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Getting Married in Australia on a Tourist Visa in 2023 – All You Need To Know


Getting Married in Australia on a Tourist Visa in 2023: Are you considering a wedding in Australia? Australia is becoming an increasingly popular wedding destination for international couples in 2023 and beyond. Nevertheless, you may wonder, “Can you get married in Australia with a tourist visa?”

Australia provides couples with some of the most exclusive and breathtaking wedding venues in the world. From beachside ceremonies on the Gold Coast to intimate chapel weddings in the picturesque Blue Mountains, Australia can make your dream day truly unforgettable.


But before you can say “I do” in Oz, you must consider a number of important factors. First and foremost, is a tourist visa sufficient to marry in Australia?


This article will answer that question as well as discuss who is eligible to marry under this type of visa (Subclass 600), the required documents, and the application process.

In addition, we will provide advice on wedding planning when marrying in Australia with a tourist visa, as well as details on what happens after the ceremony and how to extend your stay if necessary.

So please take a seat (and perhaps a glass of champagne) as we delve deeper into the rules for foreign visitors who wish to marry in Australia.

Can You Get Married In Australia On A Tourist Visa?

Absolutely! Australia is a popular destination for couples seeking to get married, and the country is extremely hospitable to visitors and foreigners who wish to marry there.

A tourist visa for Australia contains a clause stating there are no extensions of stay. Therefore, if you wish to continue living in Australia after your wedding, you will be required to apply for the appropriate visa.

Until then, familiarize yourself with all visitor visa regulations and requirements in order for your marriage to be legally recognized in Australia.

Overview Of The Requirements To Get Married In Australia On A Tourist Visa

While there are no residency requirements to marry in Australia, such as being an Australian citizen or permanent resident, there are a few other prerequisites. You must:

  • not currently be married
  • Not marrying a member of the immediate family
  • Understand marriage and what it entails, and be able to consent to marriage voluntarily.
  • Get married by a licensed marriage officiant.
  • Use legalizing language during the ceremony to make your marriage valid.
  • You must also be at least 18 years old and submit a notice of intended marriage form to an authorized marriage celebrant at least one month and no more than ten months before your wedding. However, if one party is between 16 and 18 years old, you may be able to marry if:
  • A judge or magistrate grants you permission to marry.
  • Your parent or legal guardian has consented.

Who Is Eligible To Get Married In Australia On A Tourist Visa?

Whoever meets the aforementioned requirements may marry in Australia. In Australia, the legal right to marry is no longer contingent on sex or gender.

How To Apply For A Marriage License In Australia With A Tourist Visa

For those in love who wish to marry in Australia, knowledge of the country’s marriage laws is essential. Prior to tying the knot, a legal notification period of one month must be observed.

This means that both parties must sign a ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ (NOIM) form in front of an authorized witness and then lodge it with their chosen marriage celebrant at least four weeks prior to the ceremony.

When lodging a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) with a registered marriage celebrant, both parties must provide proof of age, identity, nationality, and address, such as passports or driver’s licenses.

Before the wedding, both parties will be required to sign declarations affirming that they are legally able to marry and that they consent to be married.

Finally, the couple will exchange legal wedding vows during a legal wedding ceremony (words required by Australian law to make the marriage legal). At this point, the couple must provide at least two witnesses before signing any additional marriage documents.

Wedding Planning Tips For Couples Getting Married On A Tourist Visa

1. Ensure that you have all the documents necessary to apply for and receive a valid marriage license, including an original birth certificate, proof of identity, and a completed “Notice of Intended Marriage” form.

2. Investigate the various types of celebrants available and locate one who is legally permitted to perform your wedding ceremony.

Check your home country’s laws and regulations concerning getting married abroad to ensure that your marriage will be recognized upon your return.

Many details, including the booking of venues and vendors, must be taken care of in advance of a destination wedding, so begin planning early.

5. Ensure that both parties have valid passports prior to traveling to Australia; you must apply for a visitor visa.

6. Allow yourself sufficient time to enjoy a few days of honeymoon after the wedding, or if possible, consider extending your stay in Australia for a longer vacation!

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What Happens After You Get Married In Australia As A Tourist And How To Extend Your Stay

It is important to note that your visa conditions will not change upon marriage. Even if you visit Australia as a tourist and marry an Aussie, getting married in Australia does not automatically grant you permanent residency or citizenship.

If neither you nor your partner are Australian permanent residents or citizens, you will not be permitted to remain in the country after your visa expires. Therefore, if you wish to remain in Australia following your marriage, you will need to consider other options, such as obtaining visa sponsorship from an employer or enrolling in an Australian educational institution.

If you or your future spouse are Australian residents, it may be prudent to pursue the long process of obtaining a prospective marriage visa if you wish to settle in Australia with your future spouse. Although marriage is permissible on a tourist visa, this pathway provides more stability and security for successful resettlement in Australia, such as work rights and healthcare access.

Final Thoughts: Marrying In Australia On A Tourist Visa

It is possible to get married in Australia on a tourist visa with careful planning and the required documentation.

To ensure that your wedding day is perfect, you should familiarize yourself with the requirements that must be met prior to saying “I do” in Australia.

Take the time to consider whether both parties understand what marriage entails, determine whether there are any prior commitments that must be resolved, and, most importantly, submit the Notice of Intention to Marry in Australia (NOIM) at least one month prior to your wedding date.

After that is completed, you can relax knowing that you are prepared for your big day. Enjoy every moment, from booking the officiant to tasting the wedding cake, because these special memories will last a lifetime.

So go ahead and realize your dream by getting married in true Australian fashion!

People Also Ask

  1. If I marry an Australian, can I remain in the country?

    Suppose you intend to marry an Australian and remain in Australia. In this case, it is possible; however, you would need to apply for a prospective marriage visa (also known as a Subclass 300) rather than a tourist visa if you wish to enter the country with the intention of getting married within nine months of entry and remaining in the country afterward.

  2. How much does getting married in Australia cost?

    Weddings in Australia can be as inexpensive or extravagant as one’s budget allows! Couples have the freedom to select from a number of options, depending on their preferences. The average cost of a celebrant in New South Wales is $833, with premium services beginning at around $1,500; registry office weddings start at an affordable $469. The price will vary between the various Australian states.

  3. What documentation is required to marry in Australia?

    Those who plan to wed in Australia will need a notice of intent to marry (NOIM), as well as documents that provide proof of date and place of birth (such as a birth certificate or passport), identity information (e.g., driver’s license or passport), and, if applicable, evidence that a previous marriage has ended.

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