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Jobs In Canada With Canadian Work Visa 2023


Jobs In Canada With Canadian Work Visa 2023: There are current jobs in Canada for everyone in prestigious multinational corporations and governmental institutions. Are you looking for top Canadian employers who sponsor visas for employment? Do you wish to work in Canada for an international corporation?

So you’ve come to the correct site, then. The top 20 Canadian companies that provide jobs with visa sponsorship have been listed.


Here is a List of Jobs In Canada With Canadian Work Visa

Canadian Pacific Railway Jobs

One of the most well-known class 1 railroads operating in Canada and one that has been around for a while is Canadian Pacific. Every year, the railway makes billions of dollars. In order to expand in new cities, they are therefore seeking new, experienced workers. The railway provides its employees with a competitive benefits package.


Vacancies: Mechanical manager, engineer, and other supervisor roles are available with visa sponsorship.

Benefits: Canadian Pacific provides its employees with a wide range of benefits, including comprehensive life, dental, and health insurance, a pension plan, wellness initiatives, employee discounts, family assistance initiatives, scholarships for employees’ children, and specialized initiatives for the support of female and disabled employees.

 Coca-Cola Jobs

Coca-Cola is the first brand that comes to mind when we think of beverages. The business is renowned for providing beverages all around the world. Its headquarters are, however, in Canada. They also currently provide employment that requires visa sponsorship to folks all over the world.

Vacancies: Working for Coca-Cola offers many advantages. These include engineers, production managers, production employees, technicians, contact managers, senior or assistant managers, and production managers.

Elastic path Jobs

Elastic Path is another eCommerce business that is growing quickly in Canada. The business works to give companies with complex requirements quick and easy commerce solutions. Therefore, you are in luck if you have experience in the area.

Jobs: It’s simple to find employment that will sponsor your visa in the fields of eCommerce, marketing, software engineering, and information technology.

Benefits: While working on the elastic path, you’ll enjoy the advantages listed below. Equity in pay, parenting initiatives, first-rate health benefits, remote employment, paid time off, and retirement savings initiatives.

Magna International Jobs

One of the largest automotive manufacturers in Canada is Magna. The international corporation specializes in producing automotive components for various businesses. Canada is one of the nations where Magna is expanding and conducting business. As a result, they are seeking experts from all over the world to fill roles that require visa sponsorship.

Vacancies: The sectors of engineering, human resources, finances, and information technology all have openings at the moment.

Benefits: Working at Magna has many advantages, some of which include paid holidays, a 401(k), life insurance, and health insurance. Paid sick days, a relaxed working environment and dress code, employee cell phones, and new hire orientation sessions.

Scotiabank Jobs

One of the largest Canadian banks that deals with money are Scotiabank. Whether it is in investment, private banking, corporate, or commercial banking, the bank operates in numerous cities and nations. The bank provides a competitive benefits package to its employees, ranging from 15 to 35 Canadian dollars per hour. As the business grows, it is now willing to sponsor international employees visas.

Current job openings include those in the industries of retail banking, commercial banking, finance, accounting, wealth management, regulations, and compliance.

Benefits: The bank provides a wide range of advantages to its staff. Health insurance, telecommuting, flexible work schedules, the right training program for students and new hires, special programs for women, and three weeks’ vacation are a few of them.

Microsoft Jobs

Nobody is unfamiliar with the word Microsoft when it comes to the largest technological company. The corporation is well known for making consumer electronics, personal computers, computer software, and associated goods. The business is working to hire specialists and professionals from all over the world, and they are also providing visa sponsorship for this purpose.

Vacancies: There are several openings in a variety of sectors. Some of these include management, information technology, software engineering, designing, engineering, manufacturing hardware, and sales.

Benefits: The business strives to maintain client satisfaction. As a result, they provide benefits to employees like life, health, and dental insurance. They also provide insurance in case of accidental deaths and mental health services. You can take advantage of 12 days of sick time.

Google Canada Jobs

Another well-known international corporation that sponsors visas for employees is Google Canada, which offers positions to workers from all over the world.

No of your level of IT or development expertise, there are openings. Google is hiring for a variety of positions. Additionally, jobs in project management, data analysis, and UX design are available.

Perks: Google provides its staff with a wide range of benefits, including on-site wellness centres, spaces for maintaining their physical and mental health, assistance programmes, and medical, dentistry, and vision insurance.

P&H Farming Jobs

For citizens of Canada, agriculture and farming generate considerable income. As a result, reputable businesses are now hiring experts from all around the world to advance the farming and agricultural industries. And Parrish and Heimbecker are one of them. The business provides its services in the areas of grain marketing, feed mills, and flour mills. For their skills, persons with experience in this area are especially appreciated.

Production manager, supervisor, poultry feed expert, maintenance manager, health and safety manager, and associated positions are all vacant.

Benefits: Working at P&H has many advantages. You can benefit from housing, health insurance, and relocation assistance.


You’re in luck if you have experience in finance and accounting because there are many of chances in similar industries in Canada. One of them is the international business KMPG, which provides advisory, tax, and audit services. The business also supports visas for specialists and professionals from all over the world. Employee salaries range from $420,000 to $455,000 per year.

Senior managers, senior analysts, senior consultants, solution architects, information technology, development, software, advisory, and digital work postings are just a few of the positions that are vacant at KMPG.

Benefits: To keep their staff happy, they provide a wide range of benefits. To support the employees financially, some of these benefits include paid time off, vacations, health and life insurance, as well as financial and retirement plans.

Enbridge Jobs

Enbridge, one of Canada’s largest pipeline operators, offers to sponsor visas for foreign nationals seeking employment. The business works to move crude oil, natural gas, and other resources through the pipeline. They are spread across several nations. However, they require specialists to fill the labour deficit because their head office is in Canada.

Senior advisers, measurement advisors, construction advisors, analysts, engineers, solar plant supervisors, and other positions are all vacant.

Benefits: Working at Enbridge has many advantages. The business provides a hybrid work style, a flexible wellness package, paid leaves, a pension plan, a family support programme, employee scholarship programmes, and group savings plans.

How much money need to enter Canada on a working visa?

If you are moving to Canada or going there for employment, you should bring as much cash as you can to cover your living expenses before you start working. The exception is if you carry more than CAN$10,000 (€6,804).

How to get a valid job offer in Canada?

full-time (at least 30 hours a week)
not seasonal.
made by one employer.

What is the minimum salary in Canada

What is the Canadian minimum wage? In 2023′ Canada’s minimum wage will rise to 15.5 CAD/hour (1822.19 USD/month). Employees were paid a minimum of 1 CAD/Hour and a maximum of 14.25 CAD/Hour.

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