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Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2024: Top-Paid Employment Opportunities in Canada, 2024, List of Top-Paid Jobs and Average Annual Wages Want to know what careers pay the most in Canada? If that’s the case, you’ve found the ideal site! The following are some of the highest-paid jobs in the country, and we encourage you to check them out. It’s common knowledge that Canadian provinces offer a wide variety of high-paying occupations, making the country an attractive destination for immigrants. Check out the top-paying jobs in Canada down below and get a jump start on a prosperous professional future.

The concept of the “best job” is vague at best. The ideal job will depend on a variety of factors, including your qualifications, background, and interests. We have compiled a list of the top high-paying jobs in Canada based on factors such as average salary, employment benefits, perks, career advancement, development, and future prospects so that you can get a fantastic job and benefit from the assistance of recruiting agencies in Canada.


We need to describe why Canada is such a terrific destination to study, work, and live for so many immigrants before we get to the list of highest-paying jobs in Canada. If you’re looking at total land mass, Canada ranks second. However, there is a scarcity of both skilled and unskilled people in the country.


The Canadian government has released several immigration schemes, such as the Canada Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Programs, to address this issue. These initiatives meet the needs of the Canadian labor market by bringing in skilled foreign workers on a fast track.


Canada is known for its broad and strong job market, which gives people a lot of options in different fields. As we look toward the year 2024, the Canadian job market is still changing. Several businesses are growing and pay very competitive wages. In this piece, we’ll look at the highest-paying jobs in Canada in 2024 and talk about the education requirements, job duties, and earning potential for each one.


Before getting into the details, it’s important to understand how our ranks were made. In our study, we look at things like the average salary, the number of jobs available, and the chances of growth. We’ve also thought about what each job requires in terms of schooling and experience.

Jobs with the Highest Average Salary in Canada in 2024

Canadian employers advertise plenty of job openings and pay above-average starting salaries and provide generous benefits packages. As a result, many foreign workers are enticed to come to Canada to work since they may expect to earn more money doing the same job in Canada as they are doing at home.

Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2024
Highest Paying Jobs in Canada 2024

Median salaries for the most in-demand occupations in Canada, as well as those that pay decently, are provided so that you can get an idea of what kinds of income you would expect to receive if you were to work in such an occupation. Your income is also influenced by your level of education, professional experience, and, yes, your luck. Construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, and mining are all booming, in addition to the standard job sectors such as healthcare, IT, banking, and finance. The scenario here examines several of Canada’s most desirable and lucrative occupations.

Jobs in Canada That Pay High, Listed:

Canada’s popularity among would-be immigrants has been on the rise recently. One of the main reasons why so many people choose Canada as their new home is because of its welcoming immigration policy. Canada’s high level of life, medical and educational advantages, safety and security, gorgeous geographical vistas, and abundant career prospects are all major draws for newcomers.

Check out the sectorized chart of high-paying occupations in Canada’s education system in the year 2024 below:

Most Paying Jobs for Diploma Holders in Canada:

  • Supplier and Maintainer of Permanent Energy Infrastructure: $128,310.00
  • Technologies for the Upkeep of Industrial and Heavy Equipment: $74,248.00
  • Professionals in the Allied Health Sector Who Diagnose, Intervene and Treat Patients: $69,163.00
  • Technologists and Experts in Electrical and Electronic Engineering: $68,748.00
  • Travel By Foot Or Car On The Ground: $66,950.00
  • Related Fields and Professionals in Mechanical Engineering: $64,910.00
  • Technicians and experts in the fields of environmental, mining, petroleum, and other forms of engineering: $64,382.00
  • Technologist or Technician in Civil Engineering: $63,742.00
  • Technology/technician in the fields of drafting, architecture, surveying, and mapping: $61,725.00
  • The Production Industries and the Precision Metalworking Industries: $58,691.00
  • Protection and safety measures: $58,577.00
  • Technologies and Technicians in Computer Engineering: $58,336.00
  • Tools for Electrical and Electronics Troubleshooting and Repair: $58,104.00
  • Technologies for Car Upkeep and Repair: $57,045.00
  • Travel via plane: $56,471.00
  • Finalizing, supervising, and inspecting construction projects: $56,072.00
  • Forestry: $55,881.00
  • Carpenters, painters, and other handymen: $55,159.00
  • The importance of conserving natural resources. $54,925.00The Field of Computer Science: $54,829.00
  • Nursing: $54,674.00
  • Additional services in the field of computer science and information technology: $53,926.00
  • Researchers and technicians in the scientific community: $53,177.00
  • General Building Trades: $52,676.00
  • Research in the fields of architecture and allied sciences: $52,528.00

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Highest-Paying Jobs for Bachelor’s Degree Holders in Canada:

  • Pharmaceutical sciences, administration, and pharmacy: $109,645.00
  • Studies in chemical engineering and related fields: $91,278.00
  • Other engineering disciplines: $80,003.00
  • Nursing: $79,896.00
  • Electrical technology: $78,225.00
  • The mechanical arts: $77,028.00
  • Earth and geological sciences (geosciences): $74,454.00
  • Computer technology: $73,965.00
  • Civil engineering and related fields of study: $73,851.00
  • Computer technology: $69,884.00
  • Mechanical and industrial engineering: $69,625.00
  • Additional physical sciences: $68,876.00
  • Treatment and evaluation programs: $66,713.00
  • Legislation, legal services, and legal research: $65,063.00
  • Other computer sciences and information support: $64,854.00
  • Calculus and statistics: $64,407.00
  • Accounting: $62,052.00
  • Services in finance and financial management: $61,664.00
  • Administrations, commerce, and business: $61,412.00
  • Community health: $58,371.00
  • Other health professions and clinically-related disciplines: $57,946.00
  • Marketing: $55,978.00
  • Natural resources and environmental conservation: $55,918.00
  • Social service: $55,800.00
  • Economics: $55,713.00
How to Apply
How to Apply

Demand for high-paying jobs by the province in Canada in 2024:

Over the next five to 10 years, Canada will provide excellent earning potential in terms of job demand. This is because Canadian firms continue to face severe shortages of competent workers. According to the poll, there were over 450,000 high-paying job openings in the private sector that remained unfilled in 2020 because of the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses’ inability to recruit trained and qualified candidates. The table below depicts the provincial vacancies to be filled in Canada in 2024.

Provinces with Unfilled Positions

  • Quebec:  145,200
  • British Columbians: 78,400
  • Ontario:  213,300
  • New Brunswick: 6,800
  • Manitoba::  13,100
  • Nova Scotia: 8,500
  • Alberta:  45,500
  • Saskatchewan: 9,500
  • Prince Edward Island: 900
  • The provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador: 3,200

Students need a work permit to obtain high-paying jobs in Canada:

The Canadian study permit is valid for up to 90 days following the completion of a university degree. Foreign students must use their leisure time to investigate the availability of the highest-paying jobs in Canada and submit an application for a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

After revealing the final results, the Immigration Department gives international students 180 days to file an online application for a Post-Graduate Work Permit in Canada. Consequently, if you need a longer time to discover the highest-paying student part-time employment in Canada, you can also apply for a visitor record to prolong your stay.

The eligibility requirements for applying for a Post-Study Work Permit in Canada are as follows:

Must have graduated from college, university, or a recognized learning institution
Must have enrolled in a minimum eight-month
Passport valid for the term of the post-study work permit
In contrast to countries like as the United States, the Canadian government grants students a Post-Graduate Work Permit despite COVID-19.

High-Paying Jobs in Canada Following Graduation:

Short-term vocational programs in Canada are increasingly popular with international students due to their lower cost. These short-term courses can be completed within six to twelve months and provide a straightforward path to Canadian permanent residency.

Students who have completed the 10th grade may also apply for these vocational programs. According to Positions Bank, the ten highest-paying jobs for Diploma holders in Canada are as follows:

High-paying occupationsAnnual Median Salary
Installer and Owner of Stationary Energy Sources$128,310
Heavy/Industrial Equipment Maintenance Technologies$74,248
Diagnostic, Intervention, and Treatment Professions in Allied Health$69,163
Technologies/Technicians of Electrical and Electronic Engineering$68,748
Transport Terrestre $66,950
Related Mechanical Engineering Technologies and Technicians$64,910
Environmental, Mining, and Petroleum Engineering Technologies/Technicians and Others$64,382
Civil Engineering Technician or Technologist $63,742
Drafting, Architectural Design, Mapping, and Surveying$61,725
Precision Metal Working and Manufacturing$58,691

Education and healthcare services supported by the government:

In addition to attractive, high-paying salaries and job advantages, free healthcare and education are further inducements for international employees to immigrate and work in Canada. Up until the age of 25, the government pays for all healthcare coverage, including prescription and over-the-counter medications.

Canada is an enticing option for couples with children due to its government-funded education system through secondary school. Furthermore, Canada is ranked fourth among the top 20 universities in the world, so you should not worry about your children’s access to world-class educational institutions.


After graduating from Canada, there are numerous opportunities that may lead to well-paying employment and permanent resident status for international students. The first step in obtaining the highest-paying employment in Canada is to select the appropriate program.

Therefore, students must carefully consider which study program, job goals, and acquired skills are appropriate for them. Then, evaluate the course’s market potential and the number of available paid positions in your targeted industry in Canada.

People Also Ask

  • How can I increase my chances of landing one of these high-paying jobs in Canada?

    Consider getting a higher degree, a certification, or relevant experience in your area to improve your chances. It’s also important to make connections and keep up with business trends.

  • Are these salary figures inclusive of bonuses and benefits?

    The salaries listed are about the median, and they may not include bonuses, perks, or extra money for working late or on weekends. Actual earnings can change from person to person and depend on how the employer runs their business.

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