Internship in Austria 2023 Apply Now


Internship in Austria 2023: Students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree are eligible to participate in the Internship in Austria program, which is a paid internship program that is aimed to give students the opportunity to get research experience. An incredible opportunity for students is available in the form of a fully-funded internship in Austria with pay.

International students have the chance to participate in a paid internship program lasting for one year. The pupils will be paid a remuneration of 1086 Euros each and every month.


About Internship Opportunities in Austria:

As part of the application process, a prospective intern will typically be required to select a group with whom to collaborate, and the head of that group will choose a study to do.


ISTers are given an overview of the research conducted at IST Austria as well as the IST Austria Graduate School when they first arrive at IST Austria. At the conclusion of the program, ISTerns will have the opportunity to present their research projects at a research symposium that will be attended by their peers, faculty, and lab mentors.

Internship in Austria 2023 Apply Now
Internship in Austria 2023 Apply Now

There will be no opportunities for interns who speak any other language but English and all internships will be full-time positions. Students enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs can take advantage of fully funded internship opportunities in Austria through the Institute of Science and Technology. IST is a name in the field of Science and Technology that is quickly increasing, and it is located on the outskirts of the beautiful city of Vienna in Austria.

Why should I consider applying for an internship with IST in Austria?

The successful applicants will participate in a brief research project at the Institute of Science and Technology in Vienna, where they will collaborate with a member of the institute’s faculty or a lab member. Do not pass up this opportunity to have all of your travel, study, and other fees covered by our Summer Program; instead, submit your application as soon as possible.

If you are someone who has a strong desire to travel and would like to learn more about the culture and beauty of Austria throughout the summer, then you should participate in our completely financed summer program. Austria is a lovely area to study and explore more about the culture and nature.

It is imperative that you sign up for the free online courses offered by Harvard University in the year 2023.

An Abbreviated Account:

  • Where: in the Austrian Alps
  • Possibility: Already Completely Funded
  • Internship (as a Program)
  • Students Pursuing Both a Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree
  • Period of Time: One Year
  • Open for submissions at any time during the year

The following are the eligibility requirements for summer internships in Austria:

  • Students currently enrolled in either a Bachelor of Science or a Master of Science program are eligible to apply.
  • Capable in the English Language

Eligible Fields:

The following types of work offer opportunities for internships:

  • The study of computers
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Neuroscience
  • Data science Scientific Computing
  • Mathematics, as well as fields that are related to the aforementioned academic disciplines

Gains to Be Obtained through Completing a Summer Internship in Austria:

This internship is fully funded, and it provides coverage for the following responsibilities:

  • A stipend of 1086 euros per month will be provided.
  • Help with housing costs in the form of monetary assistance
  • There is lodging available just on campus.
  • Remuneration in the form of money each month
  • Insurance for Medical Care

Required paperwork for the application is as follows:

  • Purpose and Objectives Statement (learn how to write a good SOP )
  • 1 or 2 references, together with their contact information, should be included on your CV.
  • transcripts and diplomas for any and all degrees that you have already earned or are currently working toward.
  • These should be presented in both the language they were originally written in (the original language) and in English.
How to Apply
How to Apply

How to Apply for an Internship in Austria During the Summer?

The first thing you need to do is figure out which research organization you would be most interested in cooperating with. You will get a better idea of the variety of study groups that are accessible after reading this overview of research groups.

When you have located a research group that you are interested in collaborating with, you should write an email directly to the leader of the research group, containing the following information:

  • A condensed explanation of your history and the reasons you’re interested in working with us.
  • A curriculum vitae (in PDF format) that details relevant experience as well as education.
  • Dates available for internships to be taken.

If the head of the research group is interested in having you work for them as a scientific intern, they will be in touch with you about the next step in the process.

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