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Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students


Living in Canada can be challenging for overseas students due to the high cost of living in the majority of the country’s major cities. However, as an international student in Canada, you can live comfortably on a small budget. All you need to do is make the most of your working hours by looking for high-paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students.

Don’t be afraid now. With a large workforce, Canada is one of the most attractive countries for drawing professionals from all over the world. Employers are always searching for skilled and enthusiastic people to join their teams. You can simply find something that works for you with Canada’s advantageous work permit.


Aside from the financial benefits that part-time jobs provide, working abroad will allow you to enhance your abilities. Working a part-time job in Canada for international students can also help you network and connect with top professionals in your industry, which may lead to future chances.


We’ll go through some of the highest-paying part-time jobs in Canada for international students in this article to help you make an informed selection and better your financial condition. We will also go through the advantages of working part-time.

To make your search easier, we’ve included information on the average pay, the amount of experience required, and the qualifications required to work in these positions. Let’s go look at them together.

Is experience needed for a part-time job in Canada as an international student?

  • NO is the answer. There are numerous chances for international students to earn more money in Canada. The good news is that you don’t have to be a graduate or a highly trained worker to get most of these jobs. There are many part-time jobs accessible worldwide that merely demand you to be well-behaved and have an outstanding work ethic.
  • However, as an international student in Canada looking for part-time work, there are some considerations you should bear in mind. Before you may work in Canada, you must first have a valid work permit and a valid student visa. Make sure you complete these conditions to avoid getting into trouble.
  • Second, you can only work for the amount of time specified by your company. This changes depending on the employer. So, before you start the job, make sure you do a thorough check. Third, you must work more hours than the Canadian government requires. International students can work up to 20 hours per week during academic sessions and full-time during designated vacations such as holidays in Canada.
  • To stand out, you must also have a well-written resume and cover letter. Yes, you read that correctly. Even if you lack experience, a well-written CV and cover letter can make an excellent first impression. This will land you an interview and a job. We can assist you with that.

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Benefits of Highest Paying Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

  • Financial Assistance: Part-time employment enables international students to supplement their income for tuition, rent, supplies, and other essential living expenses. Higher-paying part-time jobs may provide greater financial autonomy and stability.
  • Work Experience: International students can develop transferable skills and acquire valuable work experience through part-time employment, which can bolster their resumes and increase their employability in the future Canadian and international job markets.
  • Networking Opportunities: Part-time employment affords international students the chance to establish professional connections with individuals who are active in their respective fields of study or industries of interest. Developing connections with clients, colleagues, and employers can result in future employment prospects and mentorship alliances.
  • Language Development: Depending on the region, part-time jobs in Canada provide international students with opportunities to enhance their English or French language abilities. Mastery of a professional work environment can augment one’s linguistic aptitude and aptitude for effective communication.
  • Flexible Schedules: Numerous part-time employment opportunities provide international students with the opportunity to maintain a harmonious work-study balance by offering flexible work schedules. This adaptability empowers pupils to effectively allocate their time and give precedence to their scholastic objectives.
  • Cultural Assimilation: International students who work part-time in Canada are afforded the opportunity to fully engage with the indigenous culture, workplace norms, and customs. It benefits from direct exposure to Canadian society and promotes integration and cross-cultural understanding.
  • Personal Development: Personal development is facilitated through part-time employment through the cultivation of independence, accountability, and effective time management. The ability of international students to balance work and academic obligations fosters the development of resilience and adaptability.
  • Prospects for Permanent Residency: Certain part-time employment opportunities may provide avenues to apply for permanent residency in Canada via Canadian Experience Class, provincial nominee programs, or alternative immigration channels. Acquiring professional experience in Canada can broaden one’s eligibility for immigration programs and improve the likelihood of securing permanent residency.
  • Employee Benefits: Part-time employment with higher pay may provide the employee with health insurance, retirement savings programs, paid vacation days, and employee discounts. These advantages contribute to the financial security and general welfare.
  • Contribution to Local Economy: Part-time international students make a fiscal and non-financial contribution to the Canadian economy through their expenditures on products and services, tax payments, and patronage of local enterprises. Their economic engagement positively impacts the localities in which they reside and attend school.

Top Part-Time Jobs in Canada for International Students

Finding a part-time job in Canada can be difficult for overseas students, especially if you are unfamiliar with the job market, language, or culture. However, there are several chances accessible in a variety of fields such as education, hospitality, customer service, retail, and others. These part-time positions are offered to students who are prepared to work on a flexible schedule.

The following are the top 20 part-time jobs in Canada for international students:

  • Teaching Assistant (Average Pay CA$17-20 per hour)
  • Library Assistant (AveragePay CA$ 18.31 per hour)
  • Administrative Assistant (AveragePay CA$ 17.76 per hour)
  • Campus Ambassador (Average Pay CA $19 per hour)
  • Bartender (Average Pay CA $14.18 per hour)
  • Cashier (Average Pay CAD$13.15 per hour)
  • Delivery driver ( Average pay CA $17.54 per hour)
  • Paid internships (Average Pay CA $15.50 per hour)
  • Freelancer (Average Pay CA $37.20 per hour) 
  • Dog walker (Average Pay CA $15 per hour)
  • Translator (Average Pay CA $ 21.50 per hour) 
  • Modeling (Average Pay CA $ 24.07 per hour)
  • In-person tutor (Average Pay CA $23.16 per hour)
  • Writer/Editor (Average Pay CA $ 22 per hour)
  • Bookkeeper (Average Pay CA $22 per hour)
  • Nanny (Average Pay CA$14 per hour)
  • Language Tutor (Average Pay CA$30 per hour)

Teaching Assistant

If you enjoy teaching and have strong academic credentials, becoming a teaching assistant (TA) could be a suitable part-time employment for you. TAs assist instructors in undergraduate classrooms by assisting students, grading assignments, and assisting with research projects. The salary scale for TAs varies according to discipline and institution.

The average wage for a teaching assistant in Canada is roughly CAD 23 per hour, according to Glassdoor, with some colleges offering as much as CAD 30-35 per hour. Furthermore, working as a TA provides essential teaching experience that can help you advance in your academic or teaching professions.

Library Assistant

Working as a library assistant could be a great part-time job if you enjoy reading and spending time in the library. Library assistants help to preserve and organize library materials, check out and return books, and provide research and reference services to library patrons. The salary range for library assistants varies according to the type of library, location, and amount of expertise.

According to Indeed, the average hourly income in Canada for a library assistant is roughly CAD 18.31. Furthermore, working as a library assistant allows for personal development, exposure to academic resources, and the development of valuable skills such as communication, organization, and customer service.

Administrative Assistant

  • Administrative assistants serve numerous departments, organizations, and enterprises by completing administrative activities such as scheduling, arranging appointments, data entry, and customer service.
  • Administrative assistant salaries vary depending on the sector, company, and amount of expertise.
  • Payscale reports that the average hourly income for
  • In Canada, the average salary for an administrative assistant is approximately CAD.
  • The hourly rate is 17.76. Furthermore, working as an administrative assistant allows you to build administrative abilities, network, and obtain job experience in a professional setting.

Campus Ambassador

Campus ambassadors serve as university advocates, interacting with students, visitors, and the community to promote the university’s image, programs, and services. Campus ambassador salaries vary depending on the institution, region, and amount of experience.

The average hourly compensation for a campus ambassador in Canada is roughly CAD 19 per hour, according to Glassdoor. Furthermore, serving as a campus ambassador allows you to develop communication, marketing, and event-organizing abilities while also connecting with the university community.


  • For overseas students who enjoy chatting and pouring beverages, bartending is a common part-time employment. Bartenders operate in a variety of locations, including restaurants, bars, clubs, and hotels, where they prepare and serve alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, interact with clients, and manage bar operations. The wage scale for bartenders varies according on the establishment, geography, and experience.
  • level of experience.
  • According to Indeed, the average hourly wage in Canada for a bartender is roughly CAD 14.18 per hour, plus additional tips and bonuses on top of the base pay. Furthermore, working as a bartender allows you to improve your social and communication skills while also earning extra money through tips and commissions.


Cashiering is a common part-time employment for overseas students, particularly in the retail and food service industries. To ensure smooth checkouts, cashiers operate cash registers, process payments, and provide customer care. Cashiers are paid differently depending on the industry, region, and amount of experience.

The average hourly income for a cashier in Canada is roughly CAD 13.15 per hour, according to Payscale. Furthermore, working as a cashier allows you to hone your customer service abilities, learn how to handle cash, and obtain experience in the retail and food service industries.

Delivery Driver

With the rise of online shopping and food delivery services, delivery driving is becoming an increasingly popular part-time employment for overseas students. The pay scale for delivery drivers varies by industry, region, and amount of expertise.

The average hourly compensation for a delivery driver in Canada is roughly CAD 17.54 per hour, with additional tips and bonuses depending on the company and type of delivery service, according to Indeed. Furthermore, working as a delivery driver allows for the development of driving and interpersonal skills, as well as flexible work arrangements.

Best Part-time jobs in Canada

Paid internships are a great way for overseas students to obtain work experience, network with professionals, and advance their careers in Canada. Interns work in a variety of sectors, including marketing, finance, engineering, and social services, and are compensated with a stipend or wage. The wage range for paid internships varies by field, company, and level of experience.

The average hourly income for a paid intern in Canada is roughly CAD 15.50 per hour, according to Glassdoor, with certain internships giving a greater salary dependent on location, sector, and duration. Furthermore, working as a paid intern allows you to gain transferrable skills, industry knowledge, and exposure to real-life job scenarios.


Freelancing is a popular part-time employment for international students with a wide range of abilities and talents, including graphic design, writing, programming, and translation. Freelancers work on a project basis, contracting their services to firms, individuals, or organizations. The pay scale for freelancers varies by sector, location, and level of experience.

According to Upwork, the average hourly fee for a freelancer in Canada is approximately CAD 37.20 per hour, with some freelancers earning significantly more based on expertise and experience. Furthermore, freelancing allows you to enhance your freelance talents and construct a portfolio.

Dog Walker

One of the highest-paying part-time occupations in Canada is dog walker or pet sitter. Working as a dog walker could be a great part-time job for you if you love animals and enjoy spending time outside. Dog walkers provide companionship and physical stimulation by taking dogs for walks, exercise, and outdoor activities. The wage range for dog walkers varies depending on region, customer base, and skill level.


Working as a translator could be a perfect part-time career for you if you are proficient in numerous languages and have excellent communication skills. Translators convert written or spoken words from one language to another while maintaining correctness, clarity, and cultural sensitivity. Translator salaries vary depending on the language pair, sector, and amount of expertise.

The average hourly compensation for a translator in Canada is roughly CAD 21.50 per hour, according to PayScale, with certain translators earning greater rates based on expertise and credentials. Furthermore, working as a translator allows for the development of language and cultural abilities, as well as exposure to a variety of businesses and fields.

Modeling // Part-time jobs in Canada

Working as a model could be a well-paying part-time career for you if you’re photogenic and confident in front of the camera. Posing for photographs, fashion shows, and advertising materials showing various items or services is what modeling entails. Model salaries vary depending on the type of modeling and the sector.

According to Indeed, the average hourly compensation for a model in Canada is approximately CAD 24.07 per hour, with some models earning significantly more depending on the modeling agency, contract, and location. This is without a doubt one of the top part-time jobs in Canada.

In-person Tutor

Working as an in-person tutor could be a fantastic part-time career for you if you excel in a specific subject or field, such as Math, Science, or Business. Tutors support students who are struggling with specific courses or disciplines by providing academic assistance, coaching, and mentorship. Tutors are paid differently depending on the subject, region, and amount of experience.

According to Indeed, the average hourly compensation for a tutor in Canada is approximately CAD 23.16 per hour, with some tutors earning significantly more depending on the subject area, client base, and level of experience. Furthermore, working as a tutor allows you to improve your teaching and communication abilities while also making a difference in the lives of kids.


Working as a writer or editor could be a great part-time career for you if you have good writing abilities and a passion for language or journalism. Editors revise, proofread, and improve written materials to ensure quality and accuracy, whereas writers create original content, articles, or reports for magazines, websites, or organizations.

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly income in Canada for a writer/editor is roughly CAD 22 per hour, with certain writers and editors receiving substantially greater pay dependent on the quality, volume, and specialism of the content. Working as a writer or editor also allows you to improve your writing and editing skills, build a professional network, and gain exposure to a variety of sectors and topics.


Working as a bookkeeper could be a wonderful part-time career for you if you’re organized, detail-oriented, and strong with numbers. Bookkeepers are in charge of recording and preserving financial transactions, managing accounts payable and receivable, and preparing financial statements.

The average hourly income for a bookkeeper in Canada is roughly CAD 19.23 per hour, according to Payscale, with some bookkeepers receiving substantially greater pay based on their degree of responsibility and accounting ability. Furthermore, working as a bookkeeper allows you to learn accounting and financial abilities as well as professional experience in the accounting or bookkeeping industries.


dealing as a nanny could be a fantastic part-time career for you if you enjoy dealing with children and have childcare expertise. Nannies provide childcare services in a family or domestic context, such as feeding, bathing, playing, and watching children. The wage range for nannies varies according to the demands of the family, geography, and amount of experience.

Language Tutor // Part-time jobs in Canada

Canada has a diversified population and is a multicultural country. You can teach your native language to Canadian students who want to acquire a new language as a language tutor. Depending on their expertise and qualifications, language tutors can earn up to CAD 30 per hour.

To become a language tutor, you must be fluent in both written and spoken languages, and prior teaching experience is preferred.

Other top part-time jobs in Canada for international students:

  • Event planner
  • Cleaner 
  • Customer service assistant

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People Also Ask

  1. What jobs are in demand for international students in Canada

    Petroleum Engineer
    IT Manager and Support
    Marketing Manager
    Sales Manager
    HR Manager

  2. How do I apply for a part-time job in Canada as an international student?

    To apply for the above-mentioned part-time occupations, you must have a valid study permit as well as a Social Insurance Number (SIN). International students can work up to 20 hours per week during the academic period and full-time between sessions.

  3. How much can an international student earn in Canada part-time?

    The hourly pay for foreign students in Canada typically varies from $13 to $25. However, depending on their work type and expertise, international students may make as much as $30 to $75 per hour in Canada, with the minimum wage ranging from $11.45 to $22.50 per hour. Q.

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