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Swiss National Research Foundation Ambizione Postdoc Grants 2024


The Swiss National Research Foundation is currently considering applications from international students worldwide for Ambizione Postdoc Grants 2024. Young researchers who desire to conduct, manage, and direct an independent project at a Swiss higher education institution are eligible to apply for Ambizione grants.

The program supports both Swiss and foreign youth researchers. Additionally, scientists occupying non-professorial academic positions at institutions of higher education are qualified to apply.

The Swiss Federal Government has authorized the Swiss National Science Foundation to support scientific research. Alexander von Muralt, a physicist and physician, founded the Swiss National Science Foundation in 1952 under private law.


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Details of Swiss National Research Foundation Ambizione Postdoc Grants:

FoundationSwiss National Research Foundation
Position jobPostdoc

Eligibility of Grant:

  • Doctorates (PhDs) or successful completion of medical studies (Staatsexamen or equivalent examination) are prerequisites for admission.
  • Ph.D. applications must be submitted within four years of the candidate’s completion. The pertinent date is the date of the examination or the defense of the doctoral dissertation.
  • Those who have fulfilled the requirements of their medical examination and have engaged in clinical practice for a minimum of three years after the conclusion of their academic pursuits (holding specialist certification from the FMH is a plus) are eligible to apply within nine years of finishing the medical exam.
  • Twelve-month research activities following the doctorate (Ph.D.) or, correspondingly, the medical license.

Field of Research:

  • Humanities
  • Social Sciences
  • Mathematics
  • Natural
  • Engineering
  • Sciences
  • Biology and Medicine
  • Biology and Medicine (Preventive Med./Clinically Active Researchers)


The deadline for Swiss National Research Foundation-funded Ambizione Postdoc Grants is November 1, 2024.

Benefits of Swiss National Research Foundation Ambizione Postdoc Grants:

  • Financial Assistance: Financial assistance is available to Swiss research institutions and individuals conducting scientific research. Such assistance may be utilized to cover equipment purchases, personnel salaries, and other costs associated with the research.
  • The Advancement of Scientific Excellence: By funding projects that exhibit ingenuity and make significant contributions to the progression of knowledge, the foundation endeavors to foster scientific excellence and high-quality research.
  • Cross-Border Cooperation: The SNSF frequently promotes and supports international collaboration, which makes it easier for Swiss researchers to connect with their fellow citizens all over the world. This may result in the exchange of knowledge and concepts.
  • Profession Development: Early-career scientists may be eligible for funding opportunities from the foundation, which could assist them in launching their scientific endeavors and making contributions to the scientific community.
  • Assistance in Diverse Disciplines: The SNSF is renowned for its support of interdisciplinary initiatives, social science research, and natural science research, among others. The funding is accessible to researchers across various disciplines due to its broad purview.
  • The Peer Review Method: Research proposals are typically subjected to a stringent peer-review process by the SNSF to determine their quality and viability. This ensures that initiatives receiving funding possess scientific merit and are likely to generate significant contributions to their respective disciplines.

How to Apply for Swiss National Research Foundation Ambizione Postdoc Grants?

Candidate interest and eligibility can be submitted online.

How should a proposal be submitted?

Submission of applications is required through the mySNF platform.

  • mySNF
  • Guidelines for submitting an Ambizione proposal (PDF, 25 KB)

For Contact-  E-mail

More Info

  1. Who funds the Swiss National Science Foundation?

    The federal government is responsible for funding the SNSF. We accept bequests and donations that are consistent with our funding mission and strategic orientation.

  2. What is the Swiss National Science Foundation in Germany? 

    The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF, German: Schweizerischer Nationalfonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, SNF; French: Fonds national suisse de la recherche scientifique, FNS; Italian: Fondo nazionale svizzero per la ricerca scientifica) is a science research support organization mandated

  3. What is the Swiss Program for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams?

    Excellent research consortia from two to four countries submit research projects for funding through SPIRIT, the Swiss Programme for International Research by Scientific Investigation Teams. Researchers from all disciplines can apply for a SPIRIT grant. The topics are chosen by the researchers themselves.

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