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Foreigners, Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada are needed at Rapri Transport Ltd


Foreigners, Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada are needed at Rapri Transport Ltd. Candidates who meet the requirements of this job are encouraged to apply as this is a full-time role with flexible working hours. Interviews will be conducted and candidates who perform well will be awarded the job to begin their hiring process immediately. LMIA has approved this job position.

Description of Foreigners, Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada:

The selected candidate will be responsible for the following:

  • Fast delivery of goods to customers
  • Making sure the truck is in good condition.
  • Plan routes effectively to meet timely deliveries.
  • Ensuring the security of goods
  • Ensuring that fragile goods are well packed.
  • Transport heavy goods with care
  • Give a detailed report on delivery.
  • Process payments and invoices.
  • Notify the company of any accidents or incidents.
  • Obey traffic rules and regulations carefully.
  • Ensuring that goods are labeled correctly.
  • Successfully deliver the goods to the correct address
  • Find information about international, local, or regional areas.

Requirement for Foreigners, Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada:

The selected candidate must:

  • Have a driver’s license.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Have the ability to follow safety rules.
  • Get to work early.
  • Must be result oriented.
  • Have a positive mindset and must be full of energy.
  • Must be able to perform tasks quickly.
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure.
  • Must be able to meet deadlines.
  • Must have knowledge of using GPS and other navigation devices.
  • Must be a good team player.

Experience required

  • The Candidate chosen must possess a minimum of a high school certificate
  • 1-2 years working in a related industry

Contract type

  • Full-time job


  • Fluency in English


  • 252 Clarance Street, Brampton, ON L6W 1T4

Working Conditions of Foreigners, Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada:

The selected candidate will be required to work in situations where:

A tight deadline is expected to be met.
Work under pressure when required
Good attention to detail will be required.
Safety rules must be applied.
Working long distances

Working Environment

Selected candidates will be required to work in an environment where:

One has to sit for long hours while driving.
Must be prepared to do physical work.
Must have the ability to work overtime when needed.
Must be ready to make decisions in critical situations.


The selected candidate will earn $26.50 per hour working 35 hours per hour.

How to Apply for Foreigners, Truck Drivers Jobs in Canada:

Submit the Application by Email address:

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I obtain a truck driving license in Canada?

Training on the job is offered. The completion of a three-month recognized driver training course from a trade school or community college may be necessary. Class 3 or D driver’s licenses are necessary to operate straight-body trucks. To operate long combination vehicles, a Class 1 or A license is necessary.

How much does a Canadian truck driver earn?

The average annual wage for a truck driver in Canada is $46,800, or $24 per hour. The starting salary for entry-level employment is $39,000 per year, while most experienced individuals earn up to $60,450 per year.

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