labor simply isn’t enough to take advantage of all the opportunities, forcing employers to fill the gaps with foreign workers.

Sometimes a seasonal incident or emergency results in the requirement for visa sponsorship. For the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup, which ends on December 18th, many catering and hospitality businesses hired foreign labor to cover the tournament’s duration.

Unskilled jobs: what are they?

It’s common to assume that jobs with no formal education qualify as “unskilled jobs” by using the term. Far from it, unskilled jobs are those for which a college diploma or university degree—or any other tertiary credential—is not the primary requirement.

Consider the following occupations as examples: VIP drivers, valets, plumbers, welders, truck drivers, cooks, child and pet sitters, farm workers, cleaners, and many others. These positions are all categorized as unskilled jobs because they don’t necessarily require a college degree.

General job specifications

Most unskilled workers in Dubai and most of the rest of the world generally need to be able to read and write, especially in English. Since you will almost always be working in a team environment, being able to read and write improves one’s communication skills and ability to work well with others.

The jobs we list below also generally require that applicants have a high school diploma. Some of the jobs may also require completion of a three- to a four-year apprenticeship program or a combination of some work experience.

Nevertheless, look over the job openings, click on the application links, and take a chance. In 2023, Dubai will be waiting for you. Perhaps all you need to do is submit your job application; everything else will take care of itself.

Port to Port Immigration Services Inc. 

Port to Port is a port management organization with numerous offices throughout the UAE. Carpenters, boat builders, concrete mixers, landscaping laborers, food process quality officers, refrigeration and air conditioning mechanics, security officers, cooks, wardens, drivers, and other artisan jobs are among the many open positions at this company.

Seaman Maritime Academy Pvt Ltd

For helpers, gardeners, pet sitters, waitresses, cooks, drivers, panel beaters, machinists, welders, and other artisan jobs, this company has a number of job openings.

Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy

For the UAE’s upcoming leaders in the maritime sector, Abu Dhabi Maritime Academy offers top-notch maritime education and training. The institution has facilities for recruiting as well.

It has a variety of positions open for 2023, including those for drivers, plumbers, welders, truck drivers, cooks, child and pet sitters, farm workers, cleaners, housekeepers, and valets.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I get sponsorship to work in Dubai?

    In Dubai, a corporate sponsor might be a government or local agency that agrees to collaborate with you on your business incorporation. According to Article 10 (A) of Federal Law No. 2 (2015), any Emirati who agrees to become a local sponsor for a foreign enterprise must own at least 51% of the company.

  • What is the lowest-paid job in Dubai?

    Wealth Manager

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