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Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply Now


Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada 2023: Find and apply for Canadian Fruit Farm Laborer Jobs 2023: Numerous agricultural fruit farms in Canada are hiring fruit farm laborers. Under SAWP, the Canadian government implements a number of rules and regulations for farm workers such as fruit pickers, fruit packers, farm staff, and labor. One of the companies provides free housing, which can be deducted from the VISA fee. Anyone legally permitted to work in Canada may apply for this position. If you are not currently authorized to work in Canada, the employer will not consider your application.

If you wish to pursue a career with unskilled jobs in Canada, such as farming jobs, you can apply for the most recent fruit farm job openings in Canada with an up-to-date resume and a compelling cover letter. Let’s find all available fruit farm labor job openings with monthly and hourly wage information.


Details of Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada 2023

Job LocationAcross Canada
NationalityAll Nationalities can Apply
EducationHigh School/Diploma/Degree
ExperienceExperienced preferred
Hiring AgeMore than 18 years old.
Salary Range
Job Types:
$13.00 to $22.00 per hour (to be discussed)
Fruit Farming and Agricultural
Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada 2023 - Apply Now
Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada 2023 – Apply Now

Newest Fruit Farm Labourer Jobs in Canada with Salaries in 2023

Fruit farm employee jobs in Canada are somewhat easier to obtain than other types of employment. As a result, the agricultural industries are experiencing a shortage of semiskilled workers. Therefore, if you have a valid work-permitted visa in Canada, you will have a greater chance of finding fruit farm labourer jobs in Canada as a foreigner. Let’s uncover the at present obtainable fruit farm jobs.

Fruit farm labourerNarrowlane FarmCampbellville (ON)$15.50 hourly
Fruit farm workerTahir M. RazaVarious s$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitBlue Grouse Estate Winery and VineyardDuncan (BC)$16.00 hourly
Farm worker, fruitKahlon Farms LtdAbbotsford (BC)$16.05 hourly
Farm worker, fruitSM Farm LTD.Pitt Meadows (BC)$17.00 to $20.00
Farm worker, fruitS & H Gill Farms LTD.Abbotsford (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitSHERGILL VEGGIE FARM LTD.Langley (BC)$19.00 hourly
Farm worker, fruitMajor Singh DhaliwalOliver (BC)$16.05 hourly
Farm worker, fruitDhalian FarmsAldergrove (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitPT Farm Market Ltd.Oliver (BC)$15.65 hourly
Fruit farm workerSarah’s Farm MarketsChatham (ON)$15.50 hourly
Fruit farm workerS SUNDHER ORCHARDS LTD.Kelowna (BC)$15.65 hourly
Fruit farm labourerOlkaga Country MarketHanover (ON)$16.00 hourly
Fruit farm labourerRichwin Farms Inc.Jordan Station (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm worker, fruitPais Farms Inc.Simcoe (ON)$15.50 hourly
Farm worker, fruitEisses Farms LtdCentreville (NS)$13.60 hourly
Fruit farm labourerDorenberg Orchards Ltd.Winfield (BC)$16.05 hourly
Farm worker, fruitH & R Orchards LtdCanyon (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitJ.G.Produce C/O Amarjeet GillOsoyoos (BC)$15.65 hourly
Fruit farm labourerIndian Garden FarmsHebbville (NS)$13.60 hourly
Fruit farm workerWarwick Orchards & Nursery Ltd.Watford (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm worker, fruitJoseph Vrban, Shelley VrbanBeamsville (ON)$15.50 hourly
Farm worker, fruitFirst Pick Fruit and Produce Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitSimilkameen Superior Fruits Ltd.Cawston (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitHarkers Organics Rustic Roots Winery LtdCawston (BC)$15.65 hourly
Fruit farm workerManjit GillWinfield (BC)$15.65 hourly
Fruit farm labourerPooni OrchardKelowna (BC)$16.05 hourly
Farm worker, fruitFirst Pick Fruit and Produce Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitSimilkameen Superior Fruits Ltd.Cawston (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitHarkers Organics Rustic Roots Winery LtdCawston (BC)$15.65 hourly
Fruit farm labourerArjuna Berry Farms Ltd.Abbotsford (BC)$16.05 hourly
Fruit farm labourersunrise orchards inc.Arkona (ON)$15.50 hourly
Fruit farm labourerEarle Sheila Anne MuirNiagara-on-the-Lake (ON)$15.50 hourly
Fruit farm workerDelhaven Orchards Ltd.Blenheim (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm worker, fruitBains Orchards Inc.Kelowna (BC)$16.00 to $18.00
Farm worker, fruitAlgoma Orchards Corp.Newcastle (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm worker, fruitJAG RAI BLUEBERRY FARMS LTDDewdney (BC)$15.65 hourly
Farm worker, fruitGibson Farms IncNewcastle (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm worker, fruitChris Berry, Cheryl BerryHarley (ON)$15.83 hourly
NewFarm worker, fruitGolden Eagle Farm GroupPitt Meadows (BC)$16.05 hourly
Farm worker, fruitASAM BLUEBERRY FARMSLangley (BC)$16.05 hourly
Farm worker, fruitFraser McCallumTabusintac (NB)$13.75 to $14.00
Farm worker, fruitGreatview OrchardsBlenheim (ON)$15.83 hourly
Farm worker, fruit1031023 BC LTDOliver (BC)$19.25 hourly

Duties & Duties of Fruit Farm Staff

On fruit farms, employees must perform routine tasks such as cultivating and fertilizing the soil, planting, cleaning, irrigating, and pruning crops. Crops could be sprayed with pesticides to combat diseases and insects.

If you are hired as a Fruit Farm Laborer in Canada, you will be responsible for the following responsibilities:

  • Plant, cultivate, and water crops
  • Collect crops
  • Maintain and operate farm equipment
  • Detect health and disease issues in crops, livestock, and poultry.
  • Consider the quality of the produce before preparing it for sale.
  • Write daily primary progress reports
  • Attempts to plant using both hand tools and farm machinery.
  • Constructs trellises for climbing plants and vines.
  • Utilizes equipment to cultivate, fertilize, spray, and harvest fruits and nuts.
  • Chemically treating bushes, vines, and other vegetation to control weeds, insects, fungus development, and diseases.
  • Thins, hoes, and removes weeds from row crops, and prunes bushes and vines.
  • The land is irrigated for crop development.
  • Selects and harvests fruit and nuts based on size and ripeness, discarding rotting and overripe produce.
  • Sorts categorize, and package products into containers.
  • Many fruit and nut containers were crammed into vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a farm Labourer earn in Canada in 2023?

The average annual wage for farm workers in Canada is $29,640, or $15.20 per hour. The starting salary for an entry-level position is $27,300 per year, while most experienced workers earn up to $39,305 per year.

How much do fruit pickers get paid in Canada in 2023?

The average salary of a Fruit/Vegetable Picker in Canada is $22,880.

Are laborers in demand in Canada in 2023?

There is a significant demand for skilled workers to fill the nearly one million available positions. In 2023, it is anticipated that foreign candidates with experience in in-demand occupations will have favourable prospects on the Canadian labour market and may be strong candidates for skilled immigration programmes.

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