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You can easily browse the most recent Health care jobs in Canada and also send your application with a single tap on your mobile phone. If you are actually seeking a high-paying healthcare position in Canada, these positions are actually ideal for you.

Below is a listing of Healthcare-related employment opportunities in Canada. Administration Officer, Allied Health Administration Assistant, Health Administration Specialist, Health Information Services Clerk, Speech Therapist, Billing Administrator, Health Information Manager, Medical Records Administrator, Clinical programmer, Medical Receptionist, Medical assistant, Midwife, Veterinary nurse practitioner, Veterinary plastic surgeon, Dental assistant, Acupuncture assistant.


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Details of Health Care Jobs in Canada

  • Nation: Canada.
  • Work Sector: Private/Government Sector.
  • Kind: Health Care
  • Group: Health Care Jobs in Canada
  • Age limit: no age limit.
  • Visa sponsorship: work visa sponsorship.

Benefits of Health Care Jobs in Canada

  • High Demand: An increasing number of Canadians are employed as healthcare professionals to meet the demands of an aging population, an expanding healthcare system, and the retirement of the workforce. The substantial level of demand results in a profusion of employment prospects in diverse healthcare sectors and areas of expertise.
  • Job Security: Healthcare occupations in Canada frequently offer a substantial degree of employment security owing to the continuous demand for healthcare services. Healthcare professionals are indispensable personnel whose services maintain employment stability due to their consistent demand.
  • Competitive Salaries: In Canada, healthcare personnel are generally remunerated competitively, which is commensurate with the requisite level of education, training, and expertise associated with their respective positions. Compensation differs contingent on experience, area of expertise, and geographical placement.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Numerous healthcare employers in Canada provide their staff with comprehensive benefit packages, which comprise vision care, dental coverage, health insurance, and retirement savings programs. These aforementioned advantages enhance the holistic welfare and economic stability of healthcare professionals.
  • Work-Life Balance: Healthcare organizations in Canada frequently place a high value on work-life balance by providing flexible work schedules, part-time employment opportunities, and, where practicable, remote work or telecommuting prospects. Healthcare personnel are capable of upholding a harmonious equilibrium between their personal and professional spheres due to this adaptability.
  • Career Progression: Employment in the healthcare sector in Canada offers continuous prospects for professional growth and progress. Continuing education programs, specialized training, and certification courses are available to healthcare professionals as a means to augment their expertise and progress in their respective fields.
  • Career Progression: The Canadian healthcare industry provides an abundance of prospects for professional development and progression. Within healthcare organizations, professionals can pursue leadership positions, specialty certifications, research positions, teaching opportunities, and management positions.
  • Job Satisfaction: Healthcare work offers professionals the chance to significantly impact the lives of patients and their families, which can contribute to a gratifying and satisfying occupation. The provision of assistance to others engenders a feeling of satisfaction and intention, which in turn enhances the job satisfaction of healthcare professionals.
  • Diverse Work Environments: Healthcare personnel in Canada are afforded the opportunity to operate within a wide range of work environments, encompassing research institutions, community health centers, long-term care facilities, clinics, and hospitals. This heterogeneity provides individuals with the opportunity to investigate various specialties and settings within the healthcare industry.
  • Contribution to Public Health: Professions in healthcare are indispensable in the promotion of public health, the prevention of disease, and the enhancement of healthcare outcomes for communities and individuals. Professionals in the healthcare industry have the opportunity to positively impact the overall health and welfare of society.

About Health Care Jobs in Canada

The Number River Hospital prioritizes diversity and inclusiveness in its operations. Our company is actually presently trying to find a Clerical Support Associate with exceptional social and also business capabilities, as well as MEDITECH computer system expertise, to manage clerical assistance, client service, and also division partnership.

Community Health Center Retail Pharmacy Manager – Cardinal Health Innovative Delivery Solutions.
Cardinal Health Innovative Delivery Solutions is one of the nation’s most reputable acute-care pharmacies. Our company seeks a self-motivated and success-driven Retail Pharmacy Manager to create and implement collective strategy deals, maintain the proper prescribed records, and ensure compliance with company policies.

Scientific Assistant- LASIK MD

Our team is investigating a Clinical Assistant to support pre-operative tests and enhance the client session device. Senior Professional in Health Information Management – Geraldton District Hospital
Geraldton District Hospital seeks a work-driven, self-motivated, and enthusiastic Senior Health Information Management Professional with an excellent understanding of current healthcare languages, familiarity with CIHI/CCHSA, a positive attitude, and social relationship skills.

Medical Care Researcher- Anjou Mehta Medical Consultancy Inc

Anjou Mehta Medical Consultancy Inc. is actually on the lookout for a Health Care Researcher with exceptional interaction as well as evaluation capacities that will certainly encourage leading management as well as offer as well as keep wellness information data sources. Finance Expert, Healthcare (Programs and Portfolio Management) – Aviva.

Aviva, a global business and also specialized insurance provider, is actually looking for an Underwriting Specialist with solid organization development and also logical capabilities, a previous understanding of product selection and also support team, as well as the capacity to handle projects, examine difficult records, and also the reason.

Medical Assistant- LASIK MD

LASIK MD is actually a nationwide provider of laser device vision correction whose objective is to guarantee excellent eyesight by means of economical and also risk-free procedures. Our company is looking for a Clinical Assistant to assist with pre-operative examinations and also update the individual session unit.

Residence Health Aid (HHA)- Interim Health Care Portsmouth

Mean Health Care Portsmouth is actually presently looking for a Home Health Aid along with strong interaction as well as organization expertise along with experience in supplying private treatment services to individuals, ensuring a secure environment, and also assisting with the administration of medications to individuals.

Health Care Transcriptionist/VR Editor/QC-Mediscribes, Inc

Mediscribes, Inc. focuses on premium client care and security within its own operations. Our company is actually presently seeking a Medical Transcriptionist/VR Editor/QC along with IT skills, excellent management and also commitment abilities, as well as clinical transcription course experience.

Individual Support Worker (PSW)- Bayshore Health Care

Bayshore Health Care is the leading provider of home care services with an emphasis on worker health and wellness. Our company is actually seeking an enthusiastic and also success-driven Personal Support Worker along with access to a dependable automobile or even public transportation.

Management Assistant- Johan Wellness & Rehab Clinic

Johan Wellness & Rehab Clinic seeks an Administrative Assistant with strong social and also interaction skills to administer individual job interviews, produce and also preserve individual filings, and also upload electronic clinical documents.

Medical Care Administrator- Integra Health Centre

Integra Health Centre is looking for a Health Care Administrator with strong energy, self-motivation, and customer service skills to assist with managerial duties, respond to customer phone calls, and coordinate appointments.

Drug Claims Analyst- Ministry of Health

Department of Health is a provider of social services and hospitals. Our company is actually trying to find a Pharmaceutical Claims Analyst with strong logical, analytic, and also personal computer skills who will conduct data bank searches and also offer support for exceptional Access strategies.

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  1. Is health care in demand in Canada?

    As Canada’s population continues to age, so does the demand for personal support workers. These healthcare professionals provide personal care services and companionship to ailing or housebound patients.

  2. Which province in Canada is best for healthcare jobs?

    British Columbia and Ontario are the provinces with the highest ratings.

  3. How much do healthcare jobs pay in Canada?

    The average healthcare salary in Canada is $90,000 per year or $46.15 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $51,382 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $149,409 per year.

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