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How TO Find Jobs in Canada For Farm Workers 2024


How TO Find Jobs in Canada For Farm Workers 2024: Canada is one of the largest agricultural producers and merchants (ranked fifth globally in 2023), with over 193,000 ranches and 272,000 farm drivers. This sector contributed up to 48 billion CAD to the national GDP in 2021. (compared to 40 billion in 2016). In addition, the ranch industry’s cash reserves increased from 474 to 563 billion CAD between 2005 and 2023. Presently, one out of every 58 residents lives on a ranch. Agriculture jobs in Canada are satisfying and lucrative, with household incomes of 82,000 versus 70,000 CAD for all occupations in 2023.

Canada needs skilled farm workers of all levels to fill the current labor void, so your chances of immigrating to Canada as a farm worker has increased. There are numerous in-demand jobs for immigrants in Canada, and the agricultural sector is also in high demand! This is why the Canadian government has implemented programs to encourage experienced international agricultural workers to immigrate to Canada.


How to Immigrate to Canada in the Agricultural and Farming Sectors
principal immigrant programs for farm workers and the agricultural industry.
Farm and Agriculture Occupation Sectors



Are you a farm worker looking for employment opportunities in Canada in 2024? The Canadian agricultural sector continues to thrive, offering numerous job openings for individuals with a passion for farming. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of finding farm jobs in Canada in 2024. From understanding the requirements to job search strategies, we’ve got you covered.

Understanding the Demand

Growing Demand in the Agricultural Sector

Canada has a strong agricultural sector that makes a big difference to its income. The wide variety of crops and animals raised across the country keeps the need for farm workers strong. In 2024, the agricultural sector is expected to grow, which will give farm workers more job possibilities.

Seasonal vs. Year-Round Employment

Jobs on farms in Canada can be seasonal or go on all year. To make a good decision about your job, you need to know the differences between these two types of work.

How TO Find Jobs in Canada For Farm Workers 2024
How TO Find Jobs in Canada For Farm Workers 2024

How to Find a Job as a Farmer in Canada

How to Immigrate to Canada in the Agricultural and Farming Sectors
The Canadian immigration procedure can be described using two words: strict and organized. At the government level, the IRCC ministry (Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada) monitors its plan.

The basic rules are as follows: (click to check out).
With this information, a candidate should prepare himself according to these fundamental guidelines prior to beginning his task.

Does he intend to make a fresh start, work temporarily, or establish a business?
What agricultural market and occupation does he intend to enter?
Which programs and districts meet his requirements, and is he eligible to run for office?
If official immigration websites claim that a person can register independently throughout the entire process, this fact demonstrates the difficulty of this claim.

More frequently than usual, candidates are denied for a variety of reasons, including insufficient or malfunctioning forms, incorrect documents provided, and misinterpretation of the procedure timelines, among others.

Did you realize that it is nearly impossible to effectively navigate all Canadian immigration programs without expert assistance?
Click to rotate.
Some significant streams, including Express Entry, skilled workers, and PNP, are well documented on websites. Nonetheless, dozens of others—including targeted streams, pilot immigration programs, and numerous others—are not routinely updated on government or rural primary website pages.
Candidates must proceed sequentially: Check their qualifications for a program (which may not be optimal based on one’s presumptions), then proceed to the next, and so on.

This method is not only wasteful of time, but it also fails to fulfill one of the most important functions of immigration: matching an applicant’s profile and needs to the criteria and offers of available migration streams.

Jobbank Canada corrects these errors. We provide immigration consulting and assistance based on years of experience assisting Canadian immigrants.

Our specialists and consultants are dedicated to assisting you in every step of the journey. We will save you a substantial amount of time so that you can focus on a variety of other responsibilities besides immigration.

After reviewing your documents, our migration consultants and legal representatives will simultaneously evaluate your eligibility for all active immigration programs and streams. In addition, you are notified and kept up-to-date on all essential requirements as well as program procedures and offers.

We recommend the optimal route for your journey. As soon as you’re chosen, we’ll manage its administrative aspects and also assist you in submitting your CV, locating a suitable job, acquiring real estate, having your diplomas evaluated to Canadian standards, enrolling in linguistic classes, and much more. Our solutions are solely focused on ensuring your dominance.

A young woman picking fruit on a farm.
The average farmer’s salary in Canada is $35,100 per year, providing an excellent opportunity for farmers to increase their pay!
Important Immigration Programs for Farm Workers and the Agricultural Industry.
Rapid Entry System
The Express Entry System is a point-based system ranked by the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), where candidates are scored based on their age, work experience, and credentials, among other factors.

It is the government’s primary migration programme for skilled workers only. It suggests that candidates for this programme should have some work experience in the highest levels of the National Occupation Classification (NOC), such as supervisors in farming (NOC 0821), cultivation (0822), aquaculture (0823), Farm supervisors, and also specialised animal workers (8252 ).

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Provincial Candidate Program

Provincial Nominee Program is one of the most effective ways to enter Canada as a farmworker (PNP).

Eleven of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories have their own Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), each with its own set of requirements tailored to the region’s labour market needs. Each district has its own assortment of in-demand occupations, and farmworkers are required in multiple districts and regions. Rural Nominee Program enables streams at NOC C as well as D level (meaning they accept jobs with lower levels of education), and also these opportunities have grown substantially over the past few years

Agrifood Experimental Program.

The Agri-Food Pilot is an additional method of transportation.
The pilot programme offers experienced, non-seasonal employees in certain industries and professions a path to permanent employment. The newly released Agri-Food Immigration Pilot is open to NOC C and D occupations.

Program for Temporary Foreign Workers

It is an Employment and Social Development programme (co-led with IRCC) and also includes the Primary Agriculture Stream, which includes the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (restricted to workers from Mexico as well as 11 Caribbean countries for seasonal work of as much as 8 months). Also available for NOCs C and D

Farming and agriculture occupations.

There are numerous farms and farming NOC occupations. The following is a list of major industries and their subsectors:

0821 – Managers in the agricultural sector (NOC 0821 – A skill degree -) CICK HERE TO READ MORE
Supervisors in agriculture plan, organise, direct, and evaluate the operations and characteristics of farms. They are used for cultivating plants, breeding and raising livestock, poultry, and other animals, and marketing ranch products. Typically, they own and operate their own business.

hen farmer. cow-calf operator. crop farmer. dairy livestock breeder. milk farm manager. dairy farmer. pet breeder. residential pet breeder. egg manufacturer. farm supervisor. farmer (other than baby room and also fish ranch).
feedlot farmer. forage plant farmer. fruit farm driver. fruit farmer. fruit cultivator. fruit producer. hair farmer. fur-bearing-animal farmer. ginseng grower. goat breeder.
grain and oilseed farmer. grain and oilseed manufacturer. grain farm manager. grain farm driver. grain farmer. grain cultivator. grain manufacturer. grape grower. grape producer. breeding ground supervisor. hatchery driver. hog breeder. hog farmer. hog producer. hop farmer. hop manufacturer. animals farmer. syrup manufacturer. market gardener. mushroom farmer.
grain and oil seed cultivator.
manufacturers of both grains and oilseeds

Managers in agriculture (NOC 0822- A skill degree).
Gardening supervisors plan, organise, direct, and regulate the activities of nursery and greenhouse employees who cultivate and sell trees, flowers, hedges, and plants.

Master grower– marijuana.
Nursery superintendent.
Baby room driver.
Plant cultivator– nursery.
Rose grower.
Shrub farmer.
Nursery – cultivator of trees.
Tree nursery operator.
Christmas tree farm owner.
Evergreen grower.
Farmer of flowers
Greenhouse manager.
Greenhouse operator.
Cannabis farmer in charge.
Operator of horticultural greenhouses.
greenhouse flower cultivator.
Operator of hydroponic greenhouses.
Hydroponics cultivator.
Hydroponics driver.
Supervisors in aquaculture (NOC 0823 – A skill degree).
Aquaculture managers oversee the operations of facilities that cultivate and harvest fish, shellfish, and marine plants for the replenishment of wild animal populations or commercial sale. They may be used by private or public fish breeding grounds and commercial marine farms, or they may be independent.

Lobster farmer.
Mussel farmer.
Mussel grower.
Oyster farmer.
Oyster grower.
Salmon farmer.
Salmon farmer
Fish farmer.
Aquaculture manager.
Aquaculture operator.
Eel farmer.
Fish society administrator.
Fish culture is the driving force.
Fish farm supervisor.
Fish farm driver.
Aquaculture farmer.
Fish hatchery manager.
Operator of fish breeding grounds.
Agricultural service professionals, farm managers, and livestock specialists (NOC 8252 – B skill degree).
Agricultural service providers provide farming solutions such as livestock and poultry breeding, soil preparation, crop cultivation, plant sprinkling, growth, and harvesting. Farm supervisors oversee the work of both general farm labourers and harvesting labourers. Specialized livestock personnel administer feeding, health, and breeding programmes for dairy, beef, sheep, poultry, swine, and other animal ranches. Professionals may be independent contractors.

Egg grading station manager.
Ranch proprietor.
Ranch foreman or forewoman.
Farm foreman or farmer.
Professional irrigation system for a ranch.
Farm equipment custom operator.
Ranch foreman or forewoman.
Manager of the operation of the ranch.
Farm produce grading solution expert.
Professional ranch produce packaging service.
Ranch supervisor.
Supervisor of ranch workers
Barnyard foreman/woman.
Feedlot herd attendant.
Fertilizing solution specialist– agriculture.
Field crop and vegetable employee supervisor.
Area plant supervisor.
Field-grown plant supervisor.
Field-grown plant labour foreman or forewoman.
Fruit farm foreman or forewoman.
Farm workers foreman or forewoman.
Supervisor of a grain plant.
Customized grain harvester
Hatchery supervisor.
Breeding ground labour foreman or forewoman.
Herd attendant.
Herd superintendent.
Pig farm foreman or woman.
Pig farm supervisor
Manager of employees at a pig farm.
Supervisor of pig farming.
Farm foreman or woman.
Stable foreman or woman.
equestrian instructor
Irrigation manager – agriculture.
Livery secure foreperson(s).
Animals attendant.
Animal reproduction service provider.
Provider of livestock exchange services.
Animal farm supervisor/supervisor.
Animal foreman or female.
Animals augmenting foreman/woman roles.
Maple products farming foreman or woman.
The provider of milking services.
Mink farm manager.
The supervisor of a mink ranch.
Orchard foreperson.
Supervisor of herd management.
Expanding and cultivation contractor.
Technician in swine production services
Apprentice in the profession of pork production.
Farm foreman or forewoman.
Poultry ranch foreman or woman.
Manager of poultry production.
Expert in hatching solutions for poultry
Trainer of horses for racing.
Ranch manager/woman.
Seed cleaning service provider.
Contractor who sows seeds.
Lamb trainer.
Lamb herds person.
Professional sheep shearer.
Expert in the preparation of soil.
Soil testing service provider.
Consistent employer.
Ranch and stockyard foreman or woman.
Sugarbush procedure supervisor.
Pigs herd humans.
Tobacco farm foreman or forewoman.
Cigarette farm foreman or forewoman.
Turkey farm foreman or woman.
A turkey farm employs a foreman or forewoman.
Vegetable farm supervisor.
Vegetable farm foreman or forewoman.
Vineyard foreman or woman.
The vineyard’s foreman or forewoman.
Professional in weed control services – agriculture
Specialist in wool shearing
Expert in aerial crop-dusting solutions.
Farm foreman or woman.
Pet husbandry supervisor.
Apple orchard supervisor.
Professional synthetic insemination solution.
Artificial inseminator.
Person tends beef livestock.
Caponizing solution contractor.
Cattle feedlot supervisor.
Person is led by cattle.
Ranch manager/woman.
Specialist– agricultural solution.
Corral supervisor.
Professional in crop dusting
Expert in crop cleaning solutions.
Provider of crop harvesting services.
Specialist in crop harvesting services.
Personalized professional integration
Custom-made incorporate operator.
Customized harvester
Ranch foreman or woman.
Milk ranch foreman or forewoman.
Persons are milked.
Dehorning solution expert.
Dressage as well as feat horsemanship
General ranch personnel (NOC 8431– C skill degree).
General farm employees plant, cultivate, and harvest plants, raise livestock and poultry, and repair and maintain farm equipment and structures. This unit’s personnel includes tractor operators. They are utilised on plants, animals, fruits, vegetables, and specialty farms.

Beekeeping specialist.
Apiary employee.
Baler– agriculture.
The farm is the operator of the baling machine.
Barn worker.
Farm labourer.
Worker on a beef livestock farm.
Beekeeping specialist.
Binder driver– farming.
Ranch labourer specialising in livestock.
Ranch worker.
Female sexer.
Catcher of poultry
Task hand– farming.
Combine driver.
Agricultural sprayer operator.
Farmer driver.
Individualized harvest crewmember
Dairy farm labourer
Employee of a dairy farm
Milk hand.
Egg candler.
Egg collection company
The collection of eggs.
Egg grader.
Egg rating machine tender.
Egg station rating station labourer.
The egg-packing farm.
Egg picker– fowl.
Egg handling equipment tender.
Ranch equipment driver.
Farm helper.
Farm labourer.
Ranch equipment driver.
Ranch worker.
Unsettling service technician
Barnyard aide.
Employee of a livestock feeding facility.
Assistant in the feedyard
Feedyard worker.
Field and vegetable crop labourer
Area plant and the vegetable-growing employee.
Supervisor of fruit farming.
Fruit ranch labourer.
Fruit farm employee.
Agriculture labourer.
Fruit tree pruner.
Fruit tree thinner.
Employee of a hair farm
Hair farming employee.
Laborer on a fur-cow ranch
General ranch worker.
Grafter– orchard.
Grain farm labourer.
Employee of a grain farm
The groom’s ranch.
Farm equipment operator
Employee of a maternity ward.
Hay baler operator – agriculture.
Herd hand.
Herdsman– stockyards.
Hog farm worker.
Honey farm worker.
Hop-picking maker driver.
Steed breaker.
Incubator-tender agriculture.
Agriculture requiring employee irrigation.
Irrigation agriculture.
Worker at a sheep feedlot.
Animals chauffeur.
Animals labourer.
Livestock weigher.
Livestock groundskeeper.
Animal yardman or woman.
Maple syrup maker.
Employee touching maple
Market garden employee.
Milk production labourer.
Bleeding machine tender.
Employee at a mushroom farm
Oilseed plant employee.
Orchard worker.
Organic farm employee.
Meadow motorcycle rider.
Pheasant ranch worker.
Chicken ranch labourer.
Bird ranch employee.
Fowl lawn cleaner.
Racehorse conditioning device.
Cattle ranch worker
Cattle ranch employee
Sheep barnyard worker.
Shearer of sheep.
Soybean crop labourer.
Secure aide.
Maintain a steady hand.
Solid worker.
Supply manager.
Stockyard assistant.
Employee of a sugar bush
Sugar-beet farm worker.
Professional pigs.
Operator of a threshing machine.
Tobacco curer.
Tobacco farm employee
Operator of a cigarette harvesting machine.
Tobacco primer.
Tractor operator – ranch.
Veggie farm worker.
Veggie thinner.
Vineyard pruner.
Winery worker.
Harvesting employees (NOC 8611– D skill degree).
Collecting labourers aid other ranch employees in the harvesting, sorting, and packing of plants.

Apple harvester.
Berry harvester
Plant ranch laborer—cultivation.
Cucumber harvester.
Field-grown plant harvesting by a farm labourer.
Fruit harvest employee.
Fruit harvester.
Laborer in the fruit harvesting industry.
Fruit or vegetable picker.
Fruit packer– farm.
Fruit picker.
Fruit sorter– ranch.
Hand harvesting.
Harvest worker.
Obtaining labourer.
Mushroom collector.
Miniature fruit picker
The harvesting of tobacco by a tobacco cutter.
Cigarette picker.
Tobacco harvesting as a pole dancer for cigarettes.
Tomato harvester.
Produce-packing ranch.
Vegetable picker.
Vegetable sorter– farm.
Worm farmer.
Worm swarmer.
Worm scavenger

How to Obtain Employment as a Farmer in Canada.

Try the job search website first when it comes to finding a job, so that you can obtain a clear understanding of the kinds of Farm and Agricultural jobs available in Canada today. (Monster, Canada-jobs, and so on are all excellent options in this regard.)

Social media sites are an excellent way for immigrants to find employment. This networking will assist you in locating contacts, events, and companies associated with Jobs in Canada in order to obtain accurate answers.

You can reach out to Employment agencies. They can quickly provide you with job offers and opportunities that match your skills. Here are some instances:

Typical Employment Agency.
Backup Employment Agency.
Temporary (Temp) Agency.
The farmer often tends to a cow.
You can conveniently find farming work through online job search sites such as Indeed, Monster, or Craigslist.
Remember that discovering a work commonly makes the distinction between migration approval and not. Necessary as it is, it additionally takes time and also the energy required for various other points to prepare when it comes to starting a brand-new life in Canada. This is why a lot of our clients ask for our support for that. CIS Canada has actually gotten the greatest experience to assist our customers in locating work over the past years.

Our task employment experts are committed to aiding you fully:

Discover your expert account and match it to boost your CV, according to Canadian criteria.
Obtain loads of work that fulfil your demands utilising our huge network of Companies as well as Employment Agencies.
Prepare our clients for Job meetings, especially’s and Don’t’s.
If needed, assist companies with LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

They are for growing plants, increasing and reproducing livestock, chicken as well as other animals as well as advertising and marketing ranch items. Ranch managers supervise the job of basic ranch employees and also harvest laborer’s. Specialized livestock workers lug out feeding, wellness as well as reproducing programmed on milk, beef, lamb, fowl, swine, and various other animal ranches. General farm workers plant, grow and also collect plants, increase livestock and poultry, and keep and repair ranch tools and also structures. They are used on crops, animals, specialty, vegetable as well as fruit farms.


In 2024, there will be a lot of jobs for farm workers in Canada’s agricultural industry. To find your ideal farm job, make sure you meet the requirements, get the appropriate permits, and use different ways to look for work. Your chances of success will also go up if you customize your resume and prepare for the interview.

People Also Ask

  • Is prior farming experience necessary to find a farm job in Canada in 2024?

    Even though knowledge is helpful, many farm jobs offer training on the job, so newcomers can do them.

  • What types of crops and livestock are commonly found on Canadian farms?

    Canadian farms grow a wide range of crops, like wheat, corn, and barley. They also raise animals, like cows, chickens, and dairy cows.

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