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Latest Jobs in Germany for Foreigners – Apply Now


Latest Jobs in Germany for Foreigners: In Germany, there are tens of thousands of well-paying jobs available to everyone. Although there are alternatives for free education and scholarships in Germany, it is also rather common for people to travel there in quest of permanent employment.

Workers are constantly on the lookout for better-paying opportunities. Although discovering it is difficult, it is doable. Businesses have a wide selection of low-cost options due to increased competition and consumer desire for low-cost operations.


This is not to dismiss careers with higher starting pay. This post will examine the top ten highest-paying vocations in Germany, which average more than $30 per hour, as well as the employers where you can apply.


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The true purpose of devoting time and effort to a career is to earn enough money to achieve financial stability. Jobs that do not pay fair compensation for the additional time and effort required are unappealing since workers cannot better their financial condition while putting in the required effort.

The German job market publishes openings for trainees, skilled, knowledgeable, competent, and recent graduates paying $30 per hour on a regular basis. In Germany, there are numerous lucrative work opportunities. In Germany, the finest job opportunities pay more than $30 per hour.

List of German Jobs for foreigners:

Business Managers Jobs

  • Because of their important responsibilities, business managers earn a high living. The responsibilities of business managers are influenced by the size of the organization. Business management is primarily responsible for the technical, planned, and operational aspects of a company’s market.
  • Smaller businesses in Germany may require business managers to handle operations involving personnel, money, sales, and so on. Business Managers will be in charge of directing individual teams within larger corporations to achieve predetermined goals.
  • Business managers are paid much more because of their enormous duties. They can work for any organization, but few are paid as well as the one we mentioned. Business managers in Germany can make at least $30 per hour working for companies such as BMW, Siemens, Airbus, Allianz, and others.

Risk Managers Jobs

  • Risk managers play important roles in businesses. A risk manager must be meticulously thorough and analytical. This is primarily due to risk managers’ attempts to identify the risks associated with organizational capital or investments before implementing sensible solutions to address those risks.
  • Risk managers are critical to the growth of a business because they advise on the risks associated with a decision and consider any potential benefits for the organization. Among the firms in Germany that provide job opportunities for risk managers are Commerzbank, Continental AG, Talanax Konzern Hiring, and others.

Pre-Sales Manager Jobs

  • Because of the scale at which their advertising and commercial operations are carried out, larger organizations frequently employ pre-sales managers. They are responsible for supervising pre-sales setup, which involves establishing a sales team and laying the groundwork for sales activities. Pre-sales managers can also troubleshoot items.
  • They are responsible for developing captivating presentations, demonstrations, and pitches that will persuade the audience to purchase the provided goods or services. Furthermore, they are critical in the development and preparation of the manufacturing and sales teams for sales campaigns. Pre-sales Managers are hired by a variety of prestigious firms, including Bayer AG, Audi, and P&G positions in Germany.

Service Delivery Manager Jobs

  • Depending on the aims and available budget of each organization, service delivery managers may hold a range of responsibilities. The primary responsibility of these delivery managers is to develop efficient systems and processes for the delivery of high-quality services. They communicate frequently with clients in order to solve their difficulties.
  • The Service Delivery Managers consult with the leadership to ensure financial management while balancing consumer expectations for satisfaction with the leadership’s perspectives. Mercedes Group, Daimler AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, SAP SE, and Mercedes Group are among the biggest employers in this field.
Latest Jobs in Germany for Foreigners
Latest Jobs in Germany for Foreigners

German EHS Manager Jobs

  • Environmental health and safety managers are accountable for two things. An EHS manager’s primary role is to develop safe SOPs (standard operating procedures) that protect workers’ lives and health.
  • Safety and health for the environment managers are frequently hired in industry due to the hazards they face. Environmental health and safety managers are also in charge of protecting the environment from human risks. Although this appears to be a straightforward classification, it takes solid judgment and rapid thinking.
  • Complying with the relevant SOPs also necessitates knowledge of German legislation. Several manufacturers, like GE Construction Jobs, Volkswagen, INEOS, ISG GmbH Jobs Germany, and others, offer competitive salaries to their employees.

Key Account Manager Jobs

  • Key account managers have a large influence on a company’s sales team. The key account managers are assigned a company account or an account belonging to an organization. They must keep the enterprise’s strategic purpose in mind while maintaining this account.
  • Banks employ the vast majority of important account managers. Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, DKB, N26, and other German banks require Key Account Managers.

HR Managers Jobs

  • A company’s human resource manager is tasked with a lot of responsibilities. This is primarily due to the human resource manager’s responsibilities to hire and onboard new employees. They are responsible for more than just hiring and training staff. HR managers are also expected to create relevant working procedures, monitor employee performance, and respond to employee complaints.
  • The realization that HR Managers have direct power over employees contributes to their high salaries. Porsche, Adidas Jobs, Atlanta, and other German companies require human resource managers.

Production Engineer Jobs

  • Production engineers are in charge of developing viable manufacturing procedures. Anything, from a bottle to a car, can be good. As a result, there are numerous fields of study for production engineers. The development of processes for the fabrication of things is required in the manufacturing process, which heavily relies on strategic insight and the design of operating procedures.
  • To build effective processes, production engineers must be informed of current trends and industry norms. There are numerous attractive opportunities for production engineers in Germany, which boasts one of Europe’s largest industrial businesses. Armedangels, August Storck, Behr GmbH & Co. KG, BioNTech Jobs, and others are just a handful of the companies that offer such pay.

Channel Managers Jobs

  • A channel manager is generally employed in the press or travel industries. However, this does not exclude them from seeking employment in a different field. Channel Managers play an important role in marketing strategy.
  • To develop effective marketing strategies, the position requires in-depth knowledge of industry trends and demographics. They are essential for establishing client relationships, which expands a company’s market. Channel managers are in high demand at well-known firms such as ITB Berlin News, ZDF Germany Jobs, and SPIEGEL ONLINE-International, among others.

Pilot Jobs

  • Because there are so many airlines in Germany, there are many opportunities for pilots. First officers may be hired as pilots by airlines. Based on their success, they are promoted to trainee captains and captains. They can still choose between short- and long-distance trips. Candidates for the position of pilot must be calm and focused in order to be picked.
  • Along with financial benefits, this profession allows you to travel the world. Lufthansa, Eurowings, Condor, Swiss International Airlines, and other major German airlines are among the employers.

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People Also Ask:

  1. How can I work in Germany as a foreigner?

    Almost everyone has to submit an application for a visa to work in Germany at the German Embassy or Consulate in their native country. Only citizens of the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, or South Korea are not prohibited from applying for a visa.

  2. How long is PR in Germany?

    You must have lived in Germany for at least five years (or three years if married to a German citizen) to be eligible for this permit. You must also show assurance of job, financial resources, and German skills. You can stay in Germany permanently if you have this permit.

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