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General Labourer in Canada: Maple Leaf Foods Inc. is a Canadian manufacturer of consumer packaged meats. Our personnel at our facilities work with a variety of meats, including chicken and pork. Because this is a FULL-TIME permanent position, we demand consistent availability of 40 hours each week. Resumes should be sent to

You must be legally eligible to work in Canada and currently reside there.


We are searching for positive general laborers that thrive in a team-based, challenging atmosphere!


Details of General Labourer in Canada:

  • Title: General Labourer in Canada
  • Position: General Labourer
  • Organization: Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
  • Employment type: Full-time
  • Salary: $17.78/hr.
  • Location: Brampton, Ontario, Canada

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What’s in it for you?

  • Starting salary: The hourly wage is $17.78.
  • There are day and afternoon positions available.
  • Premium afternoon shift is offered.
  • Overtime is possible during the week and on weekends.
  • Benefits are accessible one month after your start date.
  • Pension/RRSP Plans
  • Plan for Quarterly Gain Share Incentive
  • Program for Employee Assistants
  • Increases in Wage Progression
  • Employees are given with all PPE (earmuffs, boots, jackets, etc.).
  • Union membership
  • Learning environment that is highly automated and fast-paced
  • Opportunities for advancement and training

Snapshot Of Your Role:

The successful candidate will fill the trays with the proper quantities of components.

Responsibilities of General Labourer in Canada:

  • Participate actively in changeover operations to improve line speed.
  • Pack things by hand into bags, cartons, or other containers.
  • Place finished goods cartons on pallets after removing them from the conveyer.
  • Checking the product’s visual quality against customer and internal criteria (including foreign materials and weight checks)
  • capability of keeping areas of duty clean
  • Follow unique product SOPs for components and packaging materials.
  • Wear proper PPE and follow Health and Safety rules, such as turning off equipment before performing specific duties.
  • Pushing, pulling, overhead reaching, bending, and standing are all required on a regular basis.
  • Other duties as assigned
General Labourer in Canada
General Labourer in Canada

Benefits of General Labourer in Canada:

  • High Demand: There is a steady demand for general workers across many industries such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, and logistics. This implies there are often several work options available.
  • Consistent Income: General labor tasks often provide a consistent and stable source of income, sometimes paid hourly or weekly.
  • Opportunities for Entry-Level Workers: Opportunities for Entry-Level Employees These positions are suitable for beginners to the labor market or immigrants trying to establish themselves in Canada because they do not require substantial schooling or prior experience.
  • Job Security: Many general labor occupations provide some job security, particularly if you have specialized talents or expertise in a certain field.
  • Skill Development: Working as a general laborer can provide opportunity to learn new skills such as operating machinery, construction techniques, or specialized trade abilities, all of which can be useful for career advancement.
  • Physical Activity: If you enjoy being active and doing physical labor, general labor jobs can give a daily workout and help you keep fit.
  • Overtime Pay: Some jobs may offer overtime pay for extra hours worked, allowing you to supplement your income.
  • Work-Life Balance: In some circumstances, general labor occupations provide relatively consistent working hours, which contributes to a balanced work-life schedule.
  • Variety: Depending on the profession and industry, you may be exposed to a wide range of duties and experiences, which keeps the work interesting.
  • Networking: Working as a general laborer can allow you to meet and connect with people from many industries, potentially leading to additional job chances.
  • Safety: Safety is a priority in Canadian workplaces, and companies are generally compelled to offer safe working conditions and sufficient training.
  • Training Programs: Employers may offer training programs or certifications to assist you in developing specialized abilities, which can improve your CV and long-term employability.
  • Opportunities for Permanent Residency: If you are an immigrant, working as a general laborer in Canada can be a stepping stone toward permanent residency, especially if you gain Canadian job experience and match immigration criteria.

Required Skills, Ability & Experience

  • Ability to read, write, and communicate in English Ability to gather relevant information, objectively analyze information, and investigate alternative solutions to problems
  • Searching for new and better ways to do jobs
  • Interact and share information with all levels of personnel (team members, lead hands, supervisors, and others). Participates actively in their work group.
  • You must be available to work the day shift for training purposes.
  • Ability to handle all food products and work in a cold environment is required.
  • Ability to lift up to 50 pounds is required.

COVID-19 Safety Measures:

Maple Leaf Foods is dedicated to the health and safety of all of our employees. As part of our commitment, we have implemented a number of COVID-19 safety measures, including requiring all staff to be properly vaccinated and to provide proof of immunization. In accordance with this policy, successful candidates will be required to submit proof of vaccination prior to starting work. We shall, of course, consider making arrangements for anyone who is unable to get vaccinated in accordance with human rights and other applicable regulations.

Maple Leaf Foods is committed to achieving and maintaining employment equity and a diverse workforce. Job applicants with disabilities who require reasonable accommodations throughout the application or hiring process may contact our Talent Attraction Team at Reasonable adjustments will be considered on an individual basis, and your request will be addressed as soon as practicable.

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People Also Ask:

  1. What does a general labourer do in Canada?

    General laborers are in responsible for an array of manual tasks such as drilling trenches, unloading building supplies, and preparing job sites. They help employees with other important duties by using hand tools such as shovels or picks while operating machinery.

  2. What is a labourer position?

    A laborer (or laborer) is an individual who works in physical labor, frequently in the building and manufacturing industries. Laborers are a wage-earners’ working class whose only significant material possession is their labor.

  3. What are the skills of labourer?

    Physical fitness, strength, and stamina for dealing with lifting and bending are necessary to become a Labourer. A fear of heights. Accepting instructions and following them out consistently and effectively.

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