Internship Software Engineer in Germany at ABB Ltd Automation Company

Internship Software Engineer in Germany at ABB Ltd Automation Company: ABB Ltd Automation Company is an expert at expressing the brand throughout all contacts with clients and potential clients and keeping an eye on rival businesses in the sector.
You must read the information below this page in order to obtain more knowledge about the requirements, obligations, and rewards of an internship as a software engineer. ABB is a leader in automation and electrification technology, creating a future that is more resource-conserving and sustainable. The company’s solutions link software and engineering expertise to optimize the production, movement, power, and operation of objects. ABB’s 105,000 workers are dedicated to driving breakthroughs that hasten industrial transformation, building on more than 130 years of excellence.

Unveiling the Internship as Software Engineer in Germany at ABB Ltd Automation Company

An Immersive Learning Experience

The internship at ABB Ltd. Automation Company is more than just a short job; it’s a life-changing way to learn. As an intern, you’ll be working with cutting-edge technology that can be used in the real world. You’ll work with professionals who have been doing this for a long time. You’ll be a part of real-world projects that help shape the future of automation.

Cultural Enrichment

Germany, which is known for its long past and lively culture, is a great place to do an internship. You’ll be immersed in a new way of life and learn world perspectives that will help you outside of work. From visiting historic sites to eating delicious food, everything you do outside of work is a chance to grow as a person.

Mentorship and Guidance

ABB Ltd Automation Company values the development of its interns. You’ll be guided by experienced mentors who are dedicated to nurturing your skills and knowledge. This mentorship is a priceless aspect of the internship, offering insights that extend beyond textbooks.

Internship Software Engineer in Germany at ABB Ltd Automation Company

Details About Internship Software Engineer in Germany at ABB Ltd Automation Company

  • Company name: ABB Ltd. Automation Germany’s Ladenburg is the company’s address.
  • Software Engineer Internship is the title of the post.
  • Workweek: Monday through Saturday, except Sundays.
  • Type of Employment: Full-Time
  • Pay: €44,939 annually
  • Benefit: Additional Benefits


  • Participate in continuing research on software development in the areas of Industrial Internet of Things, Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Distributed Fault-Tolerant Computing Systems, and Control Application Engineering.
  • Encourage examination of cutting-edge technologies including Applied Machine Learning, Cloud and Edge Computing, Digital Twins, 5G Networking, Containerization and Container Orchestration using Docker and Kubernetes, and Microservice Architectures.
  • In order to extend the software architecture and development process of current ABB product offerings to creative next-generation prototypes
  • As a member of the project team, driving an individual job task.


  • study background in information technology, software and systems engineering, computer science, or a related field
  • knowledge of programming in OOP (Java or C#) or other languages (C/C++)
  • Additional knowledge in applicable machine learning and scripting languages, such as Python, is a plus.
  • An advantage would be additional knowledge of industrial communication protocols (OPC UA) and PLC programming languages.
  • Knowledge of git-based collaborative development workflows and IDEs for collaborative software development (Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, Eclipse, etc.)
  • You are an effective communicator with the strong English speaking and writing abilities needed by a global team.

ABB’s Corporate Research Center Germany is situated in Ladenburg, halfway between the two bustling German cities of Heidelberg and Mannheim.

Heidelberg combines middle-European roots with a vibrant energy as a result of a large number of international students. All necessary compensation will be given to you throughout the internship.

Please be aware that internships are often only available for six months, and let us know if you are applying for a voluntary or required internship.

If an internship is required, please submit the relevant section of your university’s internship policies.

High-potential students who work at ABB have the opportunity to join their talent pool through a variety of student events and direct interaction with ABB’s HR.

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The future of safe, intelligent, and sustainable electricity is being written

From substation to socket, ABB’s Electrification division offers a diverse spectrum of products, digital solutions, and services, enabling safe, intelligent, and sustainable electrification. Offerings include modular substations, solar inverters, EV infrastructure, distribution automation, power protection, wire accessories, switchgear, enclosures, cabling, sensors, and control for low- and medium-voltage.


Future of Smart Motion Writing

The largest global provider of drives and motors is ABB’s Motion division. We provide customers with a full range of mechanical power transmission equipment, integrated digital powertrain systems, electrical motors, generators, drives, and services. We provide services for a wide range of automation applications in the discrete and process industries, infrastructure, and transportation.

Automation of Process

Future-proofing safe and intelligent operations

In addition to industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, software, and advanced services, as well as measurement & analytics, and marine offerings, ABB’s Process Automation business provides a wide range of solutions for process and hybrid industries. Globally, Process Automation is ranked second. ABB’s Process Automation division is shaping the future of safe and intelligent operations in close collaboration with clients.

Automation & Discrete Robotics

Future flexible manufacturing and smart machine writing

Robotics & Discrete Automation, a division of ABB, offers value-added solutions for factory, machine, and robotic automation. Our comprehensive automation solutions, application know-how across numerous industries, and global presence provide real value to our clients. Our emphasis on innovation includes a lot of work in AI, a network of digital alliances, and the growth of our manufacturing and research capacities through our $150 million investment in a brand-new, top-notch robotics facility in Shanghai.

People Also Ask

  • Is there financial compensation for interns?

    Yes, ABB Ltd. Automation Company does offer fair pay packages to its interns. This makes sure that you get paid for what you do.

  • Are there language requirements for the internship?

    While knowing English well is important, knowing a little bit of German is not required but can be helpful.

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