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Latest PPSC Jobs from the Punjab Public Service Commission have been changed. The Punjab Public Service Commission in Lahore puts out ads about accountant jobs that are open. It makes some changes to the ad that was in the newspapers

What is PPSC?

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) is a government body in Punjab, Pakistan, that is in charge of hiring people for different provincial departments and services. PPSC was set up to make sure that people are hired based on their skills, and it uses tests and interviews to find the best people for the jobs that are being offered.


Punjab Public Service Commission Advertisement

After making some changes to the previous ads, PPSC puts out new ones. Based on different limits, it changes the total number of job openings. As in the last ad, there were 76 total open positions based on ability. After the Punjab Local Government Act of 2013 goes into effect, the Administrative Department makes changes to different limits. In the Department of local government and community development in Punjab, this important job is open. Those who want to apply for the job of Accountant BPS-14 can do so.

Latest PPSC Jobs - Apply Now
Latest PPSC Jobs – Apply Now

Detail of Posts

Before, the department would let everyone know when this job was open. After changes, it is now open to applications from suitable men, women, disabled people, and people from minority groups.

Sr.NoName of PostNumber of previous requisite postsNumber of posts after decreasingOpen merit QuotaWomen QuotaSpecial PersonsMinority Quota

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Table of Vacancies

Sr.NoName of PostPrevious VacanciesNo. of Posts after Decreasing  Open MeritWomen QuotaSpecial Person QuotaMinority Quota
1.Chief Officer /Deputy Chief Officer /Municipal Officer/Tehsil Officer Regulation /Directors150101000
2.Chief Officer/Municipal Officer /Tehsil Officer /Administrative Officers/Assistant Directors343425050202
3.Municipal Officer (finance) and DMO Finance /Tehsil Officer Finance /Directors0900000
4.Tehsil Officer Planning /DMO Planning/ AMO Planning662107110201
5.Municipal Officer Finance531811050101
6.Tehsil Officer Architect URE/Municipal Officer Architect TRUE /AMO Architect URE764236030104

People Also Ask

  • Are PPSC jobs only for Punjab residents?

    Yes, PPSC jobs are primarily for Punjab residents, although some positions may be open to candidates from other provinces.

  • Can women apply for PPSC jobs?

    Absolutely! PPSC encourages applications from both male and female candidates.

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