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Many high-paying jobs exist in Australia that many graduates and even students are unaware of. Whether you are experienced or new, these highest-paid occupations in Australia with their average pay may inspire you to change careers.

There are certain high-paying professions that you can apply for even if you don’t have a degree. Whether you desire high-paying in-office work in Australia or a remote career in Australia, we have a list of the most recent high-demand professions in Australia for both foreigners and natives.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Australian tax office has disclosed Australia’s best-paid occupations, along with the average income for each. You can choose which sector or profession you want to pursue from the list.



Australia is famous for its rich culture and beautiful scenery, and it also has a lot of well-paying jobs available. This piece will talk about how the Australian job market works, focusing on the industries where you can make the most money and the skills you’ll need to do well in those jobs.

The Economic Landscape of Australia

It’s important to understand the economy before getting into specific businesses. Australia’s strong job market and safe economy make it easy to build a successful career. Job options that pay well are always changing as the country does.

List of top 20 highest paying jobs in Australia:

The following are high-demand professions and their typical salaries that may be found anywhere in Australia, in no particular order:

  1. Anesthetists:
    • Anesthetists are doctors who specialize in giving patients who are having surgery or other medical treatments anesthesia. They are very important for making sure that patients are sedated safely and don’t feel any pain while medical procedures are being done.
    • Average Salary: $192,816
  2. Finance Director:
    • Directors of Finance are the top executives in a company who are in charge of its finances. They come up with financial plans, keep an eye on how those plans are working, and give advice on how to make smart financial decisions that will help the group reach its goals.
    • Average Salary: $166,068
  3. General Surgeon:
    • In the medical field, general surgeons are doctors who do surgeries to help a wide range of health problems. Some of the areas they may focus on are trauma surgery, abdominal surgery, and vascular surgery.
    • Average Salary: $160,000
  4. Chief Executive Officer (CEO):
    • CEOs are the top leaders of a company who run it and make decisions about its future. They are in charge of the company’s general success and direction. They set goals and make sure that resources are managed well.
    • Average Salary: $155,631
  5. Senior Information Technology (IT) Project Manager:
    • Senior IT project managers are pros who are in charge of managing and overseeing large IT projects. They make sure that jobs are finished on time, on budget, and according to the rules that were set.
    • Average Salary: $143,463
  6. Director of Operations:
    • Senior leaders called Directors of Operations are in charge of running a business on a daily basis. Their main job is to make sure the organization meets its goals, make sure policies are followed, and improve operating efficiency.
    • Average Salary: $143,463
  7. Python Developer:
    • Python Developers are software engineers who know a lot about how to use the computer language Python. They plan, build, and keep up with software systems, solutions, and apps.
    • Average Salary: $126,436
  8. Psychiatrist:
    • A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental diseases. To help patients, they may use a mix of therapy, medicine, and other methods.
    • Average Salary: $125,762
  9. Senior Lawyer:
    • Senior Lawyers, who are also sometimes called Senior Attorneys, are skilled lawyers who are experts in many areas of the law. They might be in charge of legal teams, give clients advice, and deal with complicated legal issues.
    • Average Salary: $124,759
  10. Wellbeing Manager:
    • Wellbeing managers work to improve and promote the general health and happiness of their employees. They run projects and programs that improve people’s physical, mental, and social health.
    • Average Salary: $123,510
  11. System Architect:
    • System architects are IT experts who plan and build the layout and architecture of large computer systems. They make sure that the systems meet the technical and business needs of the company.
    • Average Salary: $120,668
  12. Mining Engineer:
    • Mining engineers are trained professionals who plan, build, and oversee the process of getting minerals out of the ground. They are in charge of making sure that mining projects run smoothly and safely.
    • Average Salary: $120,001
  13. Orthodontist:
    • Orthodontists are dentists who specialize in finding, preventing, and fixing teeth and cheeks that are not in the right place. To get teeth in better order, they use braces, aligners, and other tools.
    • Average Salary: $111,903
  14. Cybersecurity Engineer:
    • Cybersecurity engineers are IT experts whose job it is to keep computer systems, networks, and data safe from cyber dangers. They put in place security steps and deal with security problems.
    • Average Salary: $95,000
  15. Data Scientist:
    • Data scientists look at and make sense of large amounts of complicated data to find useful information and help businesses make decisions. In order to work with data, they use statistics, machine learning, and code.
    • Average Salary: $92,450
  16. Commercial Pilot:
    • Commercial pilots are people who fly and guide planes for a variety of reasons, like moving people or goods. To make sure flights are safe, they follow strict rules and standards for safety.
    • Average Salary: $91,713
  17. Surgeon:
    • Surgeons are doctors with a lot of training who do surgeries to fix accidents, illnesses, or physical problems. They might become experts in certain areas, like heart surgery or orthopedic surgery.
    • Average Salary: $394,303
  18. Consulting and Strategy:
    • Consulting and strategy professionals help businesses do better, solve problems, and reach their goals by giving them information and direction. They look at how businesses work and suggest smart moves.
    • Average Salary: $126,000
  19. Accounting Company Secretaries:
    • Accounting Company Secretaries are in charge of running accounting companies’ paperwork and making sure they follow the rules. They might help a business file its paperwork, keep records, and make sure it follows all the rules set by regulators.
    • Average Salary: $128,641
  20. Financial Dealers:
    • People who work as Financial Dealers, who are also called Traders, buy and sell stocks, bonds, and commodities for clients or their own companies. They keep an eye on how the market is moving and trade to make money.
    • Average Salary: $261,008


However, I can give you some general advice on pursuing high-paying jobs in Australia. Please note that the job market can change, and it’s essential to stay updated on current trends. Here are some general tips:

  1. Education and Skills: Obtain relevant education and develop skills that are in demand. This might involve pursuing a degree, or certification, or gaining experience in a specific field.
  2. Technology and Innovation: Jobs in the technology sector often offer competitive salaries. Consider fields such as IT, software development, artificial intelligence, and data science.
  3. Healthcare Professions: Certain healthcare professions, such as doctors, surgeons, and specialists, tend to have high earning potential.
  4. Engineering: Engineers, especially those in sectors like petroleum, mining, and software engineering, can command high salaries.
  5. Finance and Management: Careers in finance, investment banking, and senior management positions often come with lucrative compensation packages.
  6. Legal Professions: Lawyers and legal professionals, especially those specializing in corporate law or certain specialties, can earn high salaries.
  7. Mining and Resources: Australia has a significant mining industry. Jobs in this sector, particularly in management or specialized roles, can be well-paid.
  8. Consulting: Management consultants and specialists in various fields can find high-paying opportunities.

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Highest Paying Jobs in Australia
Highest Paying Jobs in Australia

What to consider when applying for a job in Australia:

When looking for a job in Australia as a graduate or undergraduate, you should consider the following criteria:

  • Flexibility in the workplace
  • The company’s culture
  • The amount of money you will earn
  • Some educational possibilities
  • Stability of employment

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For people at all stages of their careers, Australia has a lot of high-paying job possibilities. From anesthetists to financial dealers, these are some of the most in-demand jobs in Australia. Learn more about them to make smart choices about career changes or advancements. If you want to have a bright future, whether you have a degree or not, these are some interesting and well-paying job options.

People Also Ask:

  1. Is Australia easy to find a job?

    Australia is a varied, energetic, and multicultural country. Its lower unemployment rate of 3.7% adds to the country’s attractiveness. Because there are more jobs available with a low rate of unemployment, job seekers have a better chance of finding work.

  2. Can I get a job in Australia from Pakistan?

    If you are traveling to Australia on a skilled visa from Pakistan, you are going to have the opportunity to live the life you want. With an Australian skilled visa, you may apply for permanent residency at some point in the future.

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