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Doctoral degree programs at the London School of Economics and Political Science are currently accepting applications for study in the United Kingdom. For the academic year 2021–2022, the London School of Economics and Political Science will award a PhD Scholarship to all UK, EU, and international students pursuing a Ph.D. London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom, provides one hundred fully-funded studentships to doctoral candidates.

School of Economics and Political Science, London LSE is ranked second globally in the QS Rankings, tenth in the THE Rankings, and eighth globally in the Academic Ranking of World Universities in the field of social science. The studentships shall furnish a stipend in addition to covering the complete cost of tuition. Additionally, you may enroll for a fully-funded Ph.D. in Japan.


Details of London School of Economics and Political Science Scholarship:

UniversityLondon School of Economics and Political Science
Study LevelPh.D. Degree


The duration of the Ph.D. studentship is four years.


No of Scholarship

London School of Economics and Political Science is projected to offer approximately one hundred studentships.

Financial Coverage:

The following will be covered by the studentships:

  • Complete tuition.
  • Subsidy for daily living expenses. (£17,000 to £18,000 Per Year)

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Benefits of London School of Economics and Political Science Scholarship:

  • Financial Assistance: The financial assistance that an LSE scholarship provides is one of its principal advantages. Scholarships can reduce the financial burden on students and their families by covering tuition, living expenses, and other educational costs.
  • Affordability of a World-Class Education: Academic excellence at LSE is acknowledged on an international level, with a particular emphasis on economics, politics, sociology, law, and international relations. Scholarships to LSE provide students with the opportunity to flourish academically and receive a superior education.
  • Exposure on an International Scale: From around the globe, LSE attracts a diverse student body and faculty. Receiving a scholarship at LSE affords students the chance to engage in meaningful interactions with individuals hailing from diverse cultural contexts, thereby cultivating an authentically global educational encounter.
  • Promotion of Networking Opportunities: LSE boasts an extensive alumni network comprising prominent figures from diverse sectors such as academia, business, politics, and more. By participating in networking opportunities, scholarship recipients can gain access to authorities and professionals in their chosen field.
  • Optimal Research Prospects: The LSE is renowned for its contributions to social science research. Recipients of scholarships might be allowed to participate in research endeavors, collaborate with distinguished faculty members, and make contributions to the forefront of their fields of study.
  • Professional Development: Possessing a scholarship on your academic transcript while graduating from LSE can bolster your resume and provide opportunities for career progression. Employers frequently value degrees obtained from reputable institutions, and they also recognize the competitive nature of LSE scholarships.
  • Academic and personal development: LSE’s rigorous academic environment requires students to exercise analytical and critical thought. Recipients of scholarships are afforded the chance to attain academic and personal development, thereby acquiring skills that are in high regard across a range of professional contexts.
  • Prestige and Acknowledgment: An LSE scholarship confers a distinguished qualification that enhances the academic and professional standing of the recipient. Acquiring this recognition may confer benefits in the pursuit of advanced education or the job market.
  • Leadership and Participation: Scholarships from the LSE may impose stipulations on recipients, such as community service, participation in extracurricular activities, or leadership positions. This participation fosters the growth of students’ leadership abilities and sense of accountability.
  • Enhancement of Diversity: Fostering a diverse and inclusive environment is a priority for LSE. Scholarships may be bestowed in recognition of academic distinction, financial necessity, or contributions to diversity, thereby facilitating access to the institution’s resources for a more extensive spectrum of students.


  • Available scholarships are those for students from the United Kingdom, the European Union, and any other country.
  • Scholarships are offered to incoming students who are commencing their studies during the academic year 2021-2022.
  • Outstanding scholarly aptitude and potential for investigation
  • The English language requirement must be fulfilled.

Fields of Study LSE StudentShip

The studentship is offered across all academic disciplines offered by The London School of Economics and Political Science.

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How to Apply for London School of Economics and Political Science Scholarship?

The application process for this scholarship is conducted online; to apply, please visit the official announcement of the scholarship or follow the link provided below.

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  1. Does the London School of Economics and Political Science offer scholarships?

    Each year, LSE awards several scholarships, funded by private or corporate donations. The number, value, eligibility criteria, and type of scholarships vary from year to year. All scholarships are awarded based on financial circumstances in the first instance, and they also take into account academic merit.

  2. Does LSE give scholarships to international students?

    The school provides generous financial support, in the form of bursaries and scholarships, to overseas students.

  3. Is it hard to get into the London School of Economics and Political Science?

    Getting into LSE can be quite competitive, but don’t be discouraged. Acceptance rates at LSE vary depending on the program and the number of applicants each year. In 2021–2022, the undergraduate acceptance rate was 12.2%.

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